Monday, November 11, 2013

Mr. Salmonella

I lazed in bed for a while this morning. I love having tv stored on my iPad. Eventually I got up and separated all of the dirty laundry. I even managed to get a load into the machine.
We had some fries for breakfast, and finished up the vanilla granola. Buzz made an enormous mess on the floor - which I'm pretty sure he only did so that we would take out the broom. Buzz insisted on watering the plants too. He talks to them for hours every day - that's why they grow so big and tall. 
When Z left for school, Buzz got quite upset. I managed to calm the storm by setting up a game for him. I gave him a nice cube tray, cotton balls, and taped a paper-towel-tube to the wall. He had a blast dropping cotton balls through the tube into a big bowl.
Phil came over to play right before we went out to the park. We had a great time at the park. Buzz got to go down the big slide, and 'relaxed' in the tunnel. We all swung on the swings. Then we came home and started making dinner.

We opted to do 'fake-out Chinese' - sweet and sour chicken, sticky rice, and even some homemade sweet& sour sauce for dipping. It turned out deliciously!! Even Buzz loved it - he downed 3 pieces of chicken after taking off the coating (maybe he's not my kid after all...).
Bedtime for Buzz went smoothly. He was conked out in his cute little fleece monster pajamas by 8:30pm. (Cheering in my head: Go Lorbles! Go Lorbles!) Then Phil and I watched Gilmore Girls and wished we'd thought enough in advance to have baked cookies for dessert - well, maybe that was just me...

Tomorrow - organization of stuff, workout, and dinner at the mall! I can't wait!

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