Thursday, February 27, 2014

Maze Munching Mallard!

Wednesday - seems like an awfully long time ago. Buzz and I checked out the gan. We both loved it! Looking forward to a great year next year! It was Phil's first day of her new job. I figured out what to put into my mishlochei manot - since Purim is coming up. I made some awesome pesto salmon and crash baked potatoes for dinner.
On Thursday morning we went to shufersol. Back at home I baked a double batch of ff chocolate chip cookies. I also reorganized both freezers and did some laundry. We took Buzz out to the park at the top of the hill but after about 5 minutes he tried to take off towards The FamBily House. We made our way down there just in time for the freezer delivery man to arrive a new beautiful shiny freezer.
Friday morning went super-productively even though it was a miserable wedding anniversary. I opted to make Yemenite soup (yay freezer stash - also it came out deliciously!) the chicken had marinated overnight in the leftover pesto from Wednesday night - I baked it with some white wine and cherry tomatoes - it turned out amazing! The pastel turned out incredibly too! It was a great shabbos - as far as food went anyway.

I got flowers and ish-chocolate in honor of my anniversary. Maybe next year will be better. (Ha, pretty sure after 6 miserable ones you should just give up hope. I really need to cancel all expectations.)
Today was fun. We had an early start after an amazing night (amazing because it was the first one in over 6 weeks that Buzz slept in his own bed all night!) We had an early lunch. Then we walked over towards The FamBily House. We bumped into The FamBily near their shul and ended up walking for another hour or so around the new park. The crazy big playground is going to be AMAZING once it's up and running! After our walk we relaxed and schmoozed about FamBily affairs, history, and relatives. We spent the rest of the day there, then made our way home.
Tomorrow The Crazy Lady and I will pick up some paper goods for the A&A's sheva brachot. Not sure what else is on the schedule - but I'm sure we'll find something fun to do.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


On Sunday I felt quite under the weather. It was the last hurrah of whatever has been keeping me down for about a week now. As a result Phil and I cancelled our swimming plans. Phil did come over to hang out for a while. We worked on a resume for her and ended up with a cute little dual-language CV. I made a fancy dinner of Chicken and Vinegar - it came out really well. We also decided that Monday night's dinner should be homemade ff felafel. I put a kilo of chickpeas up to soak. I was productive on Sunday when I called up a local playgroup and started gathering information for next year. I'm hoping that if Buzz is in a program a few hours a day that I will have some more time to work, and he may even start speaking. Ok, it's a long shot but it's worth a try.

Monday was a long day. The morning dragged on for ages. I didn't do much of anything productive. Eventually I got off my lazy bottom and straightened up all of Buzz's mess. Then I swept the floor. I even swept the mirpeset. Eventually Phil arrived. Buzz was super happy to see her! We made felafel for dinner and although I couldn't taste much - for a few brief seconds here and there it was delicious. I finally got the consistency right! (Even though I had to use the food processor while Buzz slept, in the laundry room, with all of the doors and windows closed, in order to avoid waking Buzz from his nap.)

Today was intense. We started off with a HUGE OsherAd shopping spree. I decided on mishlochei-manot 'fillings' and we picked up basics that we were running out of - like olive oil and eggs.

Back at home I did two loads of laundry. Then I cleared both dish drying racks before washing all of the dairy and pareve dishes. I even made a real dinner - tomato pesto salmon with crash baked potatoes on the side.

Buzz was suuuuper excited when I took out the stick-blender. I quickly made my pesto then handed it over to him so that he could make - well, whatever he was making.

Tomorrow we check out the first gan. I wish I knew people who send thei kids there. I'll have to find out so that I can speak to them. I'm kind of stressed about the whole prospect.

In exciting news - we officially have all of the papers and signatures that we need in order to apply for our building permit! Hopefully next week we will FINALLY submit the paperwork! I am SO excited and antsy to get things moving!!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jimmy was a potato!!!

Z and I had dentist appointments scheduled for Thursday morning. I was reluctant to cancel, and The Crazy Lady was in need of an appointment - so she took Z's spot then watched Buzz while I got my teeth ogled by the team at the office (they love how 'white' my pearly-whites are - even though I haven't used white strips in over 6 years...)

