Sunday, December 01, 2013

Chocolate Coins

Friday flew by so quickly. One minute we were at the mall with the kiddos playing and shopping for enormous coffee mugs and the next we were running late to light all of the candles and ended up walking over to The FamBily House for dinner.

We went back over the hill for lunch on Shabbos too and ended up sticking around all day. After havdalah The Crazy Lady gave Z a lift home to pick up our car. Then we stuck around for candle lighting and latkes.

Today was busy and fun too. We woke up early and Buzz helped me make a batch of hand-cut French fries, then we kneaded up a batch of herbed rolls. At a little before noon we headed out to Moshav Shuva to visit some old friends. It was a great day for sitting outside - we enjoyed a BBQ and the hanging out. Buzz had a blast looking at the chickens and enjoying some nature. He really liked the 'new' playground.

We gave Ayala a ride back to The Sun House so that she could catch a bus to Jeru as quickly as possible. Then we stopped off at The FamBily House - since it was on our way home and all...

There were so many exciting things going on there - backyards on fire, cats being crazy, reinvented song lyrics. It was a good thing we'd stopped by. I helped give some inspiration for dinner - but didn't do any work - then we did our usual dine&dash. In our defense we would stick around but the kid would have a complete melt-down.

Back at home the neighbors had a noisy party that dragged on until 11:20pm. We watched a movie, and the kid woke up three times during it.

Tomorrow morning we're aiming to go to a bris across town. Then maybe a waffle breakfast. Then some errands before Z has to head to school.

Tomorrow afternoon will be boring and quiet since Phil won't be coming over and there isn't any new tv for me to watch. Wish me luck!

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