Sunday, November 03, 2013

Bowl Licker!

Thursday morning Z left nice and early for school. Buzz was quite content to stay home and party with me. We did all the usual stuff - coloring, stickering, running-around-ing. We also tried out the fancy water-color paint books that we got from S&S's house. Buzz had a BLAST with it! He thought it was SUPER cool to wet the paint brush, wipe it across the paper and COLOR appeared! He insisted on painting two pictures straight away. They're hanging on the fridge now.
As you can imagine I didn't get much cooking done on Thursday. By the time Z got home we were finishing up at the park and it was actually quite late. We rushed home, made some super simple 15-minute-to-table dinner. Then got on with bed-time for Buzz and promptly crashed ourselves.
Friday morning I could barely get my eyes open. I was still exhausted. For some reason Buzz decided to wake me 'bright and early' instead of Z. I got up and started getting stuff done. By noon everything was done, I'd even scrubbed the stovetop. Somehow I found more and more things to do and didn't get to relax until shabbos started anyway. Also - there was nothing 'bright' or 'sunny' about the day - it was overcast and eventually started thundering and pouring rain. (We got some interesting stuff washed down to us from above - but I didn't manage to get pictures because it was so wet out. We did get more deliveries today - so you can check those out at: Is This Stuff Yours )
Friday night was very relaxing and enjoyable. Buzz was his usual funny self which gave us much to laugh about. I crashed at 8pm - a short half hour before the shiur down the block that I was thinking of going to. On Shabbos morning the guys went out to shul while Buzz and I relaxed. We had a late(ish) leisurely meaty lunch (chicken pot pie - in honor of the cold weather). We were getting to the end of our meal when we had a funny conversation about how The FamBily was supposed enjoying a REALLY tasty cholent and realized that because of a kiddush at the shul we could hurry a bit and walk over there in time to get some 'second lunch'. I'm still not sure how (or why) we did it, but we did and a few minutes later we were navigating the dark-stairs and rolling down the mountain. We arrived a bit late for lunch - but desserts were out and we had brought cake - so we were 'in'. We spent the afternoon playing the longest game of Phase10 ever. Then we relaxed for a bit and in no time shabbos was over! (YAY short winter shabbatot!) We stuck around for a movie night then went home in time to pop Buzz into bed.
We didn't do much this morning besides for attempting to figure out the perfect layout for my future master-suite. We figured we'd best do something fun this afternoon to help Buzz get out all of his extra energy. So we headed out to The Park at the Top of the Hill AND as a bonus Phil joined us for a playdate. Due to ummm, circumstances we opted to not spend too long there and instead went to try out the park at the far end of the rose garden. Turns out that it's the same construct as the park on Reuven - so it was nothing new - but it was deserted for the most part - which was nice.
Eventually the sun set and it got chilly out. We piled back into the car and took Phil Home.We stopped in to make Buzz a bottle and say 'hi'. Buzz played a quick round of Zombies with Frank, and also said hi to Mr. Cat. Then we ran home to make dinner and bathe The Kid.

Tomorrow morning I want to go to the store and pick up a whole lot of rolled oats - I'm itching to bake up a few batches of granola. Z has class in the evening, and Phil might come over to watch some more GGs with me. Besides for that - not too many big plans.

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