Tuesday, January 07, 2014


I woke up after a long decent night of sleep. I am not even joking - my body crashed so hard after all the exercise I got yesterday and I slept for close to 9 hours. There were even two wake-ups in there but I was so zonked I barely remembered them. The downside to sleeping so long on account of such extreme fatigue was that I woke up more tired and achy than I'd gone to bed in the first place.
I woke up to the sound of Buzz clomping around and dragging his chair around the house to turn on every single light that he could find. (Evidently he agrees that the lack of natural sunlight is a terrible thing - especially considering the amount of it that we got in Ariel.)

I dragged myself out of bed and got dressed. Then I baked a batch of breakfast cookies (FF coffee crinkles) they turned out alright but I definitely like chocolate cookies more.

Z finally agreed to move the kitchen cabinet away from the wall to get a closer look at the mold situation. It is not pretty. We sprayed and wiped it down but since it's coming from faulty piping inside the wall we are limited in how much of a difference we can actually make. Also note that we'll need to replace the backing of our expensive IKEA pantry now that the board is destroyed.
After the gross cleaning experience I needed some fresh air so I walked over to the post office. It was a too short 8 minute walk there in the beautiful sunshine. My eagerly awaited Victoria's Secret order had arrived and the best part was that I didn't even get charged any additional meches or release fees! It was great! I practically ran home so that I could open it and check out all my pretty new goodies.
Eventually I made myself some 'real' food - yay potatoes and eggs! Sarah Leah came out of hiding, Buzz played with Z's fancy new gloves (from Next), and I pretended that Tuesdays are the perfect 'do-nothing' day of the week. Buzz took his nap on time and when he woke up we drove over to the mall - Sarah Leah wanted to catch a train home to Haifa and we wanted to tire out The Buzz.

We did laps of the mall stopping at each of the coin-operated-rides multiple times. Thankfully Buzz is happy to sit in the rides and not put any shekels in to make them 'go' - I'm totally fine with that. We stopped at the toy-store to price-check something, and ended up getting a late Chanuka present for the kiddo (Thanks GGJ!) we got him a playmobil recycling truck which came with a 'bucket of bottles', a 'bag of plastics', and a tiny man in an orange jumpsuit. (The jumpsuit confused me for a second - but I decided to let it slide.) Buzz took the tiny driver and decided that the optimal place for him to sit was in the back of the truck. In the picture below he's holding the door closed so the tiny man can't get out. I think we may need to have a talk with that funny little kid...
We ate an early dinner of 'recycled' chicken soup. I turned the leftovers from shabbos into Oriental Style soup with the help of some soy sauce, sesame oil, and a thinly sliced chicken breast. It was delicious - even Buzz enjoyed.

Our early dinner time caused some confusion for the kiddo who was telling us that it was bedtime half an hour earlier than usual. We didn't complain - just put him to sleep and reveled in the extra quiet time. Yay!
Tomorrow - cleaning,  organizing, park, and maybe even a bike ride... 

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