Monday, December 30, 2013

Virginia Apple

Let's see - what happened since this morning? Well...
We went over to The FamBily House to spend time with Jeff. It was a fun afternoon, very tasty dinner (amazing stew and also chicken pot pie), Buzz has a blast.
All in all a highly entertaining and wonderful way to spend a long afternoon and evenings even Shpunky had fun.
We killed some zombies, then we killed some humans, then we scaled some walls and assassinated people. Yay XBox! Also do you see the adorableness of the human cub and the woof?! Look at that sweetness!! The kid was bouncing around with excitement and every time he accidentally knocked into the dog's nose the dog would just: open his eyes, pick up his head, roll his eyes dramatically as if to say 'silly pup', then lie back down again and try to sleep until the kid inevitably bumped into him again. Love love love!!!
Eventually Z came back from school and picked us up. It wasn't even as late as we'd expected. We said our goodbyes and goodnights. Back at home Buzz was straight to sleep. Now I'm off too. Tomorrow will be a busy one. More later...

WuMO kaZuMO.

I totally meant to post yesterday but spaced out sometime between getting home and falling asleep.

I had a delightfully lazy morning yesterday. Z drove into Jeru to meet with the architect, and he took Buzz with him! I opted to use my 'free time' as 'relaxation time' and spent the entire morning int he comfort of my own bed - no cleaning, no cooking, no nothing. All I did was have a quick breakfast then relax.

You may have noticed that I updated/changed the template of the blog. I'd received a number of requests with regard to the 'white on black' template being hard to read. So, after nine years I switched the color scheme. I keep opening the page and thinking that I'm in the wrong place - it's pretty disconcerting. I miss my old colors but hopefully this will be easier for people to read.

By the time the guys got home it was mid afternoon. They had some lunch then we went out to the mall to meet up with Deb&co at the mall for a little bit. It was nice to see her, even if it was a short visit. Our next stop was the grocery store, then the post office to pick up a package. We came home and out away the groceries then we wondered what to have for dinner. A unanimous decision was made to go across town to The FamBily House - since they had so many leftovers from shabbos. Phil is almost finished with Assassin's Creed 2, and now we know 'The Truth' too - even though it was a bit anticlimactic to say the least.

This morning Z washed dishes, and I sprayed vinegar on all of the mold in the apartment. Yet another occurrence to make me dislike this place and renting. Black mold on my walls - and the building under warranty of the original builder - means that hiring someone to deal with the situation before it takes over will be out of pocket, but waiting for the landlord to deal with the situation could take who knows how long. Also the problems seem to be piping related rather than rain-damage so we need to wait for our landlord to deal with the upstairs landlords. We will probably have moved out before this situation has been resolved. How utterly delightful. *shudders*

Did I mention that Buzz was wandering around dressed in rainboots (over his fleece pajamas) and an apron? He is one weird kid. At least he's funny.

Z has class tonight which mean Buzz and I get to ummm, hang out. It's also Jeff's last night in The Holy Land and he'll be at The FamBily House so I think that Buzz and I will walk over there for dinner. The only question is really how we'll get back home in time for bed without the car.

Alright - I'm off to find other things to do. I need to work out a menu for Shabbat since we'll be having two girls over. I should also reorganize the freezers but it's just so cold in there.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


The simchat bat yesterday morning was delightful. I met a few more ladies from the neighborhood, and it was fun to be out and socializing on a Friday morning. Thankfully most of the cooking was finished Thursday night. Z was amazing and got everything on the 'to do' list that a I gave him finished - and it was no small list. While Z was sweeping floors, Buzz and I went to the park to hang out for a while. It was fun. We got everything ready with some time to spare. It was very impressive. I even finally organized the bookcases in the living room - well, most of them. It was a big job after all.

Avi and Ayala joined us for the meal Friday night. Roasted garlic, chumus, chicken soup with matzah balls, Sara schapiro chicken, white rice, and broccoli (which was waterlogged but perfectly steamed). The meal was a lot of fun. It was a good idea for Ayala to bring Avi to our house early on so he could get used to the craziness that is us. He seemed to enjoy himself. Buzz was super extra cute so that probably helped too.

This morning was nice. Shul ran really late, but since it was due to a long parsha and kiddushim, we managed to make it across town right in time for lunch. What may have been a slightly overwhelming for Ayala's betrothed was just a 'regular' meal at The FamBily House. We were joined by Jeff D. And his buddy Alex - but they're no strangers to meals at my parents' house. The spread was insaaaane! So much food - all so delicious! Amazing, really. Then the desserts came out - pumpkin pie by Avi, apple pie by me, two kinds of cookies by Phil, chocolate mousse by Timmy. Approximately 8 minutes afte the final bite of dessert was ingested most of the people in the house had found somewhere comfy to curl up and slip into a food coma - really though - everybody just slept for a few hours in an attempt to give their bodies time to deal with the feast they'd just consumed. It was like an insane Thanksgiving.

