Monday, November 18, 2013


Well the morning started off with a smashing situation. Literally. My 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup met it's end, splintered on the kitchen floor. After a thorough sweeping and washing of the floor I decided that it was time to do other stuff.
I cooked up a batch (actually a double batch) of homemade playdoh. I made it in anticipation of a rainy afternoon. I figured homemade was a good route to go because I could keep it pareve and then use my rolling pin and cookie cutters to play with it.
Buzz enjoyed the idea of using the rolling pin and cookie cutters - but he wasn't so thrilled with the whole concept of touching the dough itself. Basically the activity didn't last longer than about 4 minutes.
We ran out to the park at 3, praying to beat what seemed to be an impending rainstorm. The thunder had been booming in the distance all morning but nobody knew when the rain would arrive. We spent an hour at the park then ran home as the skies darkened. It was just a trick of the light, no rain fell, not a drop.
Phil arrived a little while later. She made us all personalized sailor hats, and a flag for our ship. Then we built a little fort, and played around with the photo-booth app for a while.
For dinner we roasted an adorable 1.1kg whole chicken in a pot. We flavored it with lemon and basil. It came out deliciously. We enjoyed it with rice on the side. Then a batch of Phil's chocolate chip cookies for dessert - and yes, I mean a whole batch (though Buzz ate most of them.)
Buzz ran amok for a while. He gave Pablo a ride on the SS Buzz, rolled around on the pillows, danced, jumped, ran around like a little lunatic - basically he had fun. Eventually we got him into his monster-pjs, brushed his teeth, and wrestled him into bed.
Z made it home from school and took Phil home. I straightened up a bit, then crashed in bed. I think it's time to sleep - tomorrow is another big day!

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