Tuesday, January 28, 2014

'M Komo'

Yesterday was a moderately crazy day. Z left for school at 7am - waking up Buzz in the process. Thankfully the kid let me 'doze' on the couch until 8 (he 'checked in' every 5-8 mins on average by banging on the pillow next to my head - just so I wouldn't think he was getting into any trouble of sorts...)
We went to the park at the top of the hill - which was fun. Then we came home and checked the mail which was where the breakdown started. I received a letter from the Licensing Bureau informing me that as a result of not paying 'THE fee' that my license would not be renewed. In addition it pointed out to me that my driver's license had expired on my birthday back at the end of June. Now I'd never received any sort of renewal paper or letter from them. It's not even feasible that a letter got lost because of the move, since we moved a full month after the expiration so theoretically a letter should have been received in May or at least at the beginning of June. Thankfully I was able to log onto their site with just my license number, ID number, and year of birth - and they told me that I could pay the renewal fee. Which I did as quickly as possible. So now I'm seriously hoping that something will arrive in the mail in the next week or two and cancel the need for me to sit on the phone for hours getting angrier and angrier at the useless desk-monkeys who work (from 9-11 with three coffee breaks - only 3 days a week...) Also - a delightful proviso in the letter I received yesterday states that a new license will NOT be issued if more than 1 year since the date of expiry has passed. Wasn't it nice of them to let me know SEVEN months later that I hadn't taken care of this in a timely manner?! Oh yeah - incidentally this means I'd been driving around on an expired license for the last 7 months - obviously I won't be driving anywhere until this situation gets sorted out - but HELLO!?! Seriously?! How stupid, slow, and disorganized can a system be?

So yeah - everybody - check the expiration dates of your driver's licenses - because The Holy Land is not so good with the being organized unless it means they lose out on money. (In this case they weren't losing out on anything because if a year passes before I sort the situation out - then I'm stuck shelling out close to 5000NIS for my 28 lessons and tests. Yeah - crappy crappy system. Not to mention I even wasted HOURS of my life doing the STUPID driving refresher course back in 2011 - a fact I will never forget because all 12 hours of it were suffered through as I tried to hold back vomit in my first trimester of pregnancy.)
Today was, umm, fun? Buzz threw a crazy tantrum this morning because Z was trying to work on his project. Eventually I got him to take a nap and he woke up 2 hours later only marginally cheerier. (I'm blaming the incoming molars...) He did show quite a bit of enthusiasm when I offered to take him out for a walk. We walked up to SuperH to pick up some groceries - that was an adventure. Then Z picked us up and we went to TWO parks.
When Buzz decided that he was finished playing at the park we asked if he was ready to go home. He shook his head 'no' very dramatically and pointed downhill towards The FamBily House. We asked him whether he wanted to go to Savta&Sababi's house and he immediately broke into a huge goofy smile and nodded his head 'yes'. Then he tried to take off on foot towards his destination - he fought us as we buckled him into his car seat - then howled until we made the appropriate turn onto the horseshoe - at which point (apparantly satisfied that we weren't tricking him into going home) he started babbling then giggling then stuffing his face with bamba while he belly-laughed and pointed towards the house.
Dinner was yummy. Yo'Abba showed off his fancy new luggage scale and told us about a joint the size of a cuban guitar. Phil was entertained and we quoted some catbug while Buzz wandered around demanding soup-crunchies. All in all - quite a typical dinner at The FamBily House.
We left when Buzz got fussy - assuming that it was bedtime. That was at 7:45 - but here we are - it's 9:20 and he's still wide awake and freaking out in his bedroom.

Maybe the sound of my noisy old keyboard clacking is keeping him awake...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Balls from Heaven...

Friday started off on a sweet note and quickly turned - not quite sour - but tangy... I had planned an extremely simple menu and hadn't planned on cooking. We were going to make the old freezer burnt challah roll, mini pita, and hotdog bun work for Hamotzi. I had even found a 'kirayim' (I think Americanos call it a 'quarter'? a single chicken leg and thigh combo type thing) in the freezer - so that was all I took out to defrost for Friday night - exactly the right amount for Z and Buzz without any leftovers.

Z was trying to work and Buzz was being suuuuuper whiny. I was trying to straighten up the house but it just wasn't happening. Then at a little after 1pm I got a phone call from a friend who didn't exactly have plans for shabbos - could she and a friend come for the weekend? I am honestly horrible at saying 'no' - it's so bad - but at the same time I had the ingredients to cook enough food and theoretically I had the time to do it in - which always leaves me feeling horrible saying 'no' especially when we're talking about single people who have no kitchen to speak of and no other options and so would end up spending Shabbos eating peanut butter sandwiches... So I assured her that I would manage and pulled out another three kirayim while reworking my lunch menu into a simple but delicious dairy feast.

