Sunday, November 24, 2013

Square Pie?!

Parenting. As a parent sometimes you find yourself saying or doing things that you never imagined a normal, sane, or rational person doing.

For example: hearing, "don't eat my sock, especially while I'm wearing it!" or "tissues are not breakfast." or "we don't put things up noses!" coming out of your mouth causes a wave of hysterical panic followed by extremely nervous laughter.

Or doing things like - say - hiding in the walk-in-closet with the door closed and the light off just to finish the last of the ice cream without having to share.

Yeah - makes me feel totally sane - NOT!

There are times that you wonder whether the dinner you just served your toddler could be considered a 'real' meal (I mean, hotdogs and soup-nuts...come one.) On the other hand - left to his own devices, he'd eat four-day-old baby peas that he found in the cushions of he couch (how there got there is beyond me.) So I guess it's really not as much of a parenting 'fail' as I thought when I started typing this paragraph. Also he had a good nutritious first two meals of the day, so that's gotta count for something.

I didn't do much today. Watched tv, polished all of the silver in the house (yay shiny menorah!), watched more tv, took pictures for ITSY ( ), played with Buzz, fed Buzz, snuggled with Buzz, went grocery shopping, stared at my menu and to-do lists for our upcoming Thanksgivukkah party, ate dinner, begged Z to let us go to the park for a 'mid'-evening frolic (it was 6pm, and he said 'no.')

Which brings us to now - the kid had a bath this afternoon, the house is as clean as it's getting until Thursday morning, even the kitchen is semi-organized (thanks to me staying on top of the 'dish washing' situation).

I've got to put up onion oil to cook overnight so that tomorrow I can make a batch of latkes. I'm going to pre-make then freeze and bake - that way we're stocked up for the whole 8-days! Yay Chanukah! I hope my present to me comes in the mail soon!

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