Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jimmy was a potato!!!

Z and I had dentist appointments scheduled for Thursday morning. I was reluctant to cancel, and The Crazy Lady was in need of an appointment - so she took Z's spot then watched Buzz while I got my teeth ogled by the team at the office (they love how 'white' my pearly-whites are - even though I haven't used white strips in over 6 years...)

When I got home, Buzz insisted that we go with The Crazy Lady (clearly he enjoyed their play-date). When I left for the dentist he didn't make a peep, but as soon as she got up to go he launched into full-on freak-out mode. So we pulled on shoes and went over to The FamBily House. We hung out there ALL DAY. Well, until Z called, with the last of I his phone battery, after 6pm to say that he'd be home in a few hours.
Friday was an interesting day. There wasn't much cooking to do - but the floors still didn't get cleaned, neither did the stovetