Thursday, November 14, 2013

Clever Campaign

Yesterday turned into a big mess. We went grocery shopping but forgot to pick up some key ingredients for what's on the menu. Honestly I'm not sure where the day went - all I know is that it was completely unproductive. I didn't even make dinner. Buzz enjoyed himself though. He clomped through the house wearing Z's shoes, and then emptied out the baking cabinet.
This morning Z left for school at 7am. Buzz and I partied it up. We made and ate breakfast, cleared out the guest room and set it up for our shabbos guests, we swept the floor, washed all of the dishes in and around the dairy sink, made and ate lunch, cooked a little for shabbos, changed the sheet on the kiddo's room, then Buzz took a nap.
When Buzz woke up from his nap he played with a fun special toy that we take out every couple of months. He's still too little to play with it properly, but I like to keep the battery in good working order. He loves his mini-Buzz and we think of Aunt Foofoo every time we see it!

After baking a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies we went to the park. Z met us there which Buzz was very excited about. Back at home I made dinner (well, 2 dinners...) then I baked a peanut butter chocolate chip coffee cake. The apartment smells delicious - that's for sure.

There is a whole lot to do in the morning. At least the sinks are mostly empty and the counter is somewhat clear. Hopefully I'll get everything done tomorrow - now that I've procrastinated most of this stuff for over a week.

Wish me luck!

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Aunt Foo said...

Yeah, guess he's still to young to play with his "namesake"...guess he's at the age where he'd just manage to rip off Buzz's arms! Love reading your blog and seeing photos of your little guy who is growing up too darn fast!