Sunday, December 08, 2013

Nomnom Merch

Thursday was busy and productive. I can't believe I got most of Shabbos made by 9pm Thursday night. Buzz was funny - as usual. He took a little trip into a huge cardboard box full of stuffed animals and found a pair of clogs we received as a wedding present. Funnily enough they fit his feet quite nicely and he spent the evening running around with them on his feet.
I was so impressed that I'd managed to get so much food cooked in such a timely manner. I even roasted the chicken for lunch then after carving it up I cooked up a fresh pot of roasted chicken stock to have Friday night. The menu included: roasted garlic, roasted chicken soup, tomato basil chicken in a pot, white rice, green beans, roasted garlic and cherry tomatoes, tossed salad, balsamic lettuce salad, oriental rice salad, Israeli salad, sliced veggies, salsa meat roll, roasted chicken, potato kugel, rice kugel, white rice. Then dessert - mint double-chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cherry almond cookies, and s'mores cookies which I artfully drizzled with chocolate.
Friday morning was pretty dreary. Z got the house cleaned, I managed to not just wash the dishes - but I also scrubbed the kitchen sinks and the countertops. Everything was done about two hours before candle lighting so I got to shower and get dressed nice and early. It was so relaxing but oh so boring.

Our guests arrived and we got them settled in. Eventually it was time to light candles. Buzz and I read stories while Z was in shul. Then we enjoyed a delicious dinner.
The next morning the guys went to shul - Z even took Buzz with him for part of it. They returned with all four of our lunch guests and we enjoyed quite an interesting meal. It was enjoyable but slightly awkward - it also made me feel old. After the meal the guys opted to take shabbos naps but I was all energized so we got our shoes on and walked over to The FamBily House. Buzz was excited to get there but decided after less than an hour that he was finished so we kidnapped Phil and walked back home. We stopped at the park to let Z and Buzz run amok for a while. Then we went inside to find some snacks.

After havdala we had dinner and watched a terrible movie. It was a highly unproductive waste of two hours but we had nothing better to do anyway so at the very least we relaxed for a while. We also used the new fuzzy purple blankets - super comfy by the way.
This morning when I woke up it was waaaaay too early to be awake and it was raining. I spent hours - and I mean hours - sitting in bed and watching all of the tv that I had left to catch up on from last week. When I ran out of episodes it was good timing because Buzz had woken up from his nap and Z wanted to take him out to play somewhere. We opted for the mall - on account of the rain. Buzz had fun - stealing crackers like a homeless kid, running around in circles, and driving in every toy car he could find.
Of course we ended up at The FamBily House. Phil had just made a pot of tomato vegetable soup so I had a delicious late lunch. Z played some more Xbox. Buzz did his usual stuff - stealing kitchen gadgets, seeking vacuums, and playing with everybody's electronic devices.

Tomorrow is Monday but I can't even begin to think about what I've got planned for it.

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