Monday, December 30, 2013

WuMO kaZuMO.

I totally meant to post yesterday but spaced out sometime between getting home and falling asleep.

I had a delightfully lazy morning yesterday. Z drove into Jeru to meet with the architect, and he took Buzz with him! I opted to use my 'free time' as 'relaxation time' and spent the entire morning int he comfort of my own bed - no cleaning, no cooking, no nothing. All I did was have a quick breakfast then relax.

You may have noticed that I updated/changed the template of the blog. I'd received a number of requests with regard to the 'white on black' template being hard to read. So, after nine years I switched the color scheme. I keep opening the page and thinking that I'm in the wrong place - it's pretty disconcerting. I miss my old colors but hopefully this will be easier for people to read.

By the time the guys got home it was mid afternoon. They had some lunch then we went out to the mall to meet up with Deb&co at the mall for a little bit. It was nice to see her, even if it was a short visit. Our next stop was the grocery store, then the post office to pick up a package. We came home and out away the groceries then we wondered what to have for dinner. A unanimous decision was made to go across town to The FamBily House - since they had so many leftovers from shabbos. Phil is almost finished with Assassin's Creed 2, and now we know 'The Truth' too - even though it was a bit anticlimactic to say the least.

This morning Z washed dishes, and I sprayed vinegar on all of the mold in the apartment. Yet another occurrence to make me dislike this place and renting. Black mold on my walls - and the building under warranty of the original builder - means that hiring someone to deal with the situation before it takes over will be out of pocket, but waiting for the landlord to deal with the situation could take who knows how long. Also the problems seem to be piping related rather than rain-damage so we need to wait for our landlord to deal with the upstairs landlords. We will probably have moved out before this situation has been resolved. How utterly delightful. *shudders*

Did I mention that Buzz was wandering around dressed in rainboots (over his fleece pajamas) and an apron? He is one weird kid. At least he's funny.

Z has class tonight which mean Buzz and I get to ummm, hang out. It's also Jeff's last night in The Holy Land and he'll be at The FamBily House so I think that Buzz and I will walk over there for dinner. The only question is really how we'll get back home in time for bed without the car.

Alright - I'm off to find other things to do. I need to work out a menu for Shabbat since we'll be having two girls over. I should also reorganize the freezers but it's just so cold in there.

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