Phil and I schmoozed on the swing on the roof for a bit. Back downstairs everyone was still asleep. Eventually it was mincha time so the guys woke up and headed out to pray. The Crazy Lady took the opportunity to bang a coconut open with a meat cleaver - yeah, cause that seemed like a good idea. Eventually she succeeded in her goal but not before making so much noise that Jeff got woken up to run for cover (from the couch), and Timmy came up from the basement...

These short winter shabbatot pass so quickly. One minute we were discussing wedding logistics and the next the guys were looking for a maariv minyan. Then havdalah. Then it was time to prep melava malka - so Phil took out the 24-hour cold rise pizza dough that she'd made on Friday and I shaped it into 4 adorable silky smooth balls.p

A quick trip home to pick up Ayala's stuff and pjs for the kid, then we were back at The FamBily House. Phil and I turned out 4 pies of pizza and the crowds were overjoyed.

We hung out until; A&A headed out towards home, the boys decided to head to Jeru, and Buzz cried while dragging us to the front door and nodded 'yes' vehemently when asked whether he'd like to go home to go to sleep.

Surprisingly enough at home he went straight to bed. Impressive. Then again, he had a busy day. Playing at the park dressed like a supermodel, walking halfway to The FamBily House, chasing Fuzz and the kitties around, being cute for everybody.

All in a day's work.

Shavua tov!

Friday, December 27, 2013


Frustration is an emotion that make you want to alternately scream and pull your hair or bubbles annoyingly inside much like bad heartburn.

Things that bring about minor yet still bothersome frustration: pancakes disintegrating in the pan, the dish and laundry conundrum (they're just never done), sales on clothes in a country half a world away with no way to get them.

AngloinIsraelProblems - good quality, adorable, fleece sleepers* for next year on sale online for $7.99, won't buy them because too complicated to get them brought over. Next winter arrives, shop in Israel, shell out approximately $11 for sleeper whose snaps pop off and seams literally unravel. (Assuming you can find fleece sleepers in the right size for your kid because while tipat chalav yells at you for having an underweight child the clothing industry is convinced that all children are all in the 15% percentiles...)

(* Can substitute 'fleece sleepers' for any item of clothing.)

We're off to the simchat bat soon. A bit of cooking remains to be finished. Z finally put the baby gate up in the hall with the extension pieces so we can close the bedroom door and keep the kid out all at the same time. I have enough eggnog left for one more recipe of something but I need to figure out what. Shabbos is booked up for the next two weeks too but I'm trying not to think about that yet. The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend, I hope it really is since we'll be walking across town tomorrow morning.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Muffin Top

All that leftover eggnog is becoming delicious things here at our place. Yesterday we enjoyed waffles and today oatmeal-cinnamon muffins.
Speaking of yesterday - it was The Crazy Lady & The Mad Man's 30th anniversary! Craaaaziness! The morning flew by, Buzz took a nap, I baked a cake, then we went over to The FamBily House. Chinese fake-out for dinner was quite a delicious party.
This morning started at 5am when Buzz decided to come into our bed. Z 'slept in' until a little before 7, then popped out of bed and was out the door in no time. Buzz helped me bake muffins and challah. Then we made an enormous mess by deconstructing the kitchen cabinet's contents. After some French fries and driving me crazy for a while Buzz took a super short nap.  I didn't get much done for quite some time. I washed a lot of dishes including most of the bottles, then finally Z came home from school. Z took Buzz out to the park for a while which gave me time to bake Yo'Abba a low-sugar whole-wheat-crusted apple pie for shabbos.

When the boys came back from the park Z prepped the chicken for cooking. I mixed up a sauce and poured it on so that it could marinate overnight. Then I put up a big pot of chicken soup.

I also managed to set up the guest room, changed Buzz's sheets, folded 4 loads of laundry, and cleared off the dish drying rack.

For dinner we went over to The FamBily House. Cousin Jeff is in The Holy Land - he finished a 10 day tour trip and came to The Sun House this morning - so we went to hang out for a bit. Buzz warmed up to him SUPER quickly, it was really cute. Dinner was delicious - tomato vegetables soup, ravioli with mushroom cream sauce. Then leftover dessert from last night. We watched some tv then headed home. Buzz fell asleep in no time now I can clean up some more.
Tomorrow morning we're going to a simchat bat. Then I need to finish getting the house ready and the cooking done. Gonna be a busy day and I want to want to be done as early as possible.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sticking to the Fibers...

