Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Candied Nuts

Yesterday was successful. Z got the signature from 'Homefront Command' - this means that the plans for our safe-room show that it is officially 'safe'. Good thing too since we're moving a whole lotta kilometers closer to Gaza than we've ever lived before... (Ironic that I felt much safer at the prospect of living in the 'West Bank' and 'over the green line' surrounded by Arab willages than I do about the yishuv that is in Israel 'proper' and whatnot. Oh well...at least we have a safe safe-room.)

Z had taken Buzz along for the ride and adventures. I figured I should use some of the time productively. A big tasty salad with goat feta for lunch. Then I scrubbed toilets, wiped down the stovetop, and did some laundry. I also stared at the wedding invitation I'm in the middle of but found no inspiration to decorate it.

We opted to head to The FamBily House for dinner - but with a twist. We brought the ingredients and cooked the food. I even washed the dishes afterwards. I was pretty impressed with myself. The meat-sauce turned out delicious - and though Dibble decided that he does not like 'fat spaghetti', Z was thrilled to enjoy his messy sauce with Bucatini (hollow spaghetti). Next time I'll be braver in letting the rice pasta cook a bit longer - it was sort of crunchy but unfortunately when it comes to rice pasta - better crunchy than overcooked.

This morning Buzz was all cute and evil at the same time. Fries for breakfast along with muffins. We finished off the Yemenite soup from shabbos for lunch. My phone rang off the hook - invitation stuff, random stuff, this stuff, that stuff. Then I sat down to try and make lists for all of the upcoming events but I was completely unsuccessful. The only thing we figured out was the menu for this coming shabbos - which we'll be celebrating at The FamBily House with The Freddies.

For now I'm starting to get antsy because there's no sign of any papers from Misrad Harishui - so no license yet - which means I can't drive - and while I don't like driving it is extremely inconvenient to not be able to - especially when I have a car at my disposal, and a whiny kid whom my husband wants me to 'keep out of his hair' while he works on his homework.

Somehow I've amassed four loads of clean laundry to fold since last Thursday when the final load was put into the machine. Something doesn't add up but I'm not sure where I went wrong.

Tomorrow we may or may not attempt another enormous step in the journey that will hopefully result in a home. More paperwork and signatures - but now they're telling us that we need to find a very specific color folder in order to be able to submit the request. Absolutely ridiculous. And yeah - I WISH I was kidding about the technical detail that may prevent us from filing tomorrow. Seriously though. Welcome to Israel.

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