Thursday, November 28, 2013

Two-Night Alright!

Happy Anniversary S&S!!! The picture above is a photo of the adorable mini-cake that I prepared for you in honor of your special day - somehow in the flurry of activity between the meal and dessert I completely forgot to serve it along with the tea. About five minutes after everyone had left I was flipping through the photos on my iPad and it popped up. I immediately called Phil and freaked out at her because I spent quite some time this afternoon frosting and decorating it - it ain't easy to get sprinkles to stick on the sides like that. Please let me know whether you'd like me to drop it off by you - otherwise I'll be feeding it to The FamBily as a special treat for shabbos. My sincerest apologies for cheating you out of your cake! I truly hope that the company, the meal, and the nickel tour, made up for it.
This morning my eyes popped open at 6:52am - which was just in time to wake Z by shouting "your ride to school is leaving in EIGHT MINUTES!" Well, that did the trick. He was up, dressed, and outta here in about 12 minutes flat. Buzz had decided to sleep in - which meant that Z running out the door confused him more than anything. He just ignored the craziness and went back to eating stale cheerios out of the couch cushions.
I cooked and baked and cleaned and ran around like a headless chicken - well - I slightly more productive than that - but there was A LOT to do and I was terrified that I wouldn't get it all done.
Somehow I managed. Mostly thanks to Phil and a bunch of thanks to Shosh. Phil came over and made a beautiful anniversary sign. She also played with the Buzz (or he played with her?) and kept him out of my way for a bit.
The bread smelled amazing as it baked this morning. Of course there was the slight snafu wherein the oven caused a power-outage in the apartment 6 mintues into the baking process - but we got the situation sorted out with minimal damage to the bread.
Table set, placecards filled and out, food hot, kitchen relatively clean - we were good to go. Guests arrived. Others were stuck in traffic. Eventually everyone was gathered so we lit candles then sat down to feast!
The kiddos were hysterical. They started off eating fake fruit in Buzz's little garden house. Then they graduated to feeding each other at the tiny table. Eventually all semblance of normalcy was casually thrown out the window and they ran amok throughout the apartment. They had short periods of time where they'd 'lock' themselves (by closing the door) in Buzz's room - you know - where all the toys are. But mostly they ran around having a carefree and extremely enjoyable sounding time.
The food was great, the dessert was greater, and the company was THE greatest! Love to all of my crazy FamBily!
If you want to see more photos of our wild and 'enlightening'(?) evening - please check out our album:

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