Buzz joined us in our bed at 3:30am. That meant that I was awake from 3:30am until 6:30am when I was finally able to fall back asleep. I 'napped' for a couple of hours then got woken up by Z and Buzz talking about baking cookies. Turns out they were talking about cookies that I couldn't even eat - that was kind of a let down.
We didn't have all the ingredients that Z needed, so we went out to the grocery store. Shufersol was having a sale and we decided to make the best of it. Buzz went a little crazy in the store - he helped put all the vegetables into bags and he even bagged monkey. 
We did 'self check out', packed up the car, and then on the way home Buzz fell asleep. He took a nice nap (not long enough because Z 'had' to use the mixer to make his cookie dough) but he was pretty cheery when he woke up.
We decided to go out to the park at the top of the hill. Buzz had quite a lot of fun running amok. Eventually he decided that he wanted a snack so we went back to the car. Somehow we ended up at The FamBily House. The Mad Man decided that we should make eggnog in honor of the date - you know - erev his 30th English wedding anniversary. 
We went out to SuperH to pick up the ingredients for our treats. Back at the house we baked up a batch of cinnamon roll caramel popcorn. Phil blended up a batch of eggnog, and a batch of delicious cookies. Turns out none of us actually like eggnog, but it's going to make delicious baked goods tomorrow.
Buzz and Fuzz had many adventures together. Mostly Fuzz took Buzz's snacks and Buzz whacked Fuzz on the head in retaliation. Quite amusing to watch. Good dinner, good times. More tomorrow...
An ENORMOUS Mazal Tov to Ayala&Avi on your engagement!!! Ohmygoodness I am so excited for you two!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

More Broccoli?

I was woken up at 3:15am by a cold little finger (with a sharp little talon) repeatedly pinching my well-padded love-handle. <sarcastic voice> Is it any wonder I had trouble falling back asleep? </sarcastic voice> I watched the hands on my watch spin around until close to 6 when I finally fell back asleep. Unfortunately I was awoken at 7:15 when Z decided that I had to get up to watch Buzz so that he could shower and get ready to leave. Z was out the door by 8am.

Buzz was in a 'mood' again. I tried to appease his but he was just being a general grumpy-face. Out of desperation I left him running amok in the house and went to shower (good thing the place is pretty much kid-proofed). It was not the most enjoyable showering experience I'd ever experienced but at least I didn't smell anymore.

Once I was dressed Buzz helped me pack up a 'park bag' then we went out to the park - where we ended up spending almost two hours. It was a long long outing. We spent an idyllic half hour lounging at the bottom of the TALL slide where we dozed in the sunshine. Mostly Buzz wanted to run back and forth along the low wall at the far end of the park. The mud was dry so I let him. His friend Naama and her Mommy came to the park when we were trying to decide whether to leave - so we ended up hanging out for a bit longer.

Back at home we shared some lunch and some cookies. I put the second load of laundry for the day into the washer and sponga'd the hallway outside of our apartment because there was sticky stuff everywhere. Then Buzz climbed up onto my lap at the dining room table and promptly fell asleep. All hail the afternoon nap! It was 1:30pm! Score! The kid napped for about an hour and a half. When he woke up he was on the fence - unsure of whether to be whiny grumpy or well-rested cheery.

I got his shoes on, packed up a bag, and made a bottle (intending to sit him in the stroller and let him drink his bottle while we walked to The FamBily House) then we went to catch the elevator to the machsan level. On floor -1 I realized that my keying was still folded in the hood of the stroller (locked in  the machsan) so we went back upstairs to find other keys - downstairs again none of the four keys on the ring opened the door. We trekked back upstairs and I found another keyring, and grabbed the Beco carrier, figuring it might be good to have. At this point Buzz was freaking out - the kid wanted his bottle. We tried the machsan door again but no success. I let Buzz lead me out of the building then had him sit on the steps of the building and drink some of his milk. Thirst quenched for the moment the kid tried to make a run for it. I led him to the 40-step staircase that leads up to Herzog briefly wondering how far he could actually make it on foot.

At the top of the staircase the kid paused - exhausted. I'm sure his little legs were burning with the exertion. He begged for his bottle, I sat him down on the top step and let him swig until he didn't look ready to keel over. At this point I had no interest in going back into the building - I just wanted to go. The kid didn't really have an opinion other than not wanting to do any more physical activity.

And this is the story all about how I ended up wearing the kid, on my back, over to The FamBily House. The worst part was that I was carrying so much additional stuff (diaper bag, shopping bag with misc stuff, jacket since I figured it's be cold whenever we went back home...). Thankfully we made it in our usual 17 minutes, with no problems - my back and shoulders no worse for the wear - which I think is pretty cool considering I was carrying 11+ kg on my back and another (at least 5) in my arms. (This might not seem like a big deal to most of you out there - especially all of you hikers/campers - but it was a boost for my self-confidence that I was able to do this. I'd been wondering whether I could for a while and now I know that I can.) Buzz was thrilled - he rested his head on my back for most of the 'ride' only sitting up and getting quite excited when buses passed loudly by and when he spotted the park at the top of the hill in the distance.

Buzz was excited to be at our destination - it meant he got to finish his bottle - finally. Phil put a movie on for him and he ran around terrorizing Fuzz. Eventually everyone came Home from school and grocery shopping and wherever they'd been scattered to for the day. The Crazy Lazy is making Chinese for dinner and Phil is making that awesome sweet&sour dipping sauce to go along with the batter dipped chicken. I'm excited for this meal. I wonder when Z will get back.

Tomorrow the park at the top of the hill and grocery shopping - I think...

