Saturday, January 04, 2014

Blender Love

Friday was strangely relaxing. I was up and hard at work super early because I had slept on the couch following an unfortunate incident involving a semi-open water bottle and my bedding. By noon everything was either cooked or fully prepped to be popped into the oven. Z worked his way through his 'to do' list in an efficient sort of manner. The only thing that was a complete failure was our sad attempts to get the toilets (yes, all three of them) to stop leaking. We went so far as to buy new gaskets - but they were no help whatsoever.

Our guests arrived a little over 2 hours before candle lighting. We were all done and I'd even cleaned the kitchen and washed all of the dishes. I was impressed with myself. Very impressed.

Shabbos got off to a nice relaxing start. Dinner was tasty, Buzz went to sleep with no meltdowns, the timer worked so the heat cycled properly, and we read a whole bunch. This morning was more of the same. Buzz was excited that our guests had slept over and were still in the house. Lunch was early but quite tasty. We spent the early afternoon reading and relaxing on the couches. Eventually Phil showed up and Buzz decided that it was time to go to the park. We bundled up and headed out. The park was nearly deserted which gave Buzz a chance to get out some energy - he chased Phil around in circles and demanded that she help him swing from monkey-bar thingies. Phil indulged him which gave me a few minutes to catch up with a neighbor that I hadn't seen in a while.

Back at home Buzz was tired and noshy. I found some snacks for myself and he happily ate most of them. (Thankfully it was kugel and salad so not the worst choice for a late afternoon snack.) Then he ran around all re-energized. 

Pretty soon it was time for havdalah. Phil walked herself Home and one of our guests left to catch a bus. The second guest is staying over tonight and catching a ride to school with a teacher in the morning. Leftovers for melava malka were pretty tasty. I am zonked from the weekend which is kind of weird since it was very relaxing.

Tomorrow morning we will hopefully hang out with Sarah Leah for a bit. We'll probably end up baking something yummy and making lunch - that's my guess anyway. There's not too much else on the agenda. That's the great thing about doing household tasks that you would otherwise procrastinate - once they're done you don't have to do them again for a long time.

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