I'm not sure how I managed to get all of the food made. I didn't get everything done that I'd wanted - we went into Shabbat with two sinkfuls of dirty dishes, a filthy stovetop, a load of laundry on the floor by the machine (linens from the guest bed and all of the dish-towels), the candlesticks are so tarnished they look gold, only one clean tablecloth for the weekend (and no plastics)...

Still Shabbos ended up being very nice. Friday night was fun, we finished dinner at 6:45 and by 7 we were at the park letting Buzz expend all of his extra energies. He 'zen'ned out on the swing for a good 10 minutes - which was pretty funny.

The next morning I made some salads and lunch was delicious. Afterwards Buzz was too riled up to nap so the girls ended up walking to The FamBily House - hoping that he'd fall asleep in the stroller. He was almost he was almost asleep when we got to their street but we bumped into Phil, heading out to visit us,and he perked right up. So we walked around the block for a while and when he was finally fast asleep we went inside. We hung out for a few hours, then decided to walk back home. Phil and Frank decided to join us. They claimed it was for the benefits of exercise, but I reckon it was for the mint double chocolate chip soft cookies and the pecan pie we had at our place... I didn't mind though - since Frank pushed the stroller most of the way home.

After havdalah Frank and Phil walked back home. I spent a few hours trying to get my graphics programs installed on the resurrected desktop - only to find that I'm missing the last four digits on the serial number!!! I am so frustrated! I have a job to do TODAY - as in, sitting WITH the client - and I have no programs to work on. It's REALLY bad news.

No other plans for the week - maybe I'll get some of the house cleaned up. Z needs to be up to his eyeballs in presentation preparation today - since it starts tomorrow - then drags on until Wednesday. Not to mention that he actually has a final exam tomorrow - which (I assume) he hasn't even begin studying for. Then his (English) birthday is on Thursday - no dinner and romantic evening for us - he spent all our money on a stupid beautiful laptop. I almost feel cheated on.

Ha, 'happy' 28th - May the next year be less crappy and more successful than this year. That's a birthday blessing I can stand by.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dough Ray Me!

Life has been kind of crazy the last couple of days. Yesterday I spent about an hour at the doctors office trying to get referrals for some tests that I've got to do. It's scary that the medical system here is the envy of countries around the world - when they don't even really know what's going on.
Back at home I tried to keep Buzz entertained so that Z could work on his project. A number of things make it an extremely difficult task including; the fact that Buzz prefers Abba over Ima, the fact that if Z sits at the dining room table OBVIOUSLY the kid will want to play with him or at least include him in whatever activity we are doing, also that it is freaking EXHAUSTING to keep an active toddler completely engaged in things for 12-14 hours at a time. I took him out to the park for over an hour and a half, but by the time we got home (to a building with NO working lights in the halls and a delivery of potted plants and dirt being delivered in the pitch black of the basement - let's just say I was ready to bang my head against a wall - repeatedly.
We opted to join everybody at The FamBily House for dinner. Our contribution was french fries. We decided to go to Shufersal to pick them up along with a few other things that we needed for shabbos. Slightly demented idea - going to the grocery store at 6L45pm on a Wednesday night. I swear, people were shopping like a combination of Armageddon and some other enormous thing were coming. We made it out with almost everything we'd needed.
This morning came too soon. I am just always tired and I can't drink any caffeine so I have no energy to move. It is horrible. And thanks for the recommendations but I already don't eat wheat so cutting that out of my diet isn't possible - and as much as I'd love to cut out sugar - I can't eat 95% of the replacement options available so that's just not plausible.

Weird moment of the day: A knock on the front door and a guy with toolbox in hand waiting expectantly to be told what the 'problem' in the apartment was. We showed him the mold everywhere and he apologized before explaining that he was an electrician and as such cold not help us with the mold situation.
We played with playdoh, went to the park for over an hour (Z even joined us), ran around like crazy people, photo-boothed ourselves, sang like rock-stars, did some laundry, and ate A LOT of junk. It was a busy day.

Thankfully Z (finally) decided to take charge of the 'dishes' situation (considering it it Thursday and nothing in the house has been washed since last Friday...) He managed to get almost everything done before Buzz had his bedtime meltdown. Luckily I'd already gotten him into pjs so it was just a matter of shlepping him to his room and getting him to fall asleep.
I have a menu made for Shabbos but am missing crucial ingredients for a number of the dishes. I refuse to go out to the store tomorrow - so I guess I'll have to revise things. Maybe I should take the chicken out of the freezer? Yeah, that would probably be a good idea.

