Tuesday, December 03, 2013


Two nights ago Buzz had trouble staying asleep all night long. Then Monday morning he showed up in my bed super cranky and with a fever so high it's a wonder the bed-sheets hadn't caught on fire. I sent him to the dr with Z - at the behest of an experienced momma - and turns out that the rash he's had on his legs for a week, the sudden onset of high-fever, and the white coating in his throat all point to strep - with a high probability of scarlet fever. First thought when Z told me was, 'people still get that?' then I realized that it's just strep with a specific rash, no biggie, antibiotics will fix him right up. If only getting antibiotics into him were easier than wrestling six fully grown angry tigers...

We crashed at The FamBily House on Monday for a while and came home in time to make dinner and light menorah. The Crazy Lady made AMAZING breakfast of FF waffles which we enjoyed with ice cream and whipped cream! Z played Xbox, and I drove Phil crazy. The downside of the day came last night when we didn't get much sleep - yay sick kid! - but thankfully we didn't have any plans for today.
This morning I fried up a batch of home-fries - I feel justified frying everything because it's Chanuka after all. We tried to fill up the morning by playing it cool in the house but Buzz was miserable. By 1pm he was in full-blown melt-down mode banging at the front door and begging to go out. We relented and all got dressed to leave - but by the time we got out to the street it had started raining. We decided to drive to the mall to walk around. (I'm not a fan of spreading germs - but they're out there anyway - and I was headed towards doing not such nice things to the kid if he didn't calm down.)

On our way home we stopped at The FamBily House to pick up my keys - because I'd forgotten them there last night. We ended up crashing for dinner - amazing teriyaki sweet&sour-esque chicken stir-fry. Z was happy because he got more Xbox time in. Buzz was happy because he has THE coolest food processor any 20 month old has ever had before. AND his Savta 'plugged it in' (closed the plug in a drawer so it looked plugged in) then she even made sound effects. The kid was in heaven.
Back at home we battled the second dose of today's meds into the kid. Then we lit menorah and just got in 'hanerot halalu' before Buzz pulled Z off to his room to go to sleep. I'm hoping that we all get some must needed rest tonight. It feels like it's cooling off outside and it even sounds like it's raining - so I should sleep well if given the chance.

Tomorrow I've got to do laundry (I know it's Rosh Chodesh, but I'm way behind and just found out that I'm having at least 2 yeshiva guys sleep over for shabbos - as well as 4 of them for shabbos lunch.) So I guess I'll have to do grocery shopping too - and need to make it to the post office early in the morning to pick up my book that's waiting for me. Gosh there's a lot to do tomorrow. Maybe I'll do some baking and cooking for shabbos if I have the chance too.
For now I should probably write a shopping list.

Happy Night #7!

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