Thursday, January 02, 2014

Inflatable Raisins!

Tuesday morning Z drove out to the shikmim office near kiryat melachi only to find out that the office is no longer open on Tuesdays. What a waste of time. Now he'll need to go again on a different day. We are really never going to get this house built.
We ended up at The FamBily House for dinner after going to The Park at the Top of The Hill. After dinner - Phil and I ordered some cardigans online.
On Wednesday we went grocery shopping. We opted to go to Osher Ad - they had no lettuce or tomatoes - so that was kind of a waste. I spent the morning on the phone renegotiating phone and internet packages then I spent the afternoon cleaning. I spent the last half hour before going to sleep sweeping up shattered mirror. Proof that I shouldn't have tried to organize my bedroom.
In the evening a friend needed some help with something so we met her at the mall. Buzz got his very first McDonald's Happy Meal. His eyes got so wide and lit up so brightly when Z walked toward him carrying that fancy little box. He ate everything in it - I'm not gonna lie - It was adorable. He was especially excited that it came with a little buddy. My tiny weirdo proceeded to carry his new toy around to all of the rides and let the toy have the seat of honor.
This morning (seems like so long ago) Z left for school super early. Buzz woke up from all the banging around and had no interest in resting or relaxing. He dragged me to his room to jump on me and bury me in stuffed animals. 
We swept the floor and cleared off the dining room table. Then we did a bunch of baking - chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and peanut butter blossom cookies.
We spent an hour with the nice Netvision technician who came to set up our shiny new router. 
After Buzz's nap and some lunch we went out to the park. Phil joined us there. We had a whole bunch of fun and got some good fresh air. Buzz loved watching the trucks - as usual, and he rode the big slide a bunch of times. We also spent over an hour in a fuzzy green blanket fort - it was a lot of fun - except that we all got green fuzz in our hair and stuck on our clothes.
At home Z was back from school. We debated what to make for dinner. I was out of ideas. We decided to follow Phil Home. But Phil wanted to walk - she had walked to our house and intended to walk back home too - yay exercise. I decided to walk with her. It was a delightfully brisk walk! Always too short once we reach the destination. Phil made us some ff pizza, and The Crazy Lady made lasagna and mac'n'cheese for the non-fructozoids. We hung out for a bit then right before we left Sababi read Buzz a bedtime story.
Hard to believe that tomorrow is Friday again already. We're having two Shabbos guests! The guest room is all set up, now I just have to finish the cleaning and cooking and everything else. At least the living room bookcase is still neat.

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