Sunday, January 19, 2014

Genetic Mutations Abound!

Contrary to my anticipated outcome - Friday wasn't too bad. I got all of Shabbos cooked in record time. The house got cleaned, the ceiling even got cleaned out of the guest toilet. Would you believe me if I told you that I got to take a delightful half hour nap before a long relaxing shower TWO whole hours before candle-lighting time?! Well, I did. Buzz and I even ventured up to the Rama to see Shosh and co. Buzzy got presents and it was nice to see everybody even if it was a super quick visit.

Shabbos was great. Abe joined us, which was fun. Friday night Buzz was all energized so after the meal we went out to the park for about an hour. The next morning lunch was quick and delicious then we all rested. When Buzz woke up we walked over to The a FamBily House via the park at the top of the hill. I really enjoy not taking the stroller, it makes the trip so much less bulky.

Last night Buzz didn't sleep much at all. He was up every twenty minutes or so coughing or crying. Z moved him into our bed because it was easier than going to his room to check on him or soothe him so often. That meant that I didn't sleep - at all. It was highly unpleasant.

Z took Buzz out this morning on his adventure to collect signatures on the house plans. Turns out that he hadn't printed enough copies of the plans which was ok because there was a critical om mission which nullified the one copy he had printed. So basically his trip to Givon was a waste because he couldn't get the signatures he needed. Then they went into Jeru where they got the plans printed and signed by the architect. Of course to add insult to injury he got a parking ticket too. Doesn't everybody know that if it's a SUPER busy street in the city and there's a perfect spot open exactly where you need it that you should definitely not park there because there's a reason that nobody else is parked there?! Am I the only one who follows this contorted thought pattern? Well, yeah - 250nis later - I have proven once again that paranoia saves lives - well, money at the very least.

They returned to The Sun House exhausted. Buzz napped on the drive home, it was a late nap and Z wanted him to wake up when they got back into town. So Z decided to drive straight to the park. He called me to let me know their plan so I quickly stretched, got dressed, and walked over to the park at the top of the hill.

Buzz played for a while before dragging us off to The FamBily House. (Yes, he takes us there when he's done at the park. Straight down the side of the crazy hill. The kid is crazy.)

The Parentals had taken Dibble to see the orthopedist. Something about a ping pong ball and a fall and an arm... Well, turns out that his kvetching had been for real - the kid has a suspected fracture of the elbow - it's too swollen to be able to tell properly so it's immobilized for the moment and they'll reassess once the swelling goes down.

We hung out until after makeshift dinner then headed home to get Buzz to bed at a reasonable time.

Oh yeah and a letter came from the army today. Z has been called up for a week of reserves at the end of February. Because you know - that's the kind of day I was having.

Not a great day but at least it didn't end terribly.

How's that for optimism?

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