We'll see.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chubdy Chubdy

Thursday was boring except for baking a dozen muffins that I couldn't eat. At 3:30pm-ish Buzz and I set off to The FamBily House on foot. Well I was on foot, Buzz rode in his chariot.we went via the construction site so that Buzz could wave at all of the trucks.
Friday got off to a very late start on account of a sleepless teething night from hell. At noon I got my act as together as it wa get-able and made some food. Quiche and two-tone gratin for lunch, soup (from the freezer) a semblance of shnitzel and a roast with the wrong kind of meat. The meals on shabbos were decidedly less satisfactory than usual.

I spent shabbos day downing hot chocolates (probably why my stomach was a mess today.) Phil came to visit in the mid-afternoon. After escaping a second abduction by her extremely stubborn nephew she went home and made pizza before even turning on her cell phone.
This morning Z left for school at 7am to work on a project that should have been done much earlier than tomorrow. I spent the day with an extremely irritable and grumpy Buzz. 15 hours later with a possibly sprained toe and covered in the kid's vomit I was pretty much ready to stab out my own eyeballs with red hot skewers (sorry for the graphic imagery).

Tomorrow will be more of the same. No exercise class on account of 'oops I didn't finish my project yet'. I wish my foot would stop hurting so much so that I could fall asleep. It's hard to tell how much it really hurts though because it's so darn cold - thank you 'bad' circulation.

Figured I'd update you even though it wasn't an overly cheery one.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kathy P.

This entire morning seemed like a waste of time. I ate a lot of potatoes today and I watched a lot of television. I also used an inordinate number of tissues. For the sake of productivity (to be honest I finally got grossed out enough so) I cleaned out the dozen containers of miscellaneous 'used to be food' stuff from the back of the fridge. Really - if I told you what I took out of there you'd probably never eat at my house again. *shudders* Heck, I don't want to eat at my house any more. Just kidding - sort of...

Eventually Buzz started to go stir-crazy. In his defense, we hadn't gone to the park in almost two whole weeks!! That's a LONG time to a kid who is (now) used to going every day (well, that didn't take long at all). As soon as I asked him whether he'd like to go to the park he was racing down the hall nodding yes and pointing (presumably at his shoes which we store on top of the freezer in the living room.)
I took pity on him. We got dressed and clomped out to the park. Buzz didn't want to go the 'usual' way. He insisted on climbing the 40-step staircase next to the building, then walking up the block - to approach the park from the top. Usually we start at the bottom and come full circle from the top - but I guess he wanted to home his stair-climbing. He made it up 20 steps before sitting down on the ground, and holding his arms up at me as if to say 'do me a favor woman, shlep me the rest of the way in your strong and mighty arms...'. What can I say, the combination of his big sad eyes, and crazy hair sticking out from under his adorable hat made me unable to say no.

At the park he led me straight past the benches, the swings, the mid-bench and the jungle gym with the low wall. We went straight down to the climbing structure part of the park. Then he parked us on a low wall and demanded his snack. ('We're here woman, gimme my grub!' - but in less understandable words and with more pointing.) He decided to intersperse snacking with playing - so he'd run around or climb for a bit - then come back for more treats. After a while at the park he decided that he was done. He came over to me, took my hand, and pulled me out of the park. Then he remembered that there's a construction site across the street, so we sat on some big boulders and watched the earthmovers, bulldozers, cranes, and steamrollers work. He was enthralled until he decided that it was time to go home - at which point he took my hand and led me back to our building (smart kid, right?). Then he insisted on walking all the way up. He's like my own little personal trainer. He makes a comfortable living, that's for sure.
Back at home I was all energized - so I washed two sinkfuls of dishes. How I manage to fit SO many dishes onto such small racks is beyond me. I seem to be the only one capable of getting everything to stay. It's a talent. Or at least, I think it is.

While I was working, the kid enjoyed a cup of tea(bags). I guess he's got the right idea, it was quite chilly. Then he proceeded to empty out my pareve stuff cabinet - again. I gave up on organization, casually flung everything back onto the shelves, then slammed the door shut before stuff could fall back out. That should be fun to open tomorrow...
In other news - I finally finished off the last of the latkas from Chanuka. Are they still considered fried food if I baked them in the oven to heat them today? I was just wondering...

Tomorrow cooking for shabbos and possibly some cleaning of sorts. I'm not even sure what to tackle first. Everything is a mess so anything is fair game. Yeah - this should be fun.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Boring Update of Sorts...

Sometime on Sunday Z found out that his Monday night class was cancelled. I celebrated by doing a happy dance. Buzz didn't sleep much Sunday night so Monday morning we were exhausted.
My sore throat had been threatening to become something more - and lack of sleep for two night running was enough to push me over the edge. Monday morning we went out in search of Ricola cough drops. Thankfully the pharmacy in RBS was stocked with all of the flavors. Then we popped in and stocked up my foil-pan collection.
Since Z didn't have class - my Monday night date with Phil was questionably 'on' - I decided to remedy the situation. Z smelled burgers on the grill and I convinced him that it was more economical to buy meat and make our own bbq. Thankfully he agreed. So we figured out a way to make everything happen. We picked up meat and made buns and took everything over to a The FamBily House. It worked out wonderfully.
This morning my throat was really unhappy. I lazed around for quite a while. Eventually I got up and started being productive. Washed two loads of laundry, folded six loads of laundry, organized the box of stuff in the bathroom, cooked up a pot of chicken soup, helped Phil out of a hairy predicament, ate chocolate chip cookies, baked both brownies and a tray of peanut butter brookies (yeah - layer of brownies topped by a layer of peanut butter cookies), then of course we took the brookies over to The FamBily House and crashed dinner - yum - tomato soup!
Tomorrow should be fun. Maybe we'll even make it to the park. Who knows?

