Monday, February 17, 2014

Jimmy! Randall!

Last night was a disaster. Buzz didn't go to sleep until just before 11pm. In addition to the late hour, he would only agree to sleep IN MY BED! So there I was, 11pm, kid sleeping in my bed and snoring something awful. I couldn't use the ipad, since the light was sure to wake him. So I tried to fall asleep.

The remainder of the night was a cycle of epic ridiculousness. Over the course on an hour he'd inch over to Z's side of the bed looking for Abba. Eventually he'd realize a Abba wasn't there. That realization set off the hysterical sobbing and flailing portion of the cycle. Eventually I'd calm him down but he would only lie down if he could sleep ON my face and neck. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Is it 7:15am yet? It is? Oh good, wakeup time. I made him a bottle, then plopped him in front of a two hour playlist of Cutious George on YouTube. While he was 'busy' I quickly showered and got dressed. Then I actually bathed him and got him dressed. (This is a big deal. Seriously.)

The Crazy Lady picked us up and took us to the doctor's office. We waited eons to see the dr but eventually we made it in. Turns out Buzz most likely gas some virus or another and the 'bad' part was last week when he was feverish and grumpy. This tail-end is just a whole lot of phlegm and cough inducing congestion. After a listen to the kids chest the dr recommended two medications - cough suppressant and some mucolitic type stuff. Since they're not antibiotics and not taking them just means the goop hangs around a bit longer I picked my battle and opted to dose him with just the mucolitic.

We spent all day at The FamBily House. Buzz refused to nap. Well, he 'power napped' for 10 whole minutes at 4pm, but by 7:45 he was exhausted.

I battled the dose of meds into him, got him into pjs, then he actually went to sleep by 8:30. I was SUPER impressed and even a but surprised.

I utilized my time well - (finally) washing the sinkfuls of dishes that had been sitting around since Friday.

I also spoke to Z a ton today. Of course the army is a HUGE waste of time and money. They forced him to show up yesterday, then they did nothing today - but they're paying him for both days. Soooo stupid. Tonight sometime they're going out to the 'shetach' which basically just means that I probably won't hear from him again until Thursday or thereabouts. I'm decidedly unexcited by that prospect.

I'm hoping against hope that Buzz sleeps in his own bed all night, but I know that's probably unrealistic.

Tomorrow I've got to do some cleaning around the house - the place is kind of a disaster area. Maybe some laundry. Who knows?

For now I'm going to get some 'good' sleep.

(In this instance 'good sleep' is any sleep where a small human isn't within your 'personal space'.)

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