Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gooey stars

I was in NO mood to get up this morning. Even though we caught the mouse last night and took him out of the house before I went to sleep. But Z put fries into the oven, set the timer ON the oven (the one that Buzz changes because he thinks it's his controller for cooking), and promptly fell asleep. Which meant that I had to get up in order to rescue breakfast from becoming an in edible charred mess. 
Since I was up anyway I got started on the cooking listed for today on my 'to do' list. Roasted veggies, sweet potato casserolettes, applesauce, 3 kinds of latkas (hopefully enough to get us through the holiday - ha, who am I kidding?!), some more dessert... By the time I was done the kitchen was a disaster area. We were supposed to go to The FamBily House for dinner but I was too crazy running around doing stuff. So I sent the boys alone. They enjoyed dinner immensely. Meanwhile at home I had time to get 2 loads of laundry done, wash all of the milchigs and pareve dishes, and clean the stovetop - all while listening to some relaxing jazz.
There's still a lot to do tomorrow - and my momanoia is kicking in - but I'm trying to keep it under control. I'm actually really excited about the dinner party. The placecards are finished and they look adorable. The food is almost all made - it's just the last minute stuff left. I've got to get the house in order because it's sort of a wreck at the moment (though chances are that since Z is leaving at 7am tomorrow the house will still be a disaster area at the appointed time - oh well - the challenges of having a kid.)
At the very least the food is pretty tasty (of course I've been taste-testing!) I love that almost everything is FF. I'm impressed that I managed to get everything so delicious considering I made most of the food FF, low-salt, and low-sugar.
In other funny news - today Buzz decided that the fourth word he would 'attempt to enunciate' would be 'potato' - not surprising seeing how he loves them so much. His attempts came out as spittle-filled, bubble-blowing, froth-causing hilarity and sounded something along the lines of 'potagagagaga'. When I broke it down into syllables POH-TAY-TOE he would point at his feet as I got to the last part of the word. I would just dissovle into laughter all over again 'yes Buzzy, those ARE your toes.'

One day he'll speak to us. I'm sure of it.

Wishing everybody a bright first night and a great first day!

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