I still have to figure out the bread situation - I'm not sure whether I have patience to bake challah this weekend - but we're down to our last challah roll, a mini pita, and a store-bought hotdog bun... I'm undecided on what to 'let slide'. It's bad enough that the floor probably won't get washed this week...
Now for some pressure: Z had BETTER pass this presentation or I am going to do something that is so horrible that I can't even write it here. I'm actually so tired that I can't think of what it is at the moment - but trust me - it's horrifying.

Also the contents of my clothes closet are exploding all over the tiny closet-room. I should deal with that - but I just don't have the energy.

How the heck do people do everything that they need to do? I really just don't understand it.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jacket Sleeper

At 10pm we got an urgent request for someone to crash for the night. She was in a bind and the guest room was already made up. So we said it was fine. She arrived at midnight and slept until close to 11 the next morning. I didn't really mind.

Z left for the airport at 6am. He was on a mission to locate and retrieve his new laptop - it was a near miss - but after a crazy airport chase and sprint he returned home successful.
Unfortunately after wasting a day getting signatures and a drive to the engineer (again) he was less successful at HAGA. No stamp of approval because the door of the mamad is in the 'wrong' place and the actual room is 'too big'. So now Z needs to fix and redraft things, the engineer has to do more work, then we try again on Feb. 3rd.

We went to the park at the top of the hill for a bit. Then we crashed at The FamBily House for dinner and to visit with The Crazy Lady's guests from Chu"l. Dinner was great, we ate then rushed home to get Buzz to bed.
This morning we went out on the early side to go to the mall to find Buzz some new shoes. The kid is (ka"h ?) wearing a size 24 shoe. We were successful at the sale at Gali and Buzz enjoyed.

The Crazy Lady's US guests are old friends and they haven't been in The Holy Land for quite a few years. They brought Buzz an adorable Buzz-Lightyear shirt - it came complete with a mask and a cape that velcros on and off. The kiddo wanted to snuggle with it in bed last night but instead we let him wear it today. It is adorable!! Everybody who saw him smiled bigger than usual, he even had the woman at the shoestore giggling as he ran up and down the main aisle of the store with his cape billowing behind him.
We ended up at The FamBily House again this afternoon and stuck around for dinner. Back at home Buzz didn't fall asleep until close to 10. Hopefully he'll sleep late tomorrow morning - in his own bed would be great...

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Genetic Mutations Abound!

Contrary to my anticipated outcome - Friday wasn't too bad. I got all of Shabbos cooked in record time. The house got cleaned, the ceiling even got cleaned out of the guest toilet. Would you believe me if I told you that I got to take a delightful half hour nap before a long relaxing shower TWO whole hours before candle-lighting time?! Well, I did. Buzz and I even ventured up to the Rama to see Shosh and co. Buzzy got presents and it was nice to see everybody even if it was a super quick visit.

Shabbos was great. Abe joined us, which was fun. Friday night Buzz was all energized so after the meal we went out to the park for about an hour. The next morning lunch was quick and delicious then we all rested. When Buzz woke up we walked over to The a FamBily House via the park at the top of the hill. I really enjoy not taking the stroller, it makes the trip so much less bulky.

Last night Buzz didn't sleep much at all. He was up every twenty minutes or so coughing or crying. Z moved him into our bed because it was easier than going to his room to check on him or soothe him so often. That meant that I didn't sleep - at all. It was highly unpleasant.

Z took Buzz out this morning on his adventure to collect signatures on the house plans. Turns out that he hadn't printed enough copies of the plans which was ok because there was a critical om mission which nullified the one copy he had printed. So basically his trip to Givon was a waste because he couldn't get the signatures he needed. Then they went into Jeru where they got the plans printed and signed by the architect. Of course to add insult to injury he got a parking ticket too. Doesn't everybody know that if it's a SUPER busy street in the city and there's a perfect spot open exactly where you need it that you should definitely not park there because there's a reason that nobody else is parked there?! Am I the only one who follows this contorted thought pattern? Well, yeah - 250nis later - I have proven once again that paranoia saves lives - well, money at the very least.

They returned to The Sun House exhausted. Buzz napped on the drive home, it was a late nap and Z wanted him to wake up when they got back into town. So Z decided to drive straight to the park. He called me to let me know their plan so I quickly stretched, got dressed, and walked over to the park at the top of the hill.

Buzz played for a while before dragging us off to The FamBily House. (Yes, he takes us there when he's done at the park. Straight down the side of the crazy hill. The kid is crazy.)

The Parentals had taken Dibble to see the orthopedist. Something about a ping pong ball and a fall and an arm... Well, turns out that his kvetching had been for real - the kid has a suspected fracture of the elbow - it's too swollen to be able to tell properly so it's immobilized for the moment and they'll reassess once the swelling goes down.

