Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jacket Sleeper

At 10pm we got an urgent request for someone to crash for the night. She was in a bind and the guest room was already made up. So we said it was fine. She arrived at midnight and slept until close to 11 the next morning. I didn't really mind.

Z left for the airport at 6am. He was on a mission to locate and retrieve his new laptop - it was a near miss - but after a crazy airport chase and sprint he returned home successful.
Unfortunately after wasting a day getting signatures and a drive to the engineer (again) he was less successful at HAGA. No stamp of approval because the door of the mamad is in the 'wrong' place and the actual room is 'too big'. So now Z needs to fix and redraft things, the engineer has to do more work, then we try again on Feb. 3rd.

We went to the park at the top of the hill for a bit. Then we crashed at The FamBily House for dinner and to visit with The Crazy Lady's guests from Chu"l. Dinner was great, we ate then rushed home to get Buzz to bed.
This morning we went out on the early side to go to the mall to find Buzz some new shoes. The kid is (ka"h ?) wearing a size 24 shoe. We were successful at the sale at Gali and Buzz enjoyed.

The Crazy Lady's US guests are old friends and they haven't been in The Holy Land for quite a few years. They brought Buzz an adorable Buzz-Lightyear shirt - it came complete with a mask and a cape that velcros on and off. The kiddo wanted to snuggle with it in bed last night but instead we let him wear it today. It is adorable!! Everybody who saw him smiled bigger than usual, he even had the woman at the shoestore giggling as he ran up and down the main aisle of the store with his cape billowing behind him.
We ended up at The FamBily House again this afternoon and stuck around for dinner. Back at home Buzz didn't fall asleep until close to 10. Hopefully he'll sleep late tomorrow morning - in his own bed would be great...

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