When I got home, Buzz insisted that we go with The Crazy Lady (clearly he enjoyed their play-date). When I left for the dentist he didn't make a peep, but as soon as she got up to go he launched into full-on freak-out mode. So we pulled on shoes and went over to The FamBily House. We hung out there ALL DAY. Well, until Z called, with the last of I his phone battery, after 6pm to say that he'd be home in a few hours.
Friday was an interesting day. There wasn't much cooking to do - but the floors still didn't get cleaned, neither did the stovetop or the counters. We went out to the post office to pick up a package (which ended up being the 300 ball-pit balls that we'd ordered online for Buzz.) After a quick stop in the store to pick up barley flour, we decided to swing by a The FamBily House to pick up the stroller. That 'stop' turned into a VERY long outing. So long that the onion oil that I'd left on the stovetop on a low flame...well, it burnt.
Yo'Abba dropped me off at home after we delivered some paper goods to the shul in Sheinfeld where they were setting up Shabbos sheva-brachot for a neighbor. I proceeded to bake desserts, make a 'special order' broccoli quiche (1/4 broccoli stems for the top-shunned in the FamBily), and swept part of huge floor.
A couple of hours later the boys showed up. Yo'Abba came too - he had come to fix our troublesome kitchen cabinet. (The super wobbly one that's backing got molded through then fell out of the wall onto my head last week...) Anywho - now it is not going anywhere - until we move anyway. I restocked it with all of the groceries that had been crowding the guest-room bed for the last month. It looked oddly empty. I guess I haven't bought much because I couldn't remember what we actually had.

Last night was nice. Buzz fell asleep for a very late nap and ended up sleeping until we were just about ready to clear the table from dinner. Then he came stumbling out of his bedroom rubbing his eyes. We fed him some food. Then I conked out on the couch at around 8:30 and woke up to an eerily quiet apartment at 9:00. The boys had gone out to an oneg at the Rabbi's house. I crawled into bed and slept until 8:00 this morning. Man oh man was I tired.
After shul we walked across town to The FamBily House for some lunch. It was a delightful dairy spread. We feasted on the meal, then enjoyed an equally delicious dessert. After the meal we were all so full that we decided a walk was in order. We all strolled out to the rose garden - even Fuzz came with us. We walked all the way up to the park near the fire station. Buzz played for a bit then we made our way to the 'new' park on HaGefen. Eventually we decided that the time had come to head for home. It had been quite an outing.

Back at the house we schmoozed, snoozed, read, and noshed. Eventually shabbos ended.

Phil came home with us for an impromptu waxing session. Since I was doing her, I took care of myself too. All in preparation for a swimming session tomorrow. My reasoning 'swimming is fun'. Her reasoning 'they're shutting off the water on the street in the morning for a few hours. Go to the pool for a free hot shower'. She's devious, no?
I set up the guest room for Sarah Leah - who is supposed to be sleeping here tonight. She's crashing by us while she finds an apartment in Tel Aviv or that 'area'.

Buzz finally went to sleep at a little before 10:30 and now I'm absolutely wiped out. So much walking in the heat. Must sleep some...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Yesterday got off to a seemingly productive start after a night of very little sleep. It was one of those nights where the kid spends HOURS flailing his entire body around and SHRIEKING at the top of his lungs like someone is trying to kill him. It was not pleasant.

I got up and made him a bottle. Then I put some fries into the oven. It was all of 7:10am. One thermonuclear diaper later found us sitting in my room, watching some George on YouTube while eating fries. Buzz proceeded to cough wetly all over the remaining fries on the plate so I let him have them all.

I decided that I really had to do something useful so I swept the whole apartment. Obviously it was a pointless endeavor - as I walked back into the living room from returning the broom to it's place, Buzz dumped a cup of cornflakes out on the floor and promptly stepped in them.

I literally forced the dose of mucolit into him. Seriously not an easy feat. But it obviously doesn't taste SO bad because he didn't force himself to throw it back up in my lap (which is what he does to antibiotics and liquid pain-relievers.)

