Wednesday, January 15, 2014


On Monday it did not in fact rain. The sky was overcast all day and my joints ached, but no precipitation to speak of. George wanted to go to the park. I opted to find more 'indoor' activities.
Buzz stole a lot of cookies then claimed that the sugar-boost was desperately required. He let me put his hair up in a ponytail which made me laugh every time I looked at him. Basically he got away with a lot of stuff on Monday.
Coloring and stickers are always good bets for entertaining the kid. Except of course when the paper gets lost, the crayons get dumped into the mailbox, and the sticker sheet explodes onto your pajamas. That pretty much how it went down. Yeah, let's just say that's what happened...
Here's a picture of that magical can of WD40 that we found - now the house is so much quieter because the doorknobs and hinges don't squeak anymore.
We did take an outing to the computer fixer peoples' lab. We dropped off the laptop and our old desktop for some diagnostics to be run. Turns out that the laptop is totally kaput, the desktop can be revived, possibly. We went to The FamBily House for dinner Monday night. It was great as usual.
Today was Tuesday - I find that when Z doesn't have class regularly it throws off my time perception and I can't keep my days straight. Today I rode my bike for 15 hard minutes and did two stretching sessions. Buzz has a miserable cold and looks like his insides are suspended in goo. Z took Buzz out to the park but it was a relatively short outing - he didn't even want to eat his bamba out there. Potato pizza is weird but Z enjoyed the meatballs that he found in the freezer.

Next week is going to be a week from hell, but I don't have patience to think about it in any great detail at the moment. Just hoping I'll actually get some sleep tonight. Maybe tomorrow after an ab-targeted session - I'll actually reorganize my clothing closet - since it is a disaster area. Haha, then again, maybe not.

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