Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ezio the Vengeful

Early wakeup this morning. After some fries for breakfast we piled into the car and headed to RBS. We picked up an awesome toy for Buzz (photos forthcoming when he has time to play with it during daylight hours.) After our errand Z dropped us off at The FamBily House where we spent the rest of the day. Z had to go into Jeru to meet with his teacher about the house and he ended up spending all day there. So Buzz and I hung out doing not much of anything. Well, we watched Phil play a lot (A LOT) of Assassin's Creed 2 (yay xbox!) and I even took my first turn ever with a controller.

Eventually Frank and Dibble came Home. Then they got all excited at Phil's progress in the game. It was a sticky tricky part so we all took turns trying to reach the goal. It was tough tough tough but Frank made it.

Z showed up at a little after 4, just five minutes after Buzz conked out for his first and only nap of the day. I woke the poor kid up an hour later - he was not pleased, but I wanted him to go to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight.

We stuck around for dinner (split pea soup, vegetable stir-fry, and rice) which was delicious. Then Z took Buzzmonster home to get a bath and go to sleep. Meanwhile The Crazy Lady, Phil, and I, drove to RBS to check out a little second-hand bookstore that we've seen advertised for the last couple of years. The selection was somewhat small but we found a few things that looked promising. At least we've got enough new reading material for the next couple of weeks. (Gosh we read a goodly amount.)

Tomorrow we might see S&S. I'll also be baking challah to restock the freezer. I need to re-re-reorganize the freezer(s) to make room for the challah and the turkey which has officially been ordered for Thanksgiving. Yup, you read that right - this year for the first time in ages - we will be celebrating a family turkey-day on the correct date! It's going to be delicious and delightful. I've already got most of the menu figured out. It's going to be extra special because it's also the first night of chanuka. Speaking of which - I've got to figure out where our box of chanuka stuff got stored away. I hope it's in the guest room because I don't have koach to sort through the machsan.

Nightly night! Time to recharge!

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