Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oh Lemon...

We had a VERY boring sort of day. Besides for doing a load of laundry and baking a batch of granola - I accomplished nothing. Thankfully we had dinner plans so we actually left the house. We joined up with The FamBily for a delightful dinner at the new Cafe Rimon in the BIG mall. Sara was on shift so we got to see her  too which was awesome - hopefully she'll come over to play sometime soon. The meal was delicious and a GREAT time was had by all. We let The Freddies sit by S&S, since we live right down the road with easy access to them. The kiddos were hysterical (as usual) and after the meal we set them free to play at the gymboree thingamajigger - they had a blast!

Some pictures from this evening:
Hopefully we'll get together again soon! It's always such an enjoyable way to spend time!

We even made it home to get Buzz into bed at his 8:30 bedtime - so everything worked out perfectly.

Tomorrow I might bake. Oh right, and I need to pick up that pumpkin from S&S too! Mmm, donuts for shabbos! Yup, that's gonna happen. Sarah Leah will be SUPER excited - especially since she's supposed to be coming for the weekend! I guess I'll have to organize the guest room - I kind of made a huge mess searching for Monopoly last weekend... Ah well, plenty of time.

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