Monday, January 06, 2014

No Highway Cowboy

Yesterday morning started off slowly. I picked Sarah Leah up in RBS and brought her back to our house. I managed to convince her to stay over at our house rather than traveling back to Haifa for about twelve hours (since she had to be in Jeru early this morning.)

We hung out for a few hours then took Buzz out to the park for an hour and a half. Back at home we sat around and waited until it was late enough to visit The FamBily House for dinner. We drove over and helped The FamBily eat the rest of the Shabbos leftovers.

Frank came back from S&S's house with a present for me - a pretty new Pyrex measuring cup!! I can't wait to test-drive it and will have to bake cookies super soon!

We headed home when Buzz got grumpy and ready for bed. Then we (read: I) played Fruit Ninja and Tiny Wings until I fell asleep.

This morning we were up early. I made a batch of dairy-free barley flour waffles for breakfast - they were delicious. I did some laundry and straightened things up around the house. Buzz took a nice long nap so I took my time getting dressed.

Z was nice enough to bathe Buzz when he woke up from his nap (to save me the trouble of doing it while he was out.). Then Z packed up his bag and called the guy he usually gives a ride to on Mondays - but the guy wasn't going to school today. As a result Z decided not to bother driving out to Ariel since it's the end of the semester and he won't need to speak to his teachers until Thursday anyway. I gave him permission to stay home on the condition that he do schoolwork. He countered by saying that he was unable to do work while Buzz and I were home. I resolved the issue by offering to take Buzz out. Z had a bag packed in no time and stood around waiting for us to leave - however it was only 2:15pm and we generally don't go out until 3:15 at the earliest.

I compromised and at about 3 I strapped Buzz into the carrier on my back. We set off toward The Park at the Top of The Hill. Phil and Dibble met us there. Buzz had a blast running around with his aunt and uncle - I was glad for the break. They had brought me a petek from the post office alerting me to the fact that there was a package waiting for me. I convinced them to accompany me back up the hill to the post office. They obliged so we set off. BUzz walked partway up the hill before getting too tired to go on - I stuck him back in the carrier where he happily snuggled into my back and pointed excitedly at every passing vehicle.

Dibble showed us a little elevator that took us to the parking lot level of the complex. (Neither Phil nor I had any idea that the elevator existed.) There was no line at the post office so we didn't have to wait for long. Then we popped into SuperH to pick up some meat for dinner. (We figured that since The a Crazy Lady and The Mad Man had spent the afternoon in Jeru that we would take a load off their minds and make dinner for everybody.) Then with our packages and parcels in hand we marched back down the mountain.

Fuzz was extremely excited to see us. Phil took him out for a long walk while Buzz and Dibble played on the Xbox. Eventually The Parentals returned and we made dinner. Meat tacos, and also some Mexican spiced chicken breast - delicious!

Phil sent Frank a 'snapchat' alerting him to the fact that food was ready in photo form. Frank was so excited about dinner being ready that he came flying up the stairs pulling on some clothes then only while zipping up his hoodie did he realize that in his haste he had put his pants on backwards.

Dinner progressed relatively uneventfully. (Gosh it's hard to type that without bursting into semi-hysterical laughter.) we learned that one serving CAN be better than two - especially if you like tomatoes, Tabasco sauce is a perfectly legitimate secret ingredient for zing, and that 1 kg of chopped meat is the perfect amount to feed 7+a Buzz - with just enough for one serving to be left over to fight for the next day assuming that school ends early.

After the meal Buzz's terrible-two-tendencies started to shine through. He behaved in an exceptionally 'naughty' manner - chasing cats, terrorizing the dog, pretending to plug himself into the wall, whining at everyone and everything (including the tables, chairs, and his friend the refrigerator.)

That brings us to now. Buzz is whining for more mini marshmellows.

I'm going to give them to him - because he ate two full dinners and that deserves some dessert.

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