Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chubdy Chubdy

Thursday was boring except for baking a dozen muffins that I couldn't eat. At 3:30pm-ish Buzz and I set off to The FamBily House on foot. Well I was on foot, Buzz rode in his chariot.we went via the construction site so that Buzz could wave at all of the trucks.
Friday got off to a very late start on account of a sleepless teething night from hell. At noon I got my act as together as it wa get-able and made some food. Quiche and two-tone gratin for lunch, soup (from the freezer) a semblance of shnitzel and a roast with the wrong kind of meat. The meals on shabbos were decidedly less satisfactory than usual.

I spent shabbos day downing hot chocolates (probably why my stomach was a mess today.) Phil came to visit in the mid-afternoon. After escaping a second abduction by her extremely stubborn nephew she went home and made pizza before even turning on her cell phone.
This morning Z left for school at 7am to work on a project that should have been done much earlier than tomorrow. I spent the day with an extremely irritable and grumpy Buzz. 15 hours later with a possibly sprained toe and covered in the kid's vomit I was pretty much ready to stab out my own eyeballs with red hot skewers (sorry for the graphic imagery).

Tomorrow will be more of the same. No exercise class on account of 'oops I didn't finish my project yet'. I wish my foot would stop hurting so much so that I could fall asleep. It's hard to tell how much it really hurts though because it's so darn cold - thank you 'bad' circulation.

Figured I'd update you even though it wasn't an overly cheery one.

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