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Where did I leave you? Oh yes - Thursday. Let me see... Z insisted on driving to school. He claimed the weather was 'fine' and that he would be alright. I let him go because at the very least there wasn't any ice on the roads (yet) so I figured the rain would just slow him down a bit. Buzz was a monster - he stuck his crayons in the microwave (thankfully it was unplugged), he tried to empty off the bookcases (so much for the doors), he tried to climb up the wooden shelving unit and the freezer in the living room (I toooo away all 'ladder' type instruments)... You get the picture. The house was suuuper dirty and disgusting so I cleaned. Washed dishes, swept floors, did laundry (and three cheers please because the terrible noise from the dryer was not heard ever again!) I was thankful for the burst of 'cleaning koach' because Ayala and a friend ended up joining us for dinner. (I was also thankful that sometimes may 'momanoia' comes in handy - otherwise I wouldn't have cooked enough food for 4 adults and a kid.) Ayala had adopted a couple of hamsters and was taking them back to her dorm - so Buzz got to play with them. He was absolutely fascinated by them - so small and fuzzy. He was happy to pet them and he even held one. It was pretty cute. The storm intensified and by 9pm it was snowing in RBS and around the country. We went to sleep and woke up to a 64F apartment - that was our cue to turn on the heat.
Friday morning the weather was pretty miserable. I didn't have much cooking to do since it was just 'us' and just one meal. We organized the house and get everything ready. I prepped the chicken and figured I'd throw it into the oven an hour before candle-lighting - the way I usually do. However, the power started going out for 2-3 minutes in 7-9 minute intervals. So I put it in early. Even more frustrating was the washing machine. I put a load into the machine when I realized that I was out of clean warm pajamas for Buzz. But every time the power went out and subsequently came back on The machine would restart the cycle that it was up to. It took over two hours for a 28 minute 'quick wash' to finish. It was insane.

We lit extra candles around the living room 'just in case' the power went out. We didn't use the plata either - we heated everything then wrapped it up warm in a big bath towel and a quilt. Thankfully after candle lighting the power only went out once for a few minutes while Z was in shul.

Shabbos morning the sky looked gloomy and stormy but it wasn't raining. So we thanked our lucky stars, got dressed as quickly as we could, and ran out the door to walk a cross town - only to feel it start drizzling. By the time we were a block from home the drops had become a downpour. There weren't even any trees to huddle under it was wet and cold everywhere. So we just kept walking. Thankfully the FamBily house was nice and toasty. Lunch was delicious - the Yemenite soup warmed us right up. Then we spent all afternoon hanging out.
On Saturday night Z was supposed to see a movie in Rishon with his friends but I was not happy with the thought of him driving - considering the weather conditions. I breathed a sigh of relief when he agreed not to go. We hung out at The FamBily House - Xbox, Phil made pizza, bad music - we had fun. Eventually we headed home to get Buzz into bed.

This morning we woke up nice and early. Buzz and I went out to do some fun shopping with Phil, Freddie, the munchkin, and The Crazy Lady. We had fun buying mittens with strings and dish soap. Then we swung by the apartment to pick up Z before heading to the mall. It was super crowded but we found parking. Buzz had fallen asleep while we were driving through the parking lot - and he was tired because we put him into his stroller and he stayed fast asleep. We wandered through the mall for a bit then we met up with S&S and 4 of Buzz's aunts and uncles. We enjoyed a delicious and delightful lunch at Cafe Rimon. Then we walked around a bit. The kiddos got to climb and play for a while. S&S even treated us to some really nice head coverings. All in all a lot of fun and very enjoyable! We really appreciated everything!
We decided on a whim to pop over to The FamBily House after our excursion at the mall. It was quiet after the excitement of the morning ( ) but Z was happy to play some more Xbox and Buzz was thrilled because the vacuum was out! We scavenged for leftovers before the hour got too late. I took some of the 'extra' leftover chicken to turn into pot-pie and roasted chicken stock. We played some Pajama Sam. Then we came home.

Buzz is asleep, we took heaters over to some neighbors who are freeeeeeezing next door, pajama time, and now some tv until I fall asleep.

