Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Boring Update of Sorts...

Sometime on Sunday Z found out that his Monday night class was cancelled. I celebrated by doing a happy dance. Buzz didn't sleep much Sunday night so Monday morning we were exhausted.
My sore throat had been threatening to become something more - and lack of sleep for two night running was enough to push me over the edge. Monday morning we went out in search of Ricola cough drops. Thankfully the pharmacy in RBS was stocked with all of the flavors. Then we popped in and stocked up my foil-pan collection.
Since Z didn't have class - my Monday night date with Phil was questionably 'on' - I decided to remedy the situation. Z smelled burgers on the grill and I convinced him that it was more economical to buy meat and make our own bbq. Thankfully he agreed. So we figured out a way to make everything happen. We picked up meat and made buns and took everything over to a The FamBily House. It worked out wonderfully.
This morning my throat was really unhappy. I lazed around for quite a while. Eventually I got up and started being productive. Washed two loads of laundry, folded six loads of laundry, organized the box of stuff in the bathroom, cooked up a pot of chicken soup, helped Phil out of a hairy predicament, ate chocolate chip cookies, baked both brownies and a tray of peanut butter brookies (yeah - layer of brownies topped by a layer of peanut butter cookies), then of course we took the brookies over to The FamBily House and crashed dinner - yum - tomato soup!
Tomorrow should be fun. Maybe we'll even make it to the park. Who knows?

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