Tuesday, January 28, 2014

'M Komo'

Yesterday was a moderately crazy day. Z left for school at 7am - waking up Buzz in the process. Thankfully the kid let me 'doze' on the couch until 8 (he 'checked in' every 5-8 mins on average by banging on the pillow next to my head - just so I wouldn't think he was getting into any trouble of sorts...)
We went to the park at the top of the hill - which was fun. Then we came home and checked the mail which was where the breakdown started. I received a letter from the Licensing Bureau informing me that as a result of not paying 'THE fee' that my license would not be renewed. In addition it pointed out to me that my driver's license had expired on my birthday back at the end of June. Now I'd never received any sort of renewal paper or letter from them. It's not even feasible that a letter got lost because of the move, since we moved a full month after the expiration so theoretically a letter should have been received in May or at least at the beginning of June. Thankfully I was able to log onto their site with just my license number, ID number, and year of birth - and they told me that I could pay the renewal fee. Which I did as quickly as possible. So now I'm seriously hoping that something will arrive in the mail in the next week or two and cancel the need for me to sit on the phone for hours getting angrier and angrier at the useless desk-monkeys who work (from 9-11 with three coffee breaks - only 3 days a week...) Also - a delightful proviso in the letter I received yesterday states that a new license will NOT be issued if more than 1 year since the date of expiry has passed. Wasn't it nice of them to let me know SEVEN months later that I hadn't taken care of this in a timely manner?! Oh yeah - incidentally this means I'd been driving around on an expired license for the last 7 months - obviously I won't be driving anywhere until this situation gets sorted out - but HELLO!?! Seriously?! How stupid, slow, and disorganized can a system be?

So yeah - everybody - check the expiration dates of your driver's licenses - because The Holy Land is not so good with the being organized unless it means they lose out on money. (In this case they weren't losing out on anything because if a year passes before I sort the situation out - then I'm stuck shelling out close to 5000NIS for my 28 lessons and tests. Yeah - crappy crappy system. Not to mention I even wasted HOURS of my life doing the STUPID driving refresher course back in 2011 - a fact I will never forget because all 12 hours of it were suffered through as I tried to hold back vomit in my first trimester of pregnancy.)
Today was, umm, fun? Buzz threw a crazy tantrum this morning because Z was trying to work on his project. Eventually I got him to take a nap and he woke up 2 hours later only marginally cheerier. (I'm blaming the incoming molars...) He did show quite a bit of enthusiasm when I offered to take him out for a walk. We walked up to SuperH to pick up some groceries - that was an adventure. Then Z picked us up and we went to TWO parks.
When Buzz decided that he was finished playing at the park we asked if he was ready to go home. He shook his head 'no' very dramatically and pointed downhill towards The FamBily House. We asked him whether he wanted to go to Savta&Sababi's house and he immediately broke into a huge goofy smile and nodded his head 'yes'. Then he tried to take off on foot towards his destination - he fought us as we buckled him into his car seat - then howled until we made the appropriate turn onto the horseshoe - at which point (apparantly satisfied that we weren't tricking him into going home) he started babbling then giggling then stuffing his face with bamba while he belly-laughed and pointed towards the house.
Dinner was yummy. Yo'Abba showed off his fancy new luggage scale and told us about a joint the size of a cuban guitar. Phil was entertained and we quoted some catbug while Buzz wandered around demanding soup-crunchies. All in all - quite a typical dinner at The FamBily House.
We left when Buzz got fussy - assuming that it was bedtime. That was at 7:45 - but here we are - it's 9:20 and he's still wide awake and freaking out in his bedroom.

Maybe the sound of my noisy old keyboard clacking is keeping him awake...

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