We hung out until after makeshift dinner then headed home to get Buzz to bed at a reasonable time.

Oh yeah and a letter came from the army today. Z has been called up for a week of reserves at the end of February. Because you know - that's the kind of day I was having.

Not a great day but at least it didn't end terribly.

How's that for optimism?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Sleep-talking in Buzzish

4:12am: I have just completed preparing the onion oil.

Last night I was so tired that I fell asleep at approximately 8:20pm. I slept soundly until 2:08am when I got smacked in the face. I assumed it was a stuffed animal and out of habit I just grabbed it and moved it. But it came back. Turns out it was the kid's arm.

I hate it when Buzz is feeling under the weather - anything from teething to full-blown sick - partly because he's miserable which means he makes us miserable and mostly because it means that he ends up *sleeping in our bed. (*This roughly translates to 'parents can't sleep while child snores like an airhorn and rolls around kicking/smacking them and generally flailing about like a fish on dry land - while waking up every hour or so to cry inconsolably for a bit.)
Yesterday (Thursday) was super busy. Z caught a ride to Ariel with a friend at 7am. He doesn't have class until the next semester starts but he gets more work done out of the house so he figured he might as well go work there. He also (finally) printed the house plans so that we can - yeah - not even going to bother finishing that thought..l

Z getting ready to leave woke Buzz (who probably would have 'slept' until 8ish if Z hadn't gotten up). Z left and Buzz went full-blown 'I'm a small child who thinks it's party time even though my mom looks like a zombie!' mode. 

It took ages to get us both dressed and to find breakfast. I didn't even get a workout in. Ayala arrived at 10ish then we went out to run some errands. First stop was the computer fixers where I picked up an old fashioned keyboard. Then we went grocery shopping. Thankfully Buzz was excited to be out and adores Ayala. He behaved SO well at the store only getting antsy towards the end because he was desperate for us to open his 'treat'.) We pick it out towards the end of the shopping but I don't open the bag until after it's swiped through to be paid for.)

Buzz conked out on the way home, but it was a short nap. As soon as he was transferred to bed he remembered that Ayala was visiting and popped out of bed to play with her. We ate a quick lunch after unpacking the groceries then we headed out again.
We picked up The Crazy Lady then drove out to Chashmonaim. Our mission was to find a wedding gown for Ayala. Buzz sat quietly for over an hour and a half - completely dazzled by the pretty dresses. Ayala found one that she rather liked and it didn't even take so long. All in all quite a success.

Back at home I quickly prepped an early dinner - since Avi was coming to pick Ayala up within the hour. When he arrived everybody enjoyed some light and tasty pasta primavera. There was much vegetable swapping and gift-giving. It was great! They dined&dashed - a maneuver that we are intimately acquainted with - so that they could go check out a few apartments before heading out of town.

Buzz didn't really get a good nap so he wanted to go to sleep on the early side. Z took him to his room as I straightened up the kitchen and table. Then I sat down in bed to relax for a few minutes which resulted in me falling asleep instead of doing important things like prepping the chicken, or putting up soup, or doing any cooking to speak of for shabbos. Usually that wouldn't be a problem but our freezer stash is completely empty and it's time to restock. So today (Friday) will be a mad scramble. I think I might have enough challah in the freezer but that's about it.

Which is why when Buzz smacked me awake at a little after 2am and I was unable to fall back asleep (because he displaced me by slowly encroaching upon my territory and ultimately won my pillow and space) I took the initiative, and went to the kitchen to cook. Well, I probably would have done more if the shabbos timer in the house weren't on full time (it automatically shuts the lights from 1am-7am) so I was working by the light of the nightlight that I stole from the guest bathroom.

What a surreal experience - peeling and cutting onions in the dark like a crazy person.

I kept bracing myself for Z's poke on the shoulder and confused question, "are you awake?"

Thankfully it didn't come and I slipped back into bed 10 minutes later with nobody the wiser. (Until the smell of onion oil fills the house in a couple of hours...)

It was such a strange experience that I figured I should tell you about it before I forget, or brush it off as some strange dream.

