Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kathy P.

This entire morning seemed like a waste of time. I ate a lot of potatoes today and I watched a lot of television. I also used an inordinate number of tissues. For the sake of productivity (to be honest I finally got grossed out enough so) I cleaned out the dozen containers of miscellaneous 'used to be food' stuff from the back of the fridge. Really - if I told you what I took out of there you'd probably never eat at my house again. *shudders* Heck, I don't want to eat at my house any more. Just kidding - sort of...

Eventually Buzz started to go stir-crazy. In his defense, we hadn't gone to the park in almost two whole weeks!! That's a LONG time to a kid who is (now) used to going every day (well, that didn't take long at all). As soon as I asked him whether he'd like to go to the park he was racing down the hall nodding yes and pointing (presumably at his shoes which we store on top of the freezer in the living room.)
I took pity on him. We got dressed and clomped out to the park. Buzz didn't want to go the 'usual' way. He insisted on climbing the 40-step staircase next to the building, then walking up the block - to approach the park from the top. Usually we start at the bottom and come full circle from the top - but I guess he wanted to home his stair-climbing. He made it up 20 steps before sitting down on the ground, and holding his arms up at me as if to say 'do me a favor woman, shlep me the rest of the way in your strong and mighty arms...'. What can I say, the combination of his big sad eyes, and crazy hair sticking out from under his adorable hat made me unable to say no.

At the park he led me straight past the benches, the swings, the mid-bench and the jungle gym with the low wall. We went straight down to the climbing structure part of the park. Then he parked us on a low wall and demanded his snack. ('We're here woman, gimme my grub!' - but in less understandable words and with more pointing.) He decided to intersperse snacking with playing - so he'd run around or climb for a bit - then come back for more treats. After a while at the park he decided that he was done. He came over to me, took my hand, and pulled me out of the park. Then he remembered that there's a construction site across the street, so we sat on some big boulders and watched the earthmovers, bulldozers, cranes, and steamrollers work. He was enthralled until he decided that it was time to go home - at which point he took my hand and led me back to our building (smart kid, right?). Then he insisted on walking all the way up. He's like my own little personal trainer. He makes a comfortable living, that's for sure.
Back at home I was all energized - so I washed two sinkfuls of dishes. How I manage to fit SO many dishes onto such small racks is beyond me. I seem to be the only one capable of getting everything to stay. It's a talent. Or at least, I think it is.

While I was working, the kid enjoyed a cup of tea(bags). I guess he's got the right idea, it was quite chilly. Then he proceeded to empty out my pareve stuff cabinet - again. I gave up on organization, casually flung everything back onto the shelves, then slammed the door shut before stuff could fall back out. That should be fun to open tomorrow...
In other news - I finally finished off the last of the latkas from Chanuka. Are they still considered fried food if I baked them in the oven to heat them today? I was just wondering...

Tomorrow cooking for shabbos and possibly some cleaning of sorts. I'm not even sure what to tackle first. Everything is a mess so anything is fair game. Yeah - this should be fun.

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