Eventually it was 'late' enough to try to get Buzz to nap. We snuggled in my bed while Curious George went on a dozen misadventures. Buzz fell asleep at 11:40 and I figured that I had at least two hours to get stuff done. I took the opportunity to cut the kid's nails (he fights me like an animal when he's awake, but when he's sleeping it's 123...) then I realized that I was exhausted - so I crawled into bed.

Buzz woke up after about an hour and ten minutes. Not nearly long enough for me - or for him. He was kvetchy and coughy and miserable.

There were a dozen or more power-outage type things that kept making the battery backup beep like crazy and I'm pretty sure they had something to do with the short naptime.

In the kitchen things got a little out of control when the cabinet literally fell off the wall on top of me. Well, the jumbo soup pot and toaster actually fell on the back of my head. I managed to catch the cabinet as it sped towards me and the kid. That was definitely my most terrifying moment of the day.

Dinner out with the FamBily was a real treat - even though Buzz went a little bit psycho and tried to kick over a table (that half worked) and eventually escaped to the soft playground (a good way to expend energy).

When we got home he took his meds without too much of a fight - crying and flailing in a token way because at this point he feel that 'it simply must be done' - but as soon as the meds were down he grabbed his chocolate chips and wandered off chattering to himself.

Last night was a pretty good night in terms of sleeping. He went to bed at a little before 11, didn't show up in my room until a little after 1, and only woke up two other times (that I can remember).

This morning we enjoyed bottles and fries while George lost a chameleon and learned about Vietnamese cuisine. Meds went in 1-2-3 with a chocolate chip and cookie chaser. Then we did a load of laundry, folded two loads of laundry that had been sitting around since last week, and 'straightened up' a bit.

Buzz is currently taking his nap. It's going swimmingly - for him. So far he's been sleeping for 2 hours and 10 minutes. At first I didn't want to get up because I was tired and he was toasty warm to snuggle with - but now 2 hours and 10 minutes later I'm wishing I hadn't been so lazy because a shower sounds like SUCH a nice idea. Oh well. There's always tomorrow.

Our plans for this afternoon include a trip to the park, a trip to the post office, then a trip to The FamBily House for some hanging out and fakeout Chinese dinner.

Should be fun.

Hopefully Z comes home tomorrow!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Jimmy! Randall!

Last night was a disaster. Buzz didn't go to sleep until just before 11pm. In addition to the late hour, he would only agree to sleep IN MY BED! So there I was, 11pm, kid sleeping in my bed and snoring something awful. I couldn't use the ipad, since the light was sure to wake him. So I tried to fall asleep.

The remainder of the night was a cycle of epic ridiculousness. Over the course on an hour he'd inch over to Z's side of the bed looking for Abba. Eventually he'd realize a Abba wasn't there. That realization set off the hysterical sobbing and flailing portion of the cycle. Eventually I'd calm him down but he would only lie down if he could sleep ON my face and neck. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Is it 7:15am yet? It is? Oh good, wakeup time. I made him a bottle, then plopped him in front of a two hour playlist of Cutious George on YouTube. While he was 'busy' I quickly showered and got dressed. Then I actually bathed him and got him dressed. (This is a big deal. Seriously.)

The Crazy Lady picked us up and took us to the doctor's office. We waited eons to see the dr but eventually we made it in. Turns out Buzz most likely gas some virus or another and the 'bad' part was last week when he was feverish and grumpy. This tail-end is just a whole lot of phlegm and cough inducing congestion. After a listen to the kids chest the dr recommended two medications - cough suppressant and some mucolitic type stuff. Since they're not antibiotics and not taking them just means the goop hangs around a bit longer I picked my battle and opted to dose him with just the mucolitic.

We spent all day at The FamBily House. Buzz refused to nap. Well, he 'power napped' for 10 whole minutes at 4pm, but by 7:45 he was exhausted.

I battled the dose of meds into him, got him into pjs, then he actually went to sleep by 8:30. I was SUPER impressed and even a but surprised.

I utilized my time well - (finally) washing the sinkfuls of dishes that had been sitting around since Friday.