In other news - Buzz is slowly working his way back towards me. Maybe tonight I'll sleep on the couch...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


On Monday it did not in fact rain. The sky was overcast all day and my joints ached, but no precipitation to speak of. George wanted to go to the park. I opted to find more 'indoor' activities.
Buzz stole a lot of cookies then claimed that the sugar-boost was desperately required. He let me put his hair up in a ponytail which made me laugh every time I looked at him. Basically he got away with a lot of stuff on Monday.
Coloring and stickers are always good bets for entertaining the kid. Except of course when the paper gets lost, the crayons get dumped into the mailbox, and the sticker sheet explodes onto your pajamas. That pretty much how it went down. Yeah, let's just say that's what happened...
Here's a picture of that magical can of WD40 that we found - now the house is so much quieter because the doorknobs and hinges don't squeak anymore.
We did take an outing to the computer fixer peoples' lab. We dropped off the laptop and our old desktop for some diagnostics to be run. Turns out that the laptop is totally kaput, the desktop can be revived, possibly. We went to The FamBily House for dinner Monday night. It was great as usual.
Today was Tuesday - I find that when Z doesn't have class regularly it throws off my time perception and I can't keep my days straight. Today I rode my bike for 15 hard minutes and did two stretching sessions. Buzz has a miserable cold and looks like his insides are suspended in goo. Z took Buzz out to the park but it was a relatively short outing - he didn't even want to eat his bamba out there. Potato pizza is weird but Z enjoyed the meatballs that he found in the freezer.

Next week is going to be a week from hell, but I don't have patience to think about it in any great detail at the moment. Just hoping I'll actually get some sleep tonight. Maybe tomorrow after an ab-targeted session - I'll actually reorganize my clothing closet - since it is a disaster area. Haha, then again, maybe not.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Goats Kids and Milk

Thursday was Z's last day of the semester. The next two weeks will be a mad scramble to prepare this semester's final project for studio. He left for class at 7am, leaving me with a very awake and very hyper toddler. I fed the toddler and washed so many dishes that my fingers and knuckles split open and my nail-polish all chipped.

Z called me in a panic from school at a little after 9am. "The computer won't turn on. At all." He said matter-of-factly. I'm pretty sure that I freaked out more than him. Besides for the fact that all of his schoolwork from the semester had now become inaccessible, and the fact that our house plans are now trapped on the hard-drive of an unresponsive laptop with only a day-old version as a backup in an email sent to a colleague, and that we're only two weeks away from final studio presentation, and that I promised a friend that I would lay out her wedding invitation some time this week...we now also have no way to watch tv or print stuff.

Thursday evening when Z came Home we were getting ready to head out to The FamBily House for dinner when our doorbell rang. It was the contractors' guys - here to check on the mold situation. They walked in an were appaled by the state of affairs as far as the walls went. Two complete walls of the kitchen sopping and dotted with mold, as well as both of the guest bathrooms. It is pretty gross to say the least. They poked around for a bit, made some holes, and told us to keep an eye out for dripping. Then said that they'd be back on Sunday or Monday. Thankfully they were able to replace the hoses on two (of three) toilets so that at least they aren't dripping all over the floors anymore.

Friday was pretty quiet. I pulled all of the food for our meal out of the freezer - meatballs, chicken soup, chicken pot pie, and some leftover rice from the fridge. Not much, but it worked. We did a super-deep-clean of the bathrooms. Then Z swept and washed the floor. We also went on mission to locate our Windows7 installation disc with the product key so that we could buy a replacement computer slightly more cheaply (by not paying for another Windows lisence). We struck gold as we unearthed; the installation disc, my hot water bottle, a roll of electrical-tape, a working flashlight, and some other random stuff.

Shabbos morning we walked over to The FamBily House. The Freddies were there so it was a big ol' party. As we walked in the door The Munchkin came running to the door shouting 'BubbyBubbyBubby'! (Which is how she says Buzzy. Although if you imitate her and point to Buzz and ask her whether he is 'Bubby' she shakes her head in a definitive 'no' fashion all confusedly and insists, 'Bubby'. Because after all Bubby is Bubby, and Bubby is Buzzy. Makes sense. In family photos she can clearly point to Bubby vs. Buzzy - so she's all good.)

This morning Z sprayed all of the mold (again) because the apartment smelled like a watery sewer. It was cold and looked like it was going to rain so I tried to find indoor activities to amuse The Buzz. I inflated our little kiddie-pool, lined it with a winter quilt, then tossed in a bunch of couch pillows. Buzz happily spent a number of hours reading and playing in it. All in all - a very good activity.

Buzz and I spent an hour at the park. We watched the trucks at the construction site, 'worked out' on the bar construct, and hiked up to the swings. I ran Buzz ragged and he dragged me home as the sky darkened. Dinner was from the freezer - carrot soup for Z and a bowl of noodles and peas for Buzzy. Then we read books and played for a long long while.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow and I don't even have anything planned for it. A new laptop costs approximately an entire month's rent which is the cheapest I can pay for a computer that will run the graphics and drafting programs and not break for at least two years. (Hopefully.) Maybe tomorrow I will take back the recycling that I've been collecting for the last 5.5 months - that should get us at least a dozen shekels back, well, maybe 10... The house plans are also falling behind now because things will never be 'right' enough to submit the stupid form for the permit and everything always falls out at exactly the wrong time. I've also got a roster of 5 people that I am quite close to who are all quite sick with various illnesses - most of them are cancer. But those aren't the happy things - so nobody wants to read about them.

