Monday, December 30, 2013

Virginia Apple

Let's see - what happened since this morning? Well...
We went over to The FamBily House to spend time with Jeff. It was a fun afternoon, very tasty dinner (amazing stew and also chicken pot pie), Buzz has a blast.
All in all a highly entertaining and wonderful way to spend a long afternoon and evenings even Shpunky had fun.
We killed some zombies, then we killed some humans, then we scaled some walls and assassinated people. Yay XBox! Also do you see the adorableness of the human cub and the woof?! Look at that sweetness!! The kid was bouncing around with excitement and every time he accidentally knocked into the dog's nose the dog would just: open his eyes, pick up his head, roll his eyes dramatically as if to say 'silly pup', then lie back down again and try to sleep until the kid inevitably bumped into him again. Love love love!!!
Eventually Z came back from school and picked us up. It wasn't even as late as we'd expected. We said our goodbyes and goodnights. Back at home Buzz was straight to sleep. Now I'm off too. Tomorrow will be a busy one. More later...

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