Wednesday, January 08, 2014


I was woken early by a crying child. I think the most annoying part is that it was mine. I pretended not to hear it and stayed in bed until a little before 11. I entertained myself with some tv and some pointless internet browsing. When I got up there was nothing going on anyway and I felt silly, I should have just stayed in bed.
I ended up sitting on the couch snuggling with the kid. I scrolled mindlessly through Pintrest and eventually I realized that Buzz had conked out - right in time for his daily nap. Z moved him to his bed and I used the opportunity to shower and get dressed in a leisurely manner.
I decided to eat a healthful lunch so I sauteed some veggies and served them over rice with some chickpeas. Not the most delicious thing I've ever eaten but it was pretty tasty. We had just finished eating when Z decided that we ought to at least straighten up the house a bit. Buzz heard the 'C-word' (clean), ran to find his shoes, then insisted quite persuasively that we really ought to get some fresh air because the sun was shining.
I agreed to head out to the park on the condition that we would walk so I'd at least feel like I was making an effort at this whole 'getting fit' thing. Once we reached the driveway the wind was chilly and the park seemed so far away. Somehow we ended up driving. (I reckon it was simply because Z didn't ~really~ want to wear the kid over to the park at the top of the hill.)
After a fun hour of craziness at the park and a snack of bamba, Buzz set off on foot towards the main road. We followed him and attempted to coax him back towards the playground, or the car parked at the top of the hill in the lot. He was not interested. He insisted that it was time to walk. I ran back up the hill to get the car while Z and Buzz walked to the closest destination that Z could think of - The FamBily House - of course.
Luckily for us The Crazy Lady had expected us to drop-on-by so she'd bought extra chicken for dinner. Delicious chicken with broccoli was enjoyed by all. We also assassinated, snap-chatted, whipped cream, and photo-boothed. We did not however pea-burgers or pea-soup - mostly because being able to roast-beef is more of a practical skill.

Eventually it was Buzz's bedtime so we headed home. As we stepped into the apartment I smelled something fragrant. I tried to find the source of the smell and followed it into the kitchen - where I found what had been a brand new bottle of fabric with the cover softener smashed open on the laundry room floor. Luckily I'd had some towels and tablecloths sitting on the floor near the machine so they soaked up a lot of it but it had still managed to ooze all over the floor of the laundry room and out into the kitchen.
I've gotten a head start on the laundry. I guess tomorrow I get to do the rest of the cleaning.

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