Tomorrow will be sunshine and rainbows - unless of course it rains.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014


I was woken early by a crying child. I think the most annoying part is that it was mine. I pretended not to hear it and stayed in bed until a little before 11. I entertained myself with some tv and some pointless internet browsing. When I got up there was nothing going on anyway and I felt silly, I should have just stayed in bed.
I ended up sitting on the couch snuggling with the kid. I scrolled mindlessly through Pintrest and eventually I realized that Buzz had conked out - right in time for his daily nap. Z moved him to his bed and I used the opportunity to shower and get dressed in a leisurely manner.
I decided to eat a healthful lunch so I sauteed some veggies and served them over rice with some chickpeas. Not the most delicious thing I've ever eaten but it was pretty tasty. We had just finished eating when Z decided that we ought to at least straighten up the house a bit. Buzz heard the 'C-word' (clean), ran to find his shoes, then insisted quite persuasively that we really ought to get some fresh air because the sun was shining.
I agreed to head out to the park on the condition that we would walk so I'd at least feel like I was making an effort at this whole 'getting fit' thing. Once we reached the driveway the wind was chilly and the park seemed so far away. Somehow we ended up driving. (I reckon it was simply because Z didn't ~really~ want to wear the kid over to the park at the top of the hill.)
After a fun hour of craziness at the park and a snack of bamba, Buzz set off on foot towards the main road. We followed him and attempted to coax him back towards the playground, or the car parked at the top of the hill in the lot. He was not interested. He insisted that it was time to walk. I ran back up the hill to get the car while Z and Buzz walked to the closest destination that Z could think of - The FamBily House - of course.
Luckily for us The Crazy Lady had expected us to drop-on-by so she'd bought extra chicken for dinner. Delicious chicken with broccoli was enjoyed by all. We also assassinated, snap-chatted, whipped cream, and photo-boothed. We did not however pea-burgers or pea-soup - mostly because being able to roast-beef is more of a practical skill.

Eventually it was Buzz's bedtime so we headed home. As we stepped into the apartment I smelled something fragrant. I tried to find the source of the smell and followed it into the kitchen - where I found what had been a brand new bottle of fabric with the cover softener smashed open on the laundry room floor. Luckily I'd had some towels and tablecloths sitting on the floor near the machine so they soaked up a lot of it but it had still managed to ooze all over the floor of the laundry room and out into the kitchen.
I've gotten a head start on the laundry. I guess tomorrow I get to do the rest of the cleaning.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014


I woke up after a long decent night of sleep. I am not even joking - my body crashed so hard after all the exercise I got yesterday and I slept for close to 9 hours. There were even two wake-ups in there but I was so zonked I barely remembered them. The downside to sleeping so long on account of such extreme fatigue was that I woke up more tired and achy than I'd gone to bed in the first place.
I woke up to the sound of Buzz clomping around and dragging his chair around the house to turn on every single light that he could find. (Evidently he agrees that the lack of natural sunlight is a terrible thing - especially considering the amount of it that we got in Ariel.)

I dragged myself out of bed and got dressed. Then I baked a batch of breakfast cookies (FF coffee crinkles) they turned out alright but I definitely like chocolate cookies more.

Z finally agreed to move the kitchen cabinet away from the wall to get a closer look at the mold situation. It is not pretty. We sprayed and wiped it down but since it's coming from faulty piping inside the wall we are limited in how much of a difference we can actually make. Also note that we'll need to replace the backing of our expensive IKEA pantry now that the board is destroyed.
After the gross cleaning experience I needed some fresh air so I walked over to the post office. It was a too short 8 minute walk there in the beautiful sunshine. My eagerly awaited Victoria's Secret order had arrived and the best part was that I didn't even get charged any additional meches or release fees! It was great! I practically ran home so that I could open it and check out all my pretty new goodies.
Eventually I made myself some 'real' food - yay potatoes and eggs! Sarah Leah came out of hiding, Buzz played with Z's fancy new gloves (from Next), and I pretended that Tuesdays are the perfect 'do-nothing' day of the week. Buzz took his nap on time and when he woke up we drove over to the mall - Sarah Leah wanted to catch a train home to Haifa and we wanted to tire out The Buzz.

