Sunday, January 26, 2014

Balls from Heaven...

Friday started off on a sweet note and quickly turned - not quite sour - but tangy... I had planned an extremely simple menu and hadn't planned on cooking. We were going to make the old freezer burnt challah roll, mini pita, and hotdog bun work for Hamotzi. I had even found a 'kirayim' (I think Americanos call it a 'quarter'? a single chicken leg and thigh combo type thing) in the freezer - so that was all I took out to defrost for Friday night - exactly the right amount for Z and Buzz without any leftovers.

Z was trying to work and Buzz was being suuuuuper whiny. I was trying to straighten up the house but it just wasn't happening. Then at a little after 1pm I got a phone call from a friend who didn't exactly have plans for shabbos - could she and a friend come for the weekend? I am honestly horrible at saying 'no' - it's so bad - but at the same time I had the ingredients to cook enough food and theoretically I had the time to do it in - which always leaves me feeling horrible saying 'no' especially when we're talking about single people who have no kitchen to speak of and no other options and so would end up spending Shabbos eating peanut butter sandwiches... So I assured her that I would manage and pulled out another three kirayim while reworking my lunch menu into a simple but delicious dairy feast.

I'm not sure how I managed to get all of the food made. I didn't get everything done that I'd wanted - we went into Shabbat with two sinkfuls of dirty dishes, a filthy stovetop, a load of laundry on the floor by the machine (linens from the guest bed and all of the dish-towels), the candlesticks are so tarnished they look gold, only one clean tablecloth for the weekend (and no plastics)...

Still Shabbos ended up being very nice. Friday night was fun, we finished dinner at 6:45 and by 7 we were at the park letting Buzz expend all of his extra energies. He 'zen'ned out on the swing for a good 10 minutes - which was pretty funny.

The next morning I made some salads and lunch was delicious. Afterwards Buzz was too riled up to nap so the girls ended up walking to The FamBily House - hoping that he'd fall asleep in the stroller. He was almost he was almost asleep when we got to their street but we bumped into Phil, heading out to visit us,and he perked right up. So we walked around the block for a while and when he was finally fast asleep we went inside. We hung out for a few hours, then decided to walk back home. Phil and Frank decided to join us. They claimed it was for the benefits of exercise, but I reckon it was for the mint double chocolate chip soft cookies and the pecan pie we had at our place... I didn't mind though - since Frank pushed the stroller most of the way home.

After havdalah Frank and Phil walked back home. I spent a few hours trying to get my graphics programs installed on the resurrected desktop - only to find that I'm missing the last four digits on the serial number!!! I am so frustrated! I have a job to do TODAY - as in, sitting WITH the client - and I have no programs to work on. It's REALLY bad news.

No other plans for the week - maybe I'll get some of the house cleaned up. Z needs to be up to his eyeballs in presentation preparation today - since it starts tomorrow - then drags on until Wednesday. Not to mention that he actually has a final exam tomorrow - which (I assume) he hasn't even begin studying for. Then his (English) birthday is on Thursday - no dinner and romantic evening for us - he spent all our money on a stupid beautiful laptop. I almost feel cheated on.

Ha, 'happy' 28th - May the next year be less crappy and more successful than this year. That's a birthday blessing I can stand by.

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