Friday, January 17, 2014

Sleep-talking in Buzzish

4:12am: I have just completed preparing the onion oil.

Last night I was so tired that I fell asleep at approximately 8:20pm. I slept soundly until 2:08am when I got smacked in the face. I assumed it was a stuffed animal and out of habit I just grabbed it and moved it. But it came back. Turns out it was the kid's arm.

I hate it when Buzz is feeling under the weather - anything from teething to full-blown sick - partly because he's miserable which means he makes us miserable and mostly because it means that he ends up *sleeping in our bed. (*This roughly translates to 'parents can't sleep while child snores like an airhorn and rolls around kicking/smacking them and generally flailing about like a fish on dry land - while waking up every hour or so to cry inconsolably for a bit.)
Yesterday (Thursday) was super busy. Z caught a ride to Ariel with a friend at 7am. He doesn't have class until the next semester starts but he gets more work done out of the house so he figured he might as well go work there. He also (finally) printed the house plans so that we can - yeah - not even going to bother finishing that thought..l

Z getting ready to leave woke Buzz (who probably would have 'slept' until 8ish if Z hadn't gotten up). Z left and Buzz went full-blown 'I'm a small child who thinks it's party time even though my mom looks like a zombie!' mode. 

It took ages to get us both dressed and to find breakfast. I didn't even get a workout in. Ayala arrived at 10ish then we went out to run some errands. First stop was the computer fixers where I picked up an old fashioned keyboard. Then we went grocery shopping. Thankfully Buzz was excited to be out and adores Ayala. He behaved SO well at the store only getting antsy towards the end because he was desperate for us to open his 'treat'.) We pick it out towards the end of the shopping but I don't open the bag until after it's swiped through to be paid for.)

Buzz conked out on the way home, but it was a short nap. As soon as he was transferred to bed he remembered that Ayala was visiting and popped out of bed to play with her. We ate a quick lunch after unpacking the groceries then we headed out again.
We picked up The Crazy Lady then drove out to Chashmonaim. Our mission was to find a wedding gown for Ayala. Buzz sat quietly for over an hour and a half - completely dazzled by the pretty dresses. Ayala found one that she rather liked and it didn't even take so long. All in all quite a success.

Back at home I quickly prepped an early dinner - since Avi was coming to pick Ayala up within the hour. When he arrived everybody enjoyed some light and tasty pasta primavera. There was much vegetable swapping and gift-giving. It was great! They dined&dashed - a maneuver that we are intimately acquainted with - so that they could go check out a few apartments before heading out of town.

Buzz didn't really get a good nap so he wanted to go to sleep on the early side. Z took him to his room as I straightened up the kitchen and table. Then I sat down in bed to relax for a few minutes which resulted in me falling asleep instead of doing important things like prepping the chicken, or putting up soup, or doing any cooking to speak of for shabbos. Usually that wouldn't be a problem but our freezer stash is completely empty and it's time to restock. So today (Friday) will be a mad scramble. I think I might have enough challah in the freezer but that's about it.

Which is why when Buzz smacked me awake at a little after 2am and I was unable to fall back asleep (because he displaced me by slowly encroaching upon my territory and ultimately won my pillow and space) I took the initiative, and went to the kitchen to cook. Well, I probably would have done more if the shabbos timer in the house weren't on full time (it automatically shuts the lights from 1am-7am) so I was working by the light of the nightlight that I stole from the guest bathroom.

What a surreal experience - peeling and cutting onions in the dark like a crazy person.

I kept bracing myself for Z's poke on the shoulder and confused question, "are you awake?"

Thankfully it didn't come and I slipped back into bed 10 minutes later with nobody the wiser. (Until the smell of onion oil fills the house in a couple of hours...)

It was such a strange experience that I figured I should tell you about it before I forget, or brush it off as some strange dream.

In other news - Buzz is slowly working his way back towards me. Maybe tonight I'll sleep on the couch...

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