I also spoke to Z a ton today. Of course the army is a HUGE waste of time and money. They forced him to show up yesterday, then they did nothing today - but they're paying him for both days. Soooo stupid. Tonight sometime they're going out to the 'shetach' which basically just means that I probably won't hear from him again until Thursday or thereabouts. I'm decidedly unexcited by that prospect.

I'm hoping against hope that Buzz sleeps in his own bed all night, but I know that's probably unrealistic.

Tomorrow I've got to do some cleaning around the house - the place is kind of a disaster area. Maybe some laundry. Who knows?

For now I'm going to get some 'good' sleep.

(In this instance 'good sleep' is any sleep where a small human isn't within your 'personal space'.)

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Last Thursday was a whirlwind day. Z went to school, as usual, and I actually accomplished quite a bit in the house. Buzz was slightly out-of-sorts - I shlepped him out to the park twice but we only spent a grand total of about 40 minutes out of doors. Seemed like a shame since it was sunny and hot.

Friday the weather was strange. Z and Buzz left for their meeting with the vaad mekomi of the yishuv very early. In exciting news - we got the 'second' of the three 'big' signatures. Now we are all set to submit the plans for our building permit - finally!! That is the final 'signature' that we need before we can start building. It's taken long enough - I hope we can progress in a timely manner.

On Friday I walked over to the medical-center and got my eyes checked. A full 'check-up' since it had been quite a while since the last one. All was good - and the nice dr gave me a printout with all of the pertinent details - so when I got home I sat down and ordered myself some new glasses. Hopefully they'll arrive in a couple of weeks at the latest. I can't wait to see clearly again - it's been a while.

Shabbat morning we enjoyed a quick delicious lunch. Then we packed up a birthday cake and walked over to S&S's house. It was great to see them, but our visit got cut short by a demanding Buzz. What was he demanding? A nap. Funny kiddo. We figured that if we walked over to The FamBily House that Buzz would fall asleep on the way. However that didn't work out quite as planned. As soon as he realized where we were heading he got all energized. It took a dozen rounds of the block to get him to conk out.

We hung out until shabbos ended. After Havdala we headed home.

This morning Z left for a week of miluim. While he's on 'vacation' in reserve duty - I'm stuck at home with a goopy nosed, super kvetchy Buzz. I was not happy with the situation - to say the least. Phil and Frank took pity on me and came over to visit me this afternoon. They arrived at 2:50, just five minutes after Buzz had fallen asleep for his very-overdue nap. The kid napped for a solid 3 hours - I let him sleep because he clearly wasn't feeling well. While he napped we entertained ourselves.

When Buzz woke up, The Crazy Lady picked us all up and took us to The FamBily House. We enjoyed a delicious, nutritious, warm, filling, dinner. Once Buzz had a full tummy he was more than happy to play with all of the toys. It's 9pm and he shows no signs of tiring - so we're just sitting tight waiting for a signal.

I have no clue how I'm going to get through the night without Z. I'm already dreading the kid's midnight freakout when he wanders into my bedroom and Z is missing from the bed.

In the morning - we take him to the doctor...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

~Whole-grain low fat~

My goodness - how did an entire week pass by with no updates? Clearly I've been busy. Or just too tired of being tired that I couldn't bring myself to post. Right, staying positive - I've just been so busy I've had no time to sit and type for an hour. So - here I am. A bit of free time and I'm spending it on a post just for you. Feeling special yet? I hope so.

Last Thursday we were getting ready to go grocery shopping when the doorbell rang. It was the fix-it-guy. It was also only 10am. (when they'd told us they were coming between noon and one...) We quickly covered all of the counters with the last of our plastic tablecloths and moved the fridge out of the way. The guy proceeded to spend over 5 hours scraping and repainting the walls. Since they have no interest in coming twice to finish a job - they scraped, slapped on a new layer of 'tiach' then painted half an hour later. Now - I don't mind that there was paint EVERYWHERE and I could have lived with the fact that the tiach hadn't dried completely so all of the paint bubbled in a very ugly fashion - but what I can't deal with is the fact that the mall had MOLD growing on it for MONTHS and they didn't put any sort of cleaning agent or anything to clean it. Six days after the 'fix'-job and our house still REEKS of old-moldy-gross-cheese. A smell that only surfaced when the guy started scraping the paint off of the moldy walls - which leads me to believe that it was and is caused by the mold itself. Since then we have left our doors and windows wide open from 8am until 8pm every single day - but the smell will not dissipate. It is disgusting. Not quite as bad as smelling the wet mold rot - but extremely nauseating in the sense that it smells like old gym sneakers that somebody shoved a dead fish into and left in the trunk of a car in the middle of the summer.

Friday was busy last week too. We cooked up shabbos lunch for The FamBily then shlepped it across town to The FamBily House. The Freddies were in town for the weekend so we walked over for lunch early shabbos morning. Buzz and Lil' Miss were quite amusing to watch. Shabbos was a lot of fun. I didn't win either of the games of Settlers that we played - but I did eat A LOT of desserts - and that's pretty much just as good as winning.

On Sunday I decided to start taking my vitamins again - yay me! Anemia and vitamin deficiency have really been getting me down for the last few months - so I decided to make a bit more of an effort to resolve the situation. At least for a little while - or until I decide I feel well enough to forget about them, again...

On Sunday I also overcame enough laziness/anxiety and took Buzz to the park alone for an hour for the first time in a week. I also painted my nails in an attempt to stop biting them - but I think I've taken on too many things too fast...

Monday was notable because Z resumed classes. Phil came over to hang out - we went to the park, made amazing chicken with broccoli for dinner (which we ate in the comfort of my bedroom so that we could watch more GG - finally!) I also got the web version of A&A's wedding invite mostly finished.

Tuesday morning I tweaked the invite color a tads then it was finished. I sent it off so that they could send it out. We went grocery shopping at Shufersol and bought a gazillion chickens. Ok, only 5. But hey - that's a lot of chickens for us. In my defense - our freezer was empty. I did a whole lot of laundry - washed/folded/AND put away! We also went to the park at the top of the hill for about ten minutes - then Buzz ran to the edge of the mountain and pointed in the direction of The FamBily House. He refused to play anymore. He refused to walk back to the car - or be carried. He would ONLY walk towards The FamBily House. So we walked - down the mountain. Z picked us up at the bottom of the hill when Buzz was sure that we were heading in the 'right' direction.

Finally we made it to today. Let's see - woke up and enjoyed french fries and eggs for the first time in a week or so. Buzz was happy with the breakfast selection. Then I guilt-tripped Z into washing all of the meat dishes. (He washed the stuff in the dairy sink too - but there wasn't much in it.)

Today Phil decided that it was time to put her gym/pool membership to use. I didn't have plans so she convinced me that swimming would be an excellent plan of action. Luckily for me Z was home so I was free to go. I convinced Z to come with and we figured maybe Buzz would enjoy - but the kid could not be convinced to get into the oversized bathtub full of weird old people in funny hats and goggles. He sat on a chair with Z and watched us intently to make sure we didn't disappear. He really didn't like the whole 'goggle' concept and wouldn't engage us if we were wearing them. After about half an hour we gave up and Z took Buzz home. Phil and I swam for a little over two hours. It was awesome. I love swimming. I worked my legs and arms thoroughly. I'll feel it tomorrow but I'm thinking I'll do some pilates and make my core cry a bit.

We were invited over to The FamBily House for a dinner of sliders - on the condition that we bring tiny slider-sized-buns. I couldn't refuse an offer like that. However the whole swimming for a few hours in the middle of the afternoon - kind of complicated matters. Luckily for me - Z is great at making bread doughs. He kneaded up a batch of bun-dough and once it was risen I shaped them.

We ended up shlepping the whole tray over to The FamBily House because Buzz didn't want to wait anymore to see Oscar. Always seems funny to walk out of the house with sesame seeds, a pastry brush, and an egg in my purse - but maybe I'm not as weird as I think.

Dinner was great. We made our way home to get the Buzz into bed. He's still not asleep - but it's 'only' 9:38pm (they've been in there since 8:08...poor Z...)

