Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Buzz came into my bed to snuggle at some hour that nobody should be awake at. He clambered in, took Toffee (by force, out of under my head), rolled himself up in most of my toasty blankets, held my hand, then fell asleep.
We had a nice morning. Buzz is loving his new 'house'. He parks his car outside, brings in his fuzzy buddies, then parties. He also checks the mail, quite frequently, and strangely there is almost always a letter waiting for him. Secondhand toys are great!

I went out to collect a returned letter from the post office. Since I was by SuperH, I ran in and picked up the couple of things that we needed.

Back at home I kneaded up a batch of half whole wheat challah dough. I made a full batch of dough and it gave me a great assortment of loaves. I made 16 rolls, 4 mini loaves, and 1 medium loaf. We'll be sending a bunch to S&S and the rest will keep us in covered for quite a while. Z and Buzz shared some (for taste-testing sake) and were pleased to announce that the bread came out soft and fluffy even though I used more whole wheat flour than I usually do.
Buzz and I went to the park for a little over an hour. He opted to sit on the bench with me and eat bamba for a large chunk of the time. After his snack he was all energized and just wanted me to help him walk UP the slide so that he could turn around and slide right back down again screaming 'Abbbbba' at the top of his lungs. It was hugely entertaining - to say the least.
When we got home, Z was still working on his homework. Since he had to cram the whole project into one day (it was only assigned on Monday, and he spent all of Tuesday in Jeru and working on the house project) so I took pity on him and helped out as much as I could. Which amounted to coloring in Tzfat. The hard part was staying in the lines - and yeah - that paper is the size of half of the dining room table.

Buzz took a really short nap today and woke up super early - so he conked out for the night (or so we hope) at 7pm (which is a crazy 2 hours earlier than he's been going to sleep lately! I'm not complaining or anything - I just hope he doesn't wake up earlier than 6 or spend hours awake in the middle of the night on account of the early bedtime.)
Z has morning class tomorrow. I'm trying to figure out what we'll be having for Shabbos. We have soup and challah in the freezer. But that's as far as I've managed to get. I need to clean the kitchen before I can make anything. I can tell that tomorrow is going to be exhausting. Thank goodness there's shabbos at the end of it all.

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