In exciting(?) news - Ariel is still buried in snow so Z's class tomorrow has been cancelled. Yay!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Day 1 (or is it 2?) of the crazy Holyland winter storm. The weather is decidedly cold and frightful. 19C inside - so it's still warmer than it's been in years. We've become accustomed to much chillier climates.
Z and Buzz ventured out to the post office to pick up my (slightly belated) Chanuka present. An awesome book that I never would have bought for myself but which I absolutely love!
They kidnapped Phil on the way and brought her to our place. We then spent the early afternoon reading and snacking and eating and baking and having a generally good time.
We spoke to an appliance repair guy that we know and he said that we may as we'll buy a new clothes dryer - well, once the one we have dies for real. He recommended using it (even if it makes a terrible sound) until it doesn't work any more.
At some point Phil decided that she wanted to go Home, so we took her. There was a short lull in the storm so we made a run for it. Xbox, dinner, kitchen goodies and gadgets, much laughter and many tears (mostly crocodile), good times. Eventually we headed home, sans Monkey, who is on holiday at The FamBily House until further notice - we think...
Funny story of the night:
Yo'Abba was clearing the dinner table. He went to put away the container of soup crunchies. The kid stopped him and asked for some. So Yo'Abba put a few into the toy dump truck that the kid was wheeling around. The dog rushed in and ate them all. So Yo'Abba gave the kid some more in a cup. The kid ate a couple then the dog wandered over and in a sort of 'what's that?' way looked at the kid - who turned the cup towards the dog, then the dog shoved his snout into the cup - which went flying scattering crunchies everywhere. So the dog was happily and ecstatically gobbling up crunchies from the floor while the kid looked on with THE saddest face ever. Suddenly the kid looked down and realized, 'hey! There are some on the floor by me!' At which point he squatted down and started eating as many as he could.

The photo below was taken before Buzz realized that he could eat off the floor too...
Z insists on driving to school tomorrow even though it will be really gross out and it might even be snowing. It seems like a really bad idea to me. Buzz and I will be baking cookies and drinking hot chocolate. Stew is definitely on the menu.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Too early.

Where to begin - it's not quite 8am...

Last night at 11 when I went to move a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer I found that the dryer was making sounds that no thing organic or mechanical should make. I turned it off because of the noise but then smelled a weird smoke scent. So I ended up hanging everything in the guest room overnight - it's Tuesday morning now and I don't expect anything to actually be dry until Thrsday at the earliest on account of most of the wash being denim, fleece, and sweatshirts.

The kid has a cough and has been sneezing everywhere. It's looking like my allergies as a kid and I have less than zero interest in taking him to the dr to be pointlessly put on medication for a second week in a row. I guess we'll see how it goes. He's in good spirits and acting totally normal so I'll stick with 'momma instinct'.

Z left for school at 7am. He had arranged to give a classmate a ride to the exam scheduled for 9am. On his drive to the other side of town to pick up his passenger he noticed the car didn't feel quite right. It was riding much too low. At the pick up point he got out to investigate the wheels and determined that a nail had punctured the rear tire. I guess I'll be taking a trip to the mechanic and Z won't be going to Jeru to get that signature on the house plans today.

There are a ton of dishes to wash, including all 7 of the baby bottles. My skin is coarse and prickly like sandpaper and even straight oil isn't keeping it moisturized.

And we got a delivery...

I am beyond grumpy. All hail a second day from hell.

Yo'Abba came to the rescue on the car front. He came over and took a look at the predicament then fixed it - with the help of a few of Frank's acquaintances who had been passing by at just the right time. They learned how to change a tire and the hard work got done with no hernias being torn. Win-win for everybody. Once the spare was in place he took it over to Motti&Vinny's place where they determined that the super extra long nail had shredded the tire through and through. There was nothing left to patch so we needed a whole new tire for the rear passenger side. (And lesson learned - don't drive or park near construction sites - ha!)

Buzz took a nice hour-long nap so I got a chance to wash off of the pareve and dairy dishes. I even washed the bottles. Z got home a few minutes after I'd finished while I was sitting on the couch waiting for the moisturizer I'd slathered on my hands to absorb. Buzz actually ate some lunch - which was pretty impressive because it was fishsticks and peas (as opposed to plain rice which he's been demanding of late...)

Then a I figured I should probably have some lunch to. There was leftover potato kugel from Shabbos and I wanted to crisp it up so I opted to quick fry it in a fleishigs frying pan. Once it was golden brown and smelling delicious I decided that since the pan was dirty I might as well go all out - so I whisked up a couple of eggs and scrambled them. Good thing I made extra because Buzz was more than willing to share them with me.

Now we need to decide what to do next. Maybe we'll go out for a bit. I'm going stir-crazy and with the rain that's in the forecast I should get all the fresh air I can now...

Monday, December 09, 2013

Fourth Reason...