We did laps of the mall stopping at each of the coin-operated-rides multiple times. Thankfully Buzz is happy to sit in the rides and not put any shekels in to make them 'go' - I'm totally fine with that. We stopped at the toy-store to price-check something, and ended up getting a late Chanuka present for the kiddo (Thanks GGJ!) we got him a playmobil recycling truck which came with a 'bucket of bottles', a 'bag of plastics', and a tiny man in an orange jumpsuit. (The jumpsuit confused me for a second - but I decided to let it slide.) Buzz took the tiny driver and decided that the optimal place for him to sit was in the back of the truck. In the picture below he's holding the door closed so the tiny man can't get out. I think we may need to have a talk with that funny little kid...
We ate an early dinner of 'recycled' chicken soup. I turned the leftovers from shabbos into Oriental Style soup with the help of some soy sauce, sesame oil, and a thinly sliced chicken breast. It was delicious - even Buzz enjoyed.

Our early dinner time caused some confusion for the kiddo who was telling us that it was bedtime half an hour earlier than usual. We didn't complain - just put him to sleep and reveled in the extra quiet time. Yay!
Tomorrow - cleaning,  organizing, park, and maybe even a bike ride... 

Monday, January 06, 2014

No Highway Cowboy

Yesterday morning started off slowly. I picked Sarah Leah up in RBS and brought her back to our house. I managed to convince her to stay over at our house rather than traveling back to Haifa for about twelve hours (since she had to be in Jeru early this morning.)

We hung out for a few hours then took Buzz out to the park for an hour and a half. Back at home we sat around and waited until it was late enough to visit The FamBily House for dinner. We drove over and helped The FamBily eat the rest of the Shabbos leftovers.

Frank came back from S&S's house with a present for me - a pretty new Pyrex measuring cup!! I can't wait to test-drive it and will have to bake cookies super soon!

We headed home when Buzz got grumpy and ready for bed. Then we (read: I) played Fruit Ninja and Tiny Wings until I fell asleep.

This morning we were up early. I made a batch of dairy-free barley flour waffles for breakfast - they were delicious. I did some laundry and straightened things up around the house. Buzz took a nice long nap so I took my time getting dressed.

Z was nice enough to bathe Buzz when he woke up from his nap (to save me the trouble of doing it while he was out.). Then Z packed up his bag and called the guy he usually gives a ride to on Mondays - but the guy wasn't going to school today. As a result Z decided not to bother driving out to Ariel since it's the end of the semester and he won't need to speak to his teachers until Thursday anyway. I gave him permission to stay home on the condition that he do schoolwork. He countered by saying that he was unable to do work while Buzz and I were home. I resolved the issue by offering to take Buzz out. Z had a bag packed in no time and stood around waiting for us to leave - however it was only 2:15pm and we generally don't go out until 3:15 at the earliest.

I compromised and at about 3 I strapped Buzz into the carrier on my back. We set off toward The Park at the Top of The Hill. Phil and Dibble met us there. Buzz had a blast running around with his aunt and uncle - I was glad for the break. They had brought me a petek from the post office alerting me to the fact that there was a package waiting for me. I convinced them to accompany me back up the hill to the post office. They obliged so we set off. BUzz walked partway up the hill before getting too tired to go on - I stuck him back in the carrier where he happily snuggled into my back and pointed excitedly at every passing vehicle.

Dibble showed us a little elevator that took us to the parking lot level of the complex. (Neither Phil nor I had any idea that the elevator existed.) There was no line at the post office so we didn't have to wait for long. Then we popped into SuperH to pick up some meat for dinner. (We figured that since The a Crazy Lady and The Mad Man had spent the afternoon in Jeru that we would take a load off their minds and make dinner for everybody.) Then with our packages and parcels in hand we marched back down the mountain.

Fuzz was extremely excited to see us. Phil took him out for a long walk while Buzz and Dibble played on the Xbox. Eventually The Parentals returned and we made dinner. Meat tacos, and also some Mexican spiced chicken breast - delicious!

Phil sent Frank a 'snapchat' alerting him to the fact that food was ready in photo form. Frank was so excited about dinner being ready that he came flying up the stairs pulling on some clothes then only while zipping up his hoodie did he realize that in his haste he had put his pants on backwards.

Dinner progressed relatively uneventfully. (Gosh it's hard to type that without bursting into semi-hysterical laughter.) we learned that one serving CAN be better than two - especially if you like tomatoes, Tabasco sauce is a perfectly legitimate secret ingredient for zing, and that 1 kg of chopped meat is the perfect amount to feed 7+a Buzz - with just enough for one serving to be left over to fight for the next day assuming that school ends early.

After the meal Buzz's terrible-two-tendencies started to shine through. He behaved in an exceptionally 'naughty' manner - chasing cats, terrorizing the dog, pretending to plug himself into the wall, whining at everyone and everything (including the tables, chairs, and his friend the refrigerator.)

