Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Day 1 (or is it 2?) of the crazy Holyland winter storm. The weather is decidedly cold and frightful. 19C inside - so it's still warmer than it's been in years. We've become accustomed to much chillier climates.
Z and Buzz ventured out to the post office to pick up my (slightly belated) Chanuka present. An awesome book that I never would have bought for myself but which I absolutely love!
They kidnapped Phil on the way and brought her to our place. We then spent the early afternoon reading and snacking and eating and baking and having a generally good time.
We spoke to an appliance repair guy that we know and he said that we may as we'll buy a new clothes dryer - well, once the one we have dies for real. He recommended using it (even if it makes a terrible sound) until it doesn't work any more.
At some point Phil decided that she wanted to go Home, so we took her. There was a short lull in the storm so we made a run for it. Xbox, dinner, kitchen goodies and gadgets, much laughter and many tears (mostly crocodile), good times. Eventually we headed home, sans Monkey, who is on holiday at The FamBily House until further notice - we think...
Funny story of the night:
Yo'Abba was clearing the dinner table. He went to put away the container of soup crunchies. The kid stopped him and asked for some. So Yo'Abba put a few into the toy dump truck that the kid was wheeling around. The dog rushed in and ate them all. So Yo'Abba gave the kid some more in a cup. The kid ate a couple then the dog wandered over and in a sort of 'what's that?' way looked at the kid - who turned the cup towards the dog, then the dog shoved his snout into the cup - which went flying scattering crunchies everywhere. So the dog was happily and ecstatically gobbling up crunchies from the floor while the kid looked on with THE saddest face ever. Suddenly the kid looked down and realized, 'hey! There are some on the floor by me!' At which point he squatted down and started eating as many as he could.

The photo below was taken before Buzz realized that he could eat off the floor too...
Z insists on driving to school tomorrow even though it will be really gross out and it might even be snowing. It seems like a really bad idea to me. Buzz and I will be baking cookies and drinking hot chocolate. Stew is definitely on the menu.

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