Monday, December 23, 2013

More Broccoli?

I was woken up at 3:15am by a cold little finger (with a sharp little talon) repeatedly pinching my well-padded love-handle. <sarcastic voice> Is it any wonder I had trouble falling back asleep? </sarcastic voice> I watched the hands on my watch spin around until close to 6 when I finally fell back asleep. Unfortunately I was awoken at 7:15 when Z decided that I had to get up to watch Buzz so that he could shower and get ready to leave. Z was out the door by 8am.

Buzz was in a 'mood' again. I tried to appease his but he was just being a general grumpy-face. Out of desperation I left him running amok in the house and went to shower (good thing the place is pretty much kid-proofed). It was not the most enjoyable showering experience I'd ever experienced but at least I didn't smell anymore.

Once I was dressed Buzz helped me pack up a 'park bag' then we went out to the park - where we ended up spending almost two hours. It was a long long outing. We spent an idyllic half hour lounging at the bottom of the TALL slide where we dozed in the sunshine. Mostly Buzz wanted to run back and forth along the low wall at the far end of the park. The mud was dry so I let him. His friend Naama and her Mommy came to the park when we were trying to decide whether to leave - so we ended up hanging out for a bit longer.

Back at home we shared some lunch and some cookies. I put the second load of laundry for the day into the washer and sponga'd the hallway outside of our apartment because there was sticky stuff everywhere. Then Buzz climbed up onto my lap at the dining room table and promptly fell asleep. All hail the afternoon nap! It was 1:30pm! Score! The kid napped for about an hour and a half. When he woke up he was on the fence - unsure of whether to be whiny grumpy or well-rested cheery.

I got his shoes on, packed up a bag, and made a bottle (intending to sit him in the stroller and let him drink his bottle while we walked to The FamBily House) then we went to catch the elevator to the machsan level. On floor -1 I realized that my keying was still folded in the hood of the stroller (locked in  the machsan) so we went back upstairs to find other keys - downstairs again none of the four keys on the ring opened the door. We trekked back upstairs and I found another keyring, and grabbed the Beco carrier, figuring it might be good to have. At this point Buzz was freaking out - the kid wanted his bottle. We tried the machsan door again but no success. I let Buzz lead me out of the building then had him sit on the steps of the building and drink some of his milk. Thirst quenched for the moment the kid tried to make a run for it. I led him to the 40-step staircase that leads up to Herzog briefly wondering how far he could actually make it on foot.

At the top of the staircase the kid paused - exhausted. I'm sure his little legs were burning with the exertion. He begged for his bottle, I sat him down on the top step and let him swig until he didn't look ready to keel over. At this point I had no interest in going back into the building - I just wanted to go. The kid didn't really have an opinion other than not wanting to do any more physical activity.

And this is the story all about how I ended up wearing the kid, on my back, over to The FamBily House. The worst part was that I was carrying so much additional stuff (diaper bag, shopping bag with misc stuff, jacket since I figured it's be cold whenever we went back home...). Thankfully we made it in our usual 17 minutes, with no problems - my back and shoulders no worse for the wear - which I think is pretty cool considering I was carrying 11+ kg on my back and another (at least 5) in my arms. (This might not seem like a big deal to most of you out there - especially all of you hikers/campers - but it was a boost for my self-confidence that I was able to do this. I'd been wondering whether I could for a while and now I know that I can.) Buzz was thrilled - he rested his head on my back for most of the 'ride' only sitting up and getting quite excited when buses passed loudly by and when he spotted the park at the top of the hill in the distance.

Buzz was excited to be at our destination - it meant he got to finish his bottle - finally. Phil put a movie on for him and he ran around terrorizing Fuzz. Eventually everyone came Home from school and grocery shopping and wherever they'd been scattered to for the day. The Crazy Lazy is making Chinese for dinner and Phil is making that awesome sweet&sour dipping sauce to go along with the batter dipped chicken. I'm excited for this meal. I wonder when Z will get back.

Tomorrow the park at the top of the hill and grocery shopping - I think...

We'll see.

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