Meanwhile I've definitely typed for long enough - time to crash.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Snot Shu, it's me

Folded three loads of laundry
Put away laundry
Collected and separated dirty laundry from around the house
Put in load of laundry
Collected garbage from kitchen into big garbage bag
Opened windows
Cleared out fridge
Cleared both drying racks and silverware trays
Organized paperwork
Look through a dozen boxes for important house-related document and still can't find it
Put laundry into dryer
Defrosted onion rolls for snacking to get them out of the freezer
Washed all of the pareve dishes
Washed all of the bottles and sippy cups
Washed all of the dairy dishes
Wiped down the countertop
Scrubbed the oven trays (not a great job but better than they were)
Made bbq chicken calzones for dinner
Sorted through sock drawers and threw away all socks with noticeable holes in them
'Babysat' Z (unsuccessfully trying to get his studio project worked on in any capacity...)
Wrote tentative menu for Sheva Brachot for A&A

I also entertained the kid during 90% of the waking hours today - while getting everything else done. Except the dishes - I did those while he napped and finished the last of them as he wandered out of his room.

I guess that's what happens when you make a conscious decision not to indulge in time-wasters. No book-reading distraction, minimal ipad/computer usage, no phone calls. Boring as heck but at least stuff gets organized.

Now I'm listening to Z try to convince Buzz to learn to use the toilet. I'm hearing a lot of 'potty' and am imagining lots of vigorous side-to-side head-shaking from the kid. Oh well, maybe next month.

Tomorrow I need to not nosh like I did today. My stomach feels like it's going to explode and I look about 7 months pregnant which is pretty pathetic since all I've got inside of me is waaaay too many potato chips and a heck of a lot of ice cream. Oh well - tomorrow is another day. Maybe I'll even work out. Who knows?

In the morning I hope to get the kitchen in order so that when the 'fix-it-guys' show up at noon (which is when they claim they'll be arriving) everything will be in order. I'm not sure what they plan to do tomorrow - I'm sure it involves making a horrible mess of everything in the apartment. (Seeing as they need to scrape off the whole layer of tiach (the finishing layer of plaster stuff on the walls) in order to remove the mold in three areas of the house.

On second thought I'll go do that now so that in the morning I can do whatever cooking needs to get done for shabbos. This is going to be interesting - I can tell...

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Candied Nuts

Yesterday was successful. Z got the signature from 'Homefront Command' - this means that the plans for our safe-room show that it is officially 'safe'. Good thing too since we're moving a whole lotta kilometers closer to Gaza than we've ever lived before... (Ironic that I felt much safer at the prospect of living in the 'West Bank' and 'over the green line' surrounded by Arab willages than I do about the yishuv that is in Israel 'proper' and whatnot. Oh least we have a safe safe-room.)

Z had taken Buzz along for the ride and adventures. I figured I should use some of the time productively. A big tasty salad with goat feta for lunch. Then I scrubbed toilets, wiped down the stovetop, and did some laundry. I also stared at the wedding invitation I'm in the middle of but found no inspiration to decorate it.

We opted to head to The FamBily House for dinner - but with a twist. We brought the ingredients and cooked the food. I even washed the dishes afterwards. I was pretty impressed with myself. The meat-sauce turned out delicious - and though Dibble decided that he does not like 'fat spaghetti', Z was thrilled to enjoy his messy sauce with Bucatini (hollow spaghetti). Next time I'll be braver in letting the rice pasta cook a bit longer - it was sort of crunchy but unfortunately when it comes to rice pasta - better crunchy than overcooked.

This morning Buzz was all cute and evil at the same time. Fries for breakfast along with muffins. We finished off the Yemenite soup from shabbos for lunch. My phone rang off the hook - invitation stuff, random stuff, this stuff, that stuff. Then I sat down to try and make lists for all of the upcoming events but I was completely unsuccessful. The only thing we figured out was the menu for this coming shabbos - which we'll be celebrating at The FamBily House with The Freddies.

For now I'm starting to get antsy because there's no sign of any papers from Misrad Harishui - so no license yet - which means I can't drive - and while I don't like driving it is extremely inconvenient to not be able to - especially when I have a car at my disposal, and a whiny kid whom my husband wants me to 'keep out of his hair' while he works on his homework.

Somehow I've amassed four loads of clean laundry to fold since last Thursday when the final load was put into the machine. Something doesn't add up but I'm not sure where I went wrong.