This morning Z put fries into the oven then promptly fell asleep on the couch. Buzz was running amok and about half an hour later I smelled fries so I got our of bed and pulled them from the oven. The kid was trying to reach them but I told him that they were hot. I was in the process of explaining that he could have when they'd cooled a bit but he was in quite the rush so he ran over to Z, jabbed his finger into Z's ear and laughed maniacally. Z's eye popped open and he shouted "the fries are burning!!!"
The rest of the morning was decidedly less amusing. Nothing good happened. Literally. We found a(not her - yes this was the third) mouse, called the landlord to complain (he suggested buying some traps...), the kid tried to microwave his crayons, I sat on my glasses (again), the scale made me cry... Not fun at all.
At 2ish Z left for school. The front door squeaking closed woke the Buzzmonster up from his nap. He was NOT happy in the least bit. I offered him half a dozen food choices in an attempt to get him to eat. He threw a tantrum because I wouldn't give him 'Anerican sized portions' or white rice. That was fun - not.
Then I chased him around the house trying to get him dressed. He claimed that it was rainboot weather - I insisted it was sneaker weather. The process took a while. A long while. Eventually we got out the front door. He didn't want to get out of the elevator. Then he wanted to check EVERY car in the parking lot in order to find ours. I had to carry him to the park. Then he didn't even want to play. Just plopped himself on a bench and demanded bamba. (Real healthy habits going on here...)
We managed to fill over an hour of time out at the park. When we got home we washed our hands and were just drying them when Phil arrived for our usual Monday night party. Phil cooked up a batch of FF chocolate chip waffles. Meanwhile I made a batch of butterscotch sauce. We served the waffles with Ben&Jerry's vanilla toffee crunch ice cream and a lot of butterscotch sauce. We briefly considered whipped cream but our laziness and hunger prevented it from happening.
Buzz danced, and cooked, and 'microwaved' stuff. Mostly he made us laugh - a lot.

Once Buzz was in bed fast asleep we watched some tv.

I put a load of laundry into the washer and at 10:15 when I moved it to the dryer I was horrified to find that the machine has had some sort of breakdown. No clue what's wrong with it all I know is that it now makes a HORRIBLE sound. So I hung everything on the rack in the guest room. I guess I won't be going out tomorrow since none of Buzz's pants will be dry.

How is it almost midnight? I really want another waffle.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Nomnom Merch

Thursday was busy and productive. I can't believe I got most of Shabbos made by 9pm Thursday night. Buzz was funny - as usual. He took a little trip into a huge cardboard box full of stuffed animals and found a pair of clogs we received as a wedding present. Funnily enough they fit his feet quite nicely and he spent the evening running around with them on his feet.
I was so impressed that I'd managed to get so much food cooked in such a timely manner. I even roasted the chicken for lunch then after carving it up I cooked up a fresh pot of roasted chicken stock to have Friday night. The menu included: roasted garlic, roasted chicken soup, tomato basil chicken in a pot, white rice, green beans, roasted garlic and cherry tomatoes, tossed salad, balsamic lettuce salad, oriental rice salad, Israeli salad, sliced veggies, salsa meat roll, roasted chicken, potato kugel, rice kugel, white rice. Then dessert - mint double-chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cherry almond cookies, and s'mores cookies which I artfully drizzled with chocolate.
Friday morning was pretty dreary. Z got the house cleaned, I managed to not just wash the dishes - but I also scrubbed the kitchen sinks and the countertops. Everything was done about two hours before candle lighting so I got to shower and get dressed nice and early. It was so relaxing but oh so boring.

Our guests arrived and we got them settled in. Eventually it was time to light candles. Buzz and I read stories while Z was in shul. Then we enjoyed a delicious dinner.
The next morning the guys went to shul - Z even took Buzz with him for part of it. They returned with all four of our lunch guests and we enjoyed quite an interesting meal. It was enjoyable but slightly awkward - it also made me feel old. After the meal the guys opted to take shabbos naps but I was all energized so we got our shoes on and walked over to The FamBily House. Buzz was excited to get there but decided after less than an hour that he was finished so we kidnapped Phil and walked back home. We stopped at the park to let Z and Buzz run amok for a while. Then we went inside to find some snacks.

After havdala we had dinner and watched a terrible movie. It was a highly unproductive waste of two hours but we had nothing better to do anyway so at the very least we relaxed for a while. We also used the new fuzzy purple blankets - super comfy by the way.
This morning when I woke up it was waaaaay too early to be awake and it was raining. I spent hours - and I mean hours - sitting in bed and watching all of the tv that I had left to catch up on from last week. When I ran out of episodes it was good timing because Buzz had woken up from his nap and Z wanted to take him out to play somewhere. We opted for the mall - on account of the rain. Buzz had fun - stealing crackers like a homeless kid, running around in circles, and driving in every toy car he could find.
Of course we ended up at The FamBily House. Phil had just made a pot of tomato vegetable soup so I had a delicious late lunch. Z played some more Xbox. Buzz did his usual stuff - stealing kitchen gadgets, seeking vacuums, and playing with everybody's electronic devices.

Tomorrow is Monday but I can't even begin to think about what I've got planned for it.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

CaTsgdxdrgddtvdzdfdx. Cravto

Buzz coming into bed at sometime before 5am woke me up. I tried desperately not to fall back into a deep sleep, (lest I oversleep and by definition have Z miss his ride to school.) Instead  I spent the next hour and a half 'waking up' every 15 minutes.

At 6ish a thunderclap directly overhead scared the bejeesus out of Z who popped out of bed thinking that Buzz had broken something somewhere. I woke up with my heart racing until I realized it had only been thunder and a really long night that wasn't quite over.

