Sunday, December 15, 2013


Where did I leave you? Oh yes - Thursday. Let me see... Z insisted on driving to school. He claimed the weather was 'fine' and that he would be alright. I let him go because at the very least there wasn't any ice on the roads (yet) so I figured the rain would just slow him down a bit. Buzz was a monster - he stuck his crayons in the microwave (thankfully it was unplugged), he tried to empty off the bookcases (so much for the doors), he tried to climb up the wooden shelving unit and the freezer in the living room (I toooo away all 'ladder' type instruments)... You get the picture. The house was suuuper dirty and disgusting so I cleaned. Washed dishes, swept floors, did laundry (and three cheers please because the terrible noise from the dryer was not heard ever again!) I was thankful for the burst of 'cleaning koach' because Ayala and a friend ended up joining us for dinner. (I was also thankful that sometimes may 'momanoia' comes in handy - otherwise I wouldn't have cooked enough food for 4 adults and a kid.) Ayala had adopted a couple of hamsters and was taking them back to her dorm - so Buzz got to play with them. He was absolutely fascinated by them - so small and fuzzy. He was happy to pet them and he even held one. It was pretty cute. The storm intensified and by 9pm it was snowing in RBS and around the country. We went to sleep and woke up to a 64F apartment - that was our cue to turn on the heat.
Friday morning the weather was pretty miserable. I didn't have much cooking to do since it was just 'us' and just one meal. We organized the house and get everything ready. I prepped the chicken and figured I'd throw it into the oven an hour before candle-lighting - the way I usually do. However, the power started going out for 2-3 minutes in 7-9 minute intervals. So I put it in early. Even more frustrating was the washing machine. I put a load into the machine when I realized that I was out of clean warm pajamas for Buzz. But every time the power went out and subsequently came back on The machine would restart the cycle that it was up to. It took over two hours for a 28 minute 'quick wash' to finish. It was insane.

We lit extra candles around the living room 'just in case' the power went out. We didn't use the plata either - we heated everything then wrapped it up warm in a big bath towel and a quilt. Thankfully after candle lighting the power only went out once for a few minutes while Z was in shul.

Shabbos morning the sky looked gloomy and stormy but it wasn't raining. So we thanked our lucky stars, got dressed as quickly as we could, and ran out the door to walk a cross town - only to feel it start drizzling. By the time we were a block from home the drops had become a downpour. There weren't even any trees to huddle under it was wet and cold everywhere. So we just kept walking. Thankfully the FamBily house was nice and toasty. Lunch was delicious - the Yemenite soup warmed us right up. Then we spent all afternoon hanging out.
On Saturday night Z was supposed to see a movie in Rishon with his friends but I was not happy with the thought of him driving - considering the weather conditions. I breathed a sigh of relief when he agreed not to go. We hung out at The FamBily House - Xbox, Phil made pizza, bad music - we had fun. Eventually we headed home to get Buzz into bed.

This morning we woke up nice and early. Buzz and I went out to do some fun shopping with Phil, Freddie, the munchkin, and The Crazy Lady. We had fun buying mittens with strings and dish soap. Then we swung by the apartment to pick up Z before heading to the mall. It was super crowded but we found parking. Buzz had fallen asleep while we were driving through the parking lot - and he was tired because we put him into his stroller and he stayed fast asleep. We wandered through the mall for a bit then we met up with S&S and 4 of Buzz's aunts and uncles. We enjoyed a delicious and delightful lunch at Cafe Rimon. Then we walked around a bit. The kiddos got to climb and play for a while. S&S even treated us to some really nice head coverings. All in all a lot of fun and very enjoyable! We really appreciated everything!
We decided on a whim to pop over to The FamBily House after our excursion at the mall. It was quiet after the excitement of the morning ( ) but Z was happy to play some more Xbox and Buzz was thrilled because the vacuum was out! We scavenged for leftovers before the hour got too late. I took some of the 'extra' leftover chicken to turn into pot-pie and roasted chicken stock. We played some Pajama Sam. Then we came home.

Buzz is asleep, we took heaters over to some neighbors who are freeeeeeezing next door, pajama time, and now some tv until I fall asleep.

In exciting(?) news - Ariel is still buried in snow so Z's class tomorrow has been cancelled. Yay!

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