Saturday, December 28, 2013


The simchat bat yesterday morning was delightful. I met a few more ladies from the neighborhood, and it was fun to be out and socializing on a Friday morning. Thankfully most of the cooking was finished Thursday night. Z was amazing and got everything on the 'to do' list that a I gave him finished - and it was no small list. While Z was sweeping floors, Buzz and I went to the park to hang out for a while. It was fun. We got everything ready with some time to spare. It was very impressive. I even finally organized the bookcases in the living room - well, most of them. It was a big job after all.

Avi and Ayala joined us for the meal Friday night. Roasted garlic, chumus, chicken soup with matzah balls, Sara schapiro chicken, white rice, and broccoli (which was waterlogged but perfectly steamed). The meal was a lot of fun. It was a good idea for Ayala to bring Avi to our house early on so he could get used to the craziness that is us. He seemed to enjoy himself. Buzz was super extra cute so that probably helped too.

This morning was nice. Shul ran really late, but since it was due to a long parsha and kiddushim, we managed to make it across town right in time for lunch. What may have been a slightly overwhelming for Ayala's betrothed was just a 'regular' meal at The FamBily House. We were joined by Jeff D. And his buddy Alex - but they're no strangers to meals at my parents' house. The spread was insaaaane! So much food - all so delicious! Amazing, really. Then the desserts came out - pumpkin pie by Avi, apple pie by me, two kinds of cookies by Phil, chocolate mousse by Timmy. Approximately 8 minutes afte the final bite of dessert was ingested most of the people in the house had found somewhere comfy to curl up and slip into a food coma - really though - everybody just slept for a few hours in an attempt to give their bodies time to deal with the feast they'd just consumed. It was like an insane Thanksgiving.

Phil and I schmoozed on the swing on the roof for a bit. Back downstairs everyone was still asleep. Eventually it was mincha time so the guys woke up and headed out to pray. The Crazy Lady took the opportunity to bang a coconut open with a meat cleaver - yeah, cause that seemed like a good idea. Eventually she succeeded in her goal but not before making so much noise that Jeff got woken up to run for cover (from the couch), and Timmy came up from the basement...

These short winter shabbatot pass so quickly. One minute we were discussing wedding logistics and the next the guys were looking for a maariv minyan. Then havdalah. Then it was time to prep melava malka - so Phil took out the 24-hour cold rise pizza dough that she'd made on Friday and I shaped it into 4 adorable silky smooth balls.p

A quick trip home to pick up Ayala's stuff and pjs for the kid, then we were back at The FamBily House. Phil and I turned out 4 pies of pizza and the crowds were overjoyed.

We hung out until; A&A headed out towards home, the boys decided to head to Jeru, and Buzz cried while dragging us to the front door and nodded 'yes' vehemently when asked whether he'd like to go home to go to sleep.

Surprisingly enough at home he went straight to bed. Impressive. Then again, he had a busy day. Playing at the park dressed like a supermodel, walking halfway to The FamBily House, chasing Fuzz and the kitties around, being cute for everybody.

All in a day's work.

Shavua tov!

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