Monday, December 09, 2013

Fourth Reason...

This morning Z put fries into the oven then promptly fell asleep on the couch. Buzz was running amok and about half an hour later I smelled fries so I got our of bed and pulled them from the oven. The kid was trying to reach them but I told him that they were hot. I was in the process of explaining that he could have when they'd cooled a bit but he was in quite the rush so he ran over to Z, jabbed his finger into Z's ear and laughed maniacally. Z's eye popped open and he shouted "the fries are burning!!!"
The rest of the morning was decidedly less amusing. Nothing good happened. Literally. We found a(not her - yes this was the third) mouse, called the landlord to complain (he suggested buying some traps...), the kid tried to microwave his crayons, I sat on my glasses (again), the scale made me cry... Not fun at all.
At 2ish Z left for school. The front door squeaking closed woke the Buzzmonster up from his nap. He was NOT happy in the least bit. I offered him half a dozen food choices in an attempt to get him to eat. He threw a tantrum because I wouldn't give him 'Anerican sized portions' or white rice. That was fun - not.
Then I chased him around the house trying to get him dressed. He claimed that it was rainboot weather - I insisted it was sneaker weather. The process took a while. A long while. Eventually we got out the front door. He didn't want to get out of the elevator. Then he wanted to check EVERY car in the parking lot in order to find ours. I had to carry him to the park. Then he didn't even want to play. Just plopped himself on a bench and demanded bamba. (Real healthy habits going on here...)
We managed to fill over an hour of time out at the park. When we got home we washed our hands and were just drying them when Phil arrived for our usual Monday night party. Phil cooked up a batch of FF chocolate chip waffles. Meanwhile I made a batch of butterscotch sauce. We served the waffles with Ben&Jerry's vanilla toffee crunch ice cream and a lot of butterscotch sauce. We briefly considered whipped cream but our laziness and hunger prevented it from happening.
Buzz danced, and cooked, and 'microwaved' stuff. Mostly he made us laugh - a lot.

Once Buzz was in bed fast asleep we watched some tv.

I put a load of laundry into the washer and at 10:15 when I moved it to the dryer I was horrified to find that the machine has had some sort of breakdown. No clue what's wrong with it all I know is that it now makes a HORRIBLE sound. So I hung everything on the rack in the guest room. I guess I won't be going out tomorrow since none of Buzz's pants will be dry.

How is it almost midnight? I really want another waffle.

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