Saturday, November 09, 2013

Then she stole the water bottle...

On Wednesday we finally went to the grocery store. I bought 2 kg of pumpkin and just under 3kg of 'old fashioned' oats - those big chewy ones. When we got home I roasted the pumpkin and turned it into a thick puree which I froze in 1/2 cup portions. Later in the afternoon we went out to the park. We left the house late, and it got quite chilly out while we were there. Buzz wasn't really in the mood to play - he sat on a bench and ate some bamba (smushed some in his hair), then we walked up the path and back home. My next project involved turning the humble oats into granola. I mixed up a batch of pumpkin spice, and a batch of peanut butter - they both came out deliciously. Then I attempted a vanilla batch - but I should have gone to sleep instead - in my exhaustion I burnt the syrup I was cooking to coat them in and for some inexplicable reason still proceeded to mix it into the oats/nut mixture. It tasted awful and I was obliged to toss it all in the trash. Then in a fit of 'mamanoia' (mother taught paranoia - as in a behavior learned from one's mother) I proceeded to wash dishes for a little over two hours - and just to be clear, I wasn't obsessing over imagined spots or working slowly - there were actually THAT many dirty dishes piled up in the sinks and on the counter.

Thursday morning dawned bright and early. Z almost missed his ride to school. (Thankfully he didn't - but it was close.) Buzz was sad to see his abba leave, but his tears we dry by the time we heard the elevator door close. We then feasted on granola and French fries for breakfast. I decided to attempt to cook up a 'honey substitute' and managed to make something quite tasty - then I rebaked some of the granola with it to make it a bit sweeter - it worked quite well. Yo'Abba showed up to drop off a package that I'd mailed to their house instead of our address (to make sure that it would actually arrive) and he ended up hanging out for about 2 hours so we schmoozed. Buzz took a nice long nap and when he woke up we went out to the park. We spent an hour there, he ate his bamba, and we got suuuper muddy. Back at home I washed off Buzz's shoes, and Z walked through the door. Buzz was so excited to see him. Phil came over in the evening. We made Indian chicken and rice for dinner. We tried to make falafel, but it didn't work out so well. We watched much tv, and there was much rejoicing.

Friday morning I made the biggest lasagna I have ever assembled in my life. It was in the largest size foil pan that I could buy at the party good store, and was the size of my oven tray. I made half of the pan regular and half mushroom&onion. Once it was cool I divided it up, I left the pieces quite large so that they'd be a filling meal for Z - since he doesn't really eat on days that he goes to school. I still took a dozen pieces out of the pan - and let's be realistic, just because a recommended serving size says that I should've gotten 20 pieces or more out of the pan - you'd eat 2 at a time too...

Eventually I started cooking for shabbos while Z cleaned the house. Somehow I managed to get everything cooked. Pesto chicken breast, breaded schnitzel, beef stew, chicken soup, rice, pasta, roasted garlic, rice kugel - basically really tasty food. Then we washed the dishes and tried to straighten up the house. Friday night was uneventful. We sang, ate, ran around like crazy people, got into pjs, then read and finally went to sleep.

This morning was sort of gloomy - it was rainy and hot. Buzz was sad because we wouldn't let him play out on the porch (due to the rain and muck that washes down onto us from the roof). We tried to be funny and have a good time but the kiddo was bored and grumpy until he stole my cup of ice cubes and a straw and started to make fun of his own. A dozen ice cubes kept him entertained for about an hour. I was duly impressed. He fed them to his friends, held the in his hands saying 'hot hot hot', tried to eat them (but they were 'hot hot hot'), and chased them around the floor. I wasn't about to complain - he was being quiet, having fun, and not making a huge mess in the process.

Lunch was a quick affair, then we played some more. Buzz took a long nap which gave us lots of time to read. Phil arrived at some point and we decided to play a board game. We settled on Monopoly - but you can read more about that here: - Just keep in mind that in my version of the story - I won the game.

Shabbos ended so quickly I couldn't believe it. Z and Buzz took Phil Home to pick up some stuff then they all came back to our place. We were supposed to watch a movie after Buzz went to sleep but it's 8:30 and he's still running laps in his bedroom - so I don't know if that's actually going to happen.

Not sure what's happening tomorrow. Z needs to do homework and work on house stuff. Maybe I'll actually organize something. Who knows. I guess we'll see! Happy productive week every-buddy!

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