Tuesday, November 26, 2013

White Truffle

I got up and started being productive nice and early this morning. First some mini corn muffins.
As I sat to drink my iced coffee and cross things off of my 'to-do' list Buzz eyed me jealously. When a timer rang I ran to the kitchen to pull pie crusts from the oven. When I got back to the dining room I found Buzz precariously perched, on tiptoe, sucking up all of my coffee as quickly as he could. Here's some photo proof - see? I don't exaggerate!
Remember those pie crusts I mentioned before? They were oatmeal cookie crusts. They were the bases for pumpkin pies. See them? How adorable are they?! Single serve! I'm so excited for Thanksgiving dinner. Dessert is going to be amazing!
We went to the park at the top of the hill which was pretty disappointing. Somebody dragged an old couch to the playground then sliced it up and flung stuffing all over the place. There was also a lot of old gross food strewn around. Let's not forget the lewd and inappropriate graffiti. Deeeelightful. Not.

After the park we went over to The FamBily House. They invited us to stay for dinner. Z and The Crazy Lady picked up our adorable 7kg turkey - bring on Thanksgiving! Dinner was meat tacorittos. Buzz ran around with cooking utensils and was not happy to leave them behind. Thankfully he stopped his screaming once we were out of the house. The exhausted baby fell asleep after a prolonged bout of crying. We have been reminded once again of the importance of long morning naps.
In more umm, grossifying news - we have a second mouse in our apartment. That makes 2 mice in 2 months. I officially hate The Sun House. *shudders* The only thing I hate more is living in an apartment building. (Scared to sleep because my kid sleeps on a mattress on the floor and there's a mouse on the loose. Again. *shudders*)

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