Thursday, December 05, 2013

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Buzz coming into bed at sometime before 5am woke me up. I tried desperately not to fall back into a deep sleep, (lest I oversleep and by definition have Z miss his ride to school.) Instead  I spent the next hour and a half 'waking up' every 15 minutes.

At 6ish a thunderclap directly overhead scared the bejeesus out of Z who popped out of bed thinking that Buzz had broken something somewhere. I woke up with my heart racing until I realized it had only been thunder and a really long night that wasn't quite over.

6:40am eventually rolled around and Buzz woke up which was great because it precluded the need for me to yell at Z to get out of bed.

Z was out the door at 7:03 and I closed and locked it behind him. I decided to pop into the bathroom to preform my morning ablutions. Buzz had a freak out when I shut the door so I let him join me. He proceeded to step into the shower and close the doors behind him. Then he reached towards the shower handle. I warned him a number of times - along with an explanation of why it would be unwise to fiddle with the tempting looking lever - but he didn't listen. He never does. The kid likes to try everything once (or more than once...) I walked out of the bathroom with the words, "you're going to get all wet and be unhappy if you do that - you've been warned so don't come crying to me." Of course, predictably, he turned the water on, full force and started wailing. I'd gone to grab a towel from the shelf - so I walked back in, turned off the water, wrapped him in the towel, then kneeled down in front of him and asked rhetorically, "gosh, wasn't that silly?! Two baths in 12 hours!" He gave me a sad sort of smile while he nodded his head. Then we went and changed him into nice dry pajamas.

It seems like a pajama sort of day. The park is off limits on account of being sopping wet. I don't want to go to the mall because it's the last day of chanuka vacation coupled with a wet day. I guess I'll cook for shabbos and try to keep the kiddo occupied as well as I can.

Ironically I just glanced up at the sky and noticed that not only has it stopped raining - but the sky is a pretty blue with fluffy little wisps of cloud. I guess the rain is gone for now.

Happy bright last day of Chanuka to everybody!

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