Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dough Ray Me!

Life has been kind of crazy the last couple of days. Yesterday I spent about an hour at the doctors office trying to get referrals for some tests that I've got to do. It's scary that the medical system here is the envy of countries around the world - when they don't even really know what's going on.
Back at home I tried to keep Buzz entertained so that Z could work on his project. A number of things make it an extremely difficult task including; the fact that Buzz prefers Abba over Ima, the fact that if Z sits at the dining room table OBVIOUSLY the kid will want to play with him or at least include him in whatever activity we are doing, also that it is freaking EXHAUSTING to keep an active toddler completely engaged in things for 12-14 hours at a time. I took him out to the park for over an hour and a half, but by the time we got home (to a building with NO working lights in the halls and a delivery of potted plants and dirt being delivered in the pitch black of the basement - let's just say I was ready to bang my head against a wall - repeatedly.
We opted to join everybody at The FamBily House for dinner. Our contribution was french fries. We decided to go to Shufersal to pick them up along with a few other things that we needed for shabbos. Slightly demented idea - going to the grocery store at 6L45pm on a Wednesday night. I swear, people were shopping like a combination of Armageddon and some other enormous thing were coming. We made it out with almost everything we'd needed.
This morning came too soon. I am just always tired and I can't drink any caffeine so I have no energy to move. It is horrible. And thanks for the recommendations but I already don't eat wheat so cutting that out of my diet isn't possible - and as much as I'd love to cut out sugar - I can't eat 95% of the replacement options available so that's just not plausible.

Weird moment of the day: A knock on the front door and a guy with toolbox in hand waiting expectantly to be told what the 'problem' in the apartment was. We showed him the mold everywhere and he apologized before explaining that he was an electrician and as such cold not help us with the mold situation.
We played with playdoh, went to the park for over an hour (Z even joined us), ran around like crazy people, photo-boothed ourselves, sang like rock-stars, did some laundry, and ate A LOT of junk. It was a busy day.

Thankfully Z (finally) decided to take charge of the 'dishes' situation (considering it it Thursday and nothing in the house has been washed since last Friday...) He managed to get almost everything done before Buzz had his bedtime meltdown. Luckily I'd already gotten him into pjs so it was just a matter of shlepping him to his room and getting him to fall asleep.
I have a menu made for Shabbos but am missing crucial ingredients for a number of the dishes. I refuse to go out to the store tomorrow - so I guess I'll have to revise things. Maybe I should take the chicken out of the freezer? Yeah, that would probably be a good idea.

I still have to figure out the bread situation - I'm not sure whether I have patience to bake challah this weekend - but we're down to our last challah roll, a mini pita, and a store-bought hotdog bun... I'm undecided on what to 'let slide'. It's bad enough that the floor probably won't get washed this week...
Now for some pressure: Z had BETTER pass this presentation or I am going to do something that is so horrible that I can't even write it here. I'm actually so tired that I can't think of what it is at the moment - but trust me - it's horrifying.

Also the contents of my clothes closet are exploding all over the tiny closet-room. I should deal with that - but I just don't have the energy.

How the heck do people do everything that they need to do? I really just don't understand it.

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Michael Danziger said...

Hope you feel better/healthy soon. Sorry the medical profession is giving you the run around (like Buzz).