Sunday, January 12, 2014

Goats Kids and Milk

Thursday was Z's last day of the semester. The next two weeks will be a mad scramble to prepare this semester's final project for studio. He left for class at 7am, leaving me with a very awake and very hyper toddler. I fed the toddler and washed so many dishes that my fingers and knuckles split open and my nail-polish all chipped.

Z called me in a panic from school at a little after 9am. "The computer won't turn on. At all." He said matter-of-factly. I'm pretty sure that I freaked out more than him. Besides for the fact that all of his schoolwork from the semester had now become inaccessible, and the fact that our house plans are now trapped on the hard-drive of an unresponsive laptop with only a day-old version as a backup in an email sent to a colleague, and that we're only two weeks away from final studio presentation, and that I promised a friend that I would lay out her wedding invitation some time this week...we now also have no way to watch tv or print stuff.

Thursday evening when Z came Home we were getting ready to head out to The FamBily House for dinner when our doorbell rang. It was the contractors' guys - here to check on the mold situation. They walked in an were appaled by the state of affairs as far as the walls went. Two complete walls of the kitchen sopping and dotted with mold, as well as both of the guest bathrooms. It is pretty gross to say the least. They poked around for a bit, made some holes, and told us to keep an eye out for dripping. Then said that they'd be back on Sunday or Monday. Thankfully they were able to replace the hoses on two (of three) toilets so that at least they aren't dripping all over the floors anymore.

Friday was pretty quiet. I pulled all of the food for our meal out of the freezer - meatballs, chicken soup, chicken pot pie, and some leftover rice from the fridge. Not much, but it worked. We did a super-deep-clean of the bathrooms. Then Z swept and washed the floor. We also went on mission to locate our Windows7 installation disc with the product key so that we could buy a replacement computer slightly more cheaply (by not paying for another Windows lisence). We struck gold as we unearthed; the installation disc, my hot water bottle, a roll of electrical-tape, a working flashlight, and some other random stuff.

Shabbos morning we walked over to The FamBily House. The Freddies were there so it was a big ol' party. As we walked in the door The Munchkin came running to the door shouting 'BubbyBubbyBubby'! (Which is how she says Buzzy. Although if you imitate her and point to Buzz and ask her whether he is 'Bubby' she shakes her head in a definitive 'no' fashion all confusedly and insists, 'Bubby'. Because after all Bubby is Bubby, and Bubby is Buzzy. Makes sense. In family photos she can clearly point to Bubby vs. Buzzy - so she's all good.)

This morning Z sprayed all of the mold (again) because the apartment smelled like a watery sewer. It was cold and looked like it was going to rain so I tried to find indoor activities to amuse The Buzz. I inflated our little kiddie-pool, lined it with a winter quilt, then tossed in a bunch of couch pillows. Buzz happily spent a number of hours reading and playing in it. All in all - a very good activity.

Buzz and I spent an hour at the park. We watched the trucks at the construction site, 'worked out' on the bar construct, and hiked up to the swings. I ran Buzz ragged and he dragged me home as the sky darkened. Dinner was from the freezer - carrot soup for Z and a bowl of noodles and peas for Buzzy. Then we read books and played for a long long while.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow and I don't even have anything planned for it. A new laptop costs approximately an entire month's rent which is the cheapest I can pay for a computer that will run the graphics and drafting programs and not break for at least two years. (Hopefully.) Maybe tomorrow I will take back the recycling that I've been collecting for the last 5.5 months - that should get us at least a dozen shekels back, well, maybe 10... The house plans are also falling behind now because things will never be 'right' enough to submit the stupid form for the permit and everything always falls out at exactly the wrong time. I've also got a roster of 5 people that I am quite close to who are all quite sick with various illnesses - most of them are cancer. But those aren't the happy things - so nobody wants to read about them.

Tomorrow will be sunshine and rainbows - unless of course it rains.

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