That brings us to now. Buzz is whining for more mini marshmellows.

I'm going to give them to him - because he ate two full dinners and that deserves some dessert.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Blender Love

Friday was strangely relaxing. I was up and hard at work super early because I had slept on the couch following an unfortunate incident involving a semi-open water bottle and my bedding. By noon everything was either cooked or fully prepped to be popped into the oven. Z worked his way through his 'to do' list in an efficient sort of manner. The only thing that was a complete failure was our sad attempts to get the toilets (yes, all three of them) to stop leaking. We went so far as to buy new gaskets - but they were no help whatsoever.

Our guests arrived a little over 2 hours before candle lighting. We were all done and I'd even cleaned the kitchen and washed all of the dishes. I was impressed with myself. Very impressed.

Shabbos got off to a nice relaxing start. Dinner was tasty, Buzz went to sleep with no meltdowns, the timer worked so the heat cycled properly, and we read a whole bunch. This morning was more of the same. Buzz was excited that our guests had slept over and were still in the house. Lunch was early but quite tasty. We spent the early afternoon reading and relaxing on the couches. Eventually Phil showed up and Buzz decided that it was time to go to the park. We bundled up and headed out. The park was nearly deserted which gave Buzz a chance to get out some energy - he chased Phil around in circles and demanded that she help him swing from monkey-bar thingies. Phil indulged him which gave me a few minutes to catch up with a neighbor that I hadn't seen in a while.

Back at home Buzz was tired and noshy. I found some snacks for myself and he happily ate most of them. (Thankfully it was kugel and salad so not the worst choice for a late afternoon snack.) Then he ran around all re-energized. 

Pretty soon it was time for havdalah. Phil walked herself Home and one of our guests left to catch a bus. The second guest is staying over tonight and catching a ride to school with a teacher in the morning. Leftovers for melava malka were pretty tasty. I am zonked from the weekend which is kind of weird since it was very relaxing.

Tomorrow morning we will hopefully hang out with Sarah Leah for a bit. We'll probably end up baking something yummy and making lunch - that's my guess anyway. There's not too much else on the agenda. That's the great thing about doing household tasks that you would otherwise procrastinate - once they're done you don't have to do them again for a long time.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Inflatable Raisins!

Tuesday morning Z drove out to the shikmim office near kiryat melachi only to find out that the office is no longer open on Tuesdays. What a waste of time. Now he'll need to go again on a different day. We are really never going to get this house built.
We ended up at The FamBily House for dinner after going to The Park at the Top of The Hill. After dinner - Phil and I ordered some cardigans online.
On Wednesday we went grocery shopping. We opted to go to Osher Ad - they had no lettuce or tomatoes - so that was kind of a waste. I spent the morning on the phone renegotiating phone and internet packages then I spent the afternoon cleaning. I spent the last half hour before going to sleep sweeping up shattered mirror. Proof that I shouldn't have tried to organize my bedroom.
In the evening a friend needed some help with something so we met her at the mall. Buzz got his very first McDonald's Happy Meal. His eyes got so wide and lit up so brightly when Z walked toward him carrying that fancy little box. He ate everything in it - I'm not gonna lie - It was adorable. He was especially excited that it came with a little buddy. My tiny weirdo proceeded to carry his new toy around to all of the rides and let the toy have the seat of honor.
This morning (seems like so long ago) Z left for school super early. Buzz woke up from all the banging around and had no interest in resting or relaxing. He dragged me to his room to jump on me and bury me in stuffed animals. 
We swept the floor and cleared off the dining room table. Then we did a bunch of baking - chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and peanut butter blossom cookies.
We spent an hour with the nice Netvision technician who came to set up our shiny new router. 
After Buzz's nap and some lunch we went out to the park. Phil joined us there. We had a whole bunch of fun and got some good fresh air. Buzz loved watching the trucks - as usual, and he rode the big slide a bunch of times. We also spent over an hour in a fuzzy green blanket fort - it was a lot of fun - except that we all got green fuzz in our hair and stuck on our clothes.
At home Z was back from school. We debated what to make for dinner. I was out of ideas. We decided to follow Phil Home. But Phil wanted to walk - she had walked to our house and intended to walk back home too - yay exercise. I decided to walk with her. It was a delightfully brisk walk! Always too short once we reach the destination. Phil made us some ff pizza, and The Crazy Lady made lasagna and mac'n'cheese for the non-fructozoids. We hung out for a bit then right before we left Sababi read Buzz a bedtime story.
Hard to believe that tomorrow is Friday again already. We're having two Shabbos guests! The guest room is all set up, now I just have to finish the cleaning and cooking and everything else. At least the living room bookcase is still neat.