Thursday, November 21, 2013


Early morning because Z left at 7. Buzz was fully charged and ready to roll - I just wanted to sleep. Buzz won. He dragged me off the couch and helped me make fries for breakfast.
Then we tried to be productive. We washed ALL of the dishes. Buzz 'washed' the floor. Then we watered the plants. Our next activity was pumpkindoodles - snickerdoodles with pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice in them.
The Crazy Lady and Phil stopped by a few minutes before we left to go to the park. They joined us on our trek. The Crazy Lady left after a little bit. But Phil stuck around and played with Buzz. Eventually Z arrived, fresh from carpool - Buzz was VERY happy to see his Abba.
Then we decided that it was time to consider what to eat for dinner. There wasn't much of anything in the house which made things complicated. We opted to pile into the car and head to SuperH - where we picked up some meat and chicken. Back at home we made home-fries, fried onions, sliders, and sautéed chicken breast. Everything turned out delicious.
We partied with the Buzz - who was very busy making his own special kind of soup. Then he got a bath and into fuzzy pjs. After some Cut-the-Rope, Fruit Ninja, and Blobs, Z took Buzz to his room to get him to sleep. I cooked up a batch of meatballs for shabbos then Phil and I watched another episode of Gilmore Girls.
Most of Shabbos is cooked. That's good news considering I didn't do too much today. Thankfully it's a quiet weekend here - so we don't need much. Tomorrow just a little more cooking, a quick floor cleaning, and maybe hanging out with some friends.

Should be fun!

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