6:40am eventually rolled around and Buzz woke up which was great because it precluded the need for me to yell at Z to get out of bed.

Z was out the door at 7:03 and I closed and locked it behind him. I decided to pop into the bathroom to preform my morning ablutions. Buzz had a freak out when I shut the door so I let him join me. He proceeded to step into the shower and close the doors behind him. Then he reached towards the shower handle. I warned him a number of times - along with an explanation of why it would be unwise to fiddle with the tempting looking lever - but he didn't listen. He never does. The kid likes to try everything once (or more than once...) I walked out of the bathroom with the words, "you're going to get all wet and be unhappy if you do that - you've been warned so don't come crying to me." Of course, predictably, he turned the water on, full force and started wailing. I'd gone to grab a towel from the shelf - so I walked back in, turned off the water, wrapped him in the towel, then kneeled down in front of him and asked rhetorically, "gosh, wasn't that silly?! Two baths in 12 hours!" He gave me a sad sort of smile while he nodded his head. Then we went and changed him into nice dry pajamas.

It seems like a pajama sort of day. The park is off limits on account of being sopping wet. I don't want to go to the mall because it's the last day of chanuka vacation coupled with a wet day. I guess I'll cook for shabbos and try to keep the kiddo occupied as well as I can.

Ironically I just glanced up at the sky and noticed that not only has it stopped raining - but the sky is a pretty blue with fluffy little wisps of cloud. I guess the rain is gone for now.

Happy bright last day of Chanuka to everybody!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Today my son put a bucket on his head and took two steps - straight into a wall.

In good news the results of the strep test are in - not only does he NOT have scarlet fever - he's DOESN'T even have strep throat! So basically the source of the fever and extra crankiness are now up for interpretation. My guess - teething. Since after all - that's a fair guess for any kid who hasn't got all 20 of their pearly white chompers yet.

Today I'm attempting to get the house back into some semblance of order. I've already done three loads of laundry and another (at least) two are waiting to go in. I stripped all of the beds in the house and changed all of the sheets. I figured it's probably time to wash the towels and whatnot too.

My shopping list is ready to go and none of our to-be-guests have any food allergies, so we are good to go.

Z and Buzz went to the post office to pick up my book for me. Then they went to the park until the skies opened up on them. They came home looking pretty bedraggled. Good thing the kid isn't sick, right?

Alright - back to productivity...
Now if only I could find something to eat for lunch.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013


Two nights ago Buzz had trouble staying asleep all night long. Then Monday morning he showed up in my bed super cranky and with a fever so high it's a wonder the bed-sheets hadn't caught on fire. I sent him to the dr with Z - at the behest of an experienced momma - and turns out that the rash he's had on his legs for a week, the sudden onset of high-fever, and the white coating in his throat all point to strep - with a high probability of scarlet fever. First thought when Z told me was, 'people still get that?' then I realized that it's just strep with a specific rash, no biggie, antibiotics will fix him right up. If only getting antibiotics into him were easier than wrestling six fully grown angry tigers...

We crashed at The FamBily House on Monday for a while and came home in time to make dinner and light menorah. The Crazy Lady made AMAZING breakfast of FF waffles which we enjoyed with ice cream and whipped cream! Z played Xbox, and I drove Phil crazy. The downside of the day came last night when we didn't get much sleep - yay sick kid! - but thankfully we didn't have any plans for today.
This morning I fried up a batch of home-fries - I feel justified frying everything because it's Chanuka after all. We tried to fill up the morning by playing it cool in the house but Buzz was miserable. By 1pm he was in full-blown melt-down mode banging at the front door and begging to go out. We relented and all got dressed to leave - but by the time we got out to the street it had started raining. We decided to drive to the mall to walk around. (I'm not a fan of spreading germs - but they're out there anyway - and I was headed towards doing not such nice things to the kid if he didn't calm down.)

On our way home we stopped at The FamBily House to pick up my keys - because I'd forgotten them there last night. We ended up crashing for dinner - amazing teriyaki sweet&sour-esque chicken stir-fry. Z was happy because he got more Xbox time in. Buzz was happy because he has THE coolest food processor any 20 month old has ever had before. AND his Savta 'plugged it in' (closed the plug in a drawer so it looked plugged in) then she even made sound effects. The kid was in heaven.
Back at home we battled the second dose of today's meds into the kid. Then we lit menorah and just got in 'hanerot halalu' before Buzz pulled Z off to his room to go to sleep. I'm hoping that we all get some must needed rest tonight. It feels like it's cooling off outside and it even sounds like it's raining - so I should sleep well if given the chance.

Tomorrow I've got to do laundry (I know it's Rosh Chodesh, but I'm way behind and just found out that I'm having at least 2 yeshiva guys sleep over for shabbos - as well as 4 of them for shabbos lunch.) So I guess I'll have to do grocery shopping too - and need to make it to the post office early in the morning to pick up my book that's waiting for me. Gosh there's a lot to do tomorrow. Maybe I'll do some baking and cooking for shabbos if I have the chance too.
For now I should probably write a shopping list.

Happy Night #7!