Tomorrow we may or may not attempt another enormous step in the journey that will hopefully result in a home. More paperwork and signatures - but now they're telling us that we need to find a very specific color folder in order to be able to submit the request. Absolutely ridiculous. And yeah - I WISH I was kidding about the technical detail that may prevent us from filing tomorrow. Seriously though. Welcome to Israel.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Manbo Om Noms

I don't remember Wednesday so well. I'm pretty sure we went to the park. We also went to the mall to try to pick up a new ink cartridge for the printer (a printer so old that stores here don't carry the cartridge anymore... Whoops?) I did finally get a new keyboard and mouse - so the desktop restoration is complete - besides for the whole lack of USB ports situation (since somehow or another in the two years that Z used the computer 3 out of 4 of the front ports broke).
On the way home from the mall we were super hungry with no concrete plans for dinner. So at the last minute we swung by Cafe Cafe and picked up a special birthday dinner for Z - which we took 'to go' - and stuffed down our throats on the couch at home with the kid screaming in the background. I was all like, 'happy almost birthday, isn't life awesome?!' in a super sarcastic way. At least the food was good.
Thursday was another waste of a day. I managed to catch up on laundry and finally reorganized my clothing closet. Now not only can I close my closet door but I can get into the little 'walk in cubicle' that it's in! I baked a batch of birthday muffins for the guys for breakfast.
After less than ten minutes at the park we went over to The FamBily house for dinner at kind of a planned last minute. Phil brought out her bubble gun to play with but Buzz was beyond terrified of it. We're still not sure whether it was because of the noises it made or the flashing lights - but he would SCREAM every time he heard/saw it and climb up the nearest person who wasn't holding the thing.
Phil had baked Z a birthday cookie and even wrote him a message in chocolate - which was super nice of her, in my opinion anyway. We left when Buzz got tired/antsy - which was late since he hasn't been actually going to sleep until 9:30/10pm.
On Friday morning we ran out like lunatics after deciding at the last minute to put together a plane-letter type thing for somebody. I'm glad we did it but felt a little insane when it was 1pm on Friday and all that was made for a Shabbos was challah rolls. Thankfully the chicken was all defrosted so I just seasoned it and made some rice. Insta-shabbos.
We enjoyed 'Yemenite'-style soup Friday night, then bbq wings, rice and green beans. Shabbos lunch was a simple affair of roasted-paprika chicken (which wasn't as great as I'd hoped) along with rice and rice kugel (the kids favorite side dishes - leaving out only the Oriental-style rice salad.)
We considered going to S&S's house for a visit since it's been a while since we last saw them but Buzz woke up with a cold - coughing, sneezing, and generally disgusting on Saturday morning so we opted out of that.

Phil came to visit at around 2pm. Buzz was napping and only woke up at a little after 3pm. Then he insisted on going out to the park. There was a lot of other kids at the park - most of them 'bigger' so he didn't really want to play for very long (especially after his ride down the big slide where he met with kids climbing up the slide as he was already 2/3rds of the way down it...) He took our hands and led us home.
We hung out until shabbos ended, then piled into the car and drove over to The FamBily house. After much debate picking a movie and a change in plans everyone was settled and waiting for food to heat. Just as Thor showed up the kid decided it was time to leave. I grabbed whatever food I could carry in my hands and we headed home. Definitely less exciting of an evening than I had hoped for since I ended up being climbed and slimed by Buzz (who just wanted to drink an entire bag of soup-crunchies) while trying to eat some soup out of a takeout container. Then the kid didn't even go to sleep until close to 10:30 at which point I had no energy to stay awake to watch Thor (which was all I'd wanted to do in the first place.) especially considering the fact that I KNEW the kid would be up by 7am.

I don't know what else is going on today but it looks nasty and windy outside so I think the park might be off the table. Hopefully the engineer finished the work she was meant to do so that Z can finish the work that he needs to do. Appointment at Haga is scheduled for tomorrow - Take2. Maybe this time we can get the stupid stamp of approval. The only thing more annoying that all of this paperwork is listening to the kid whine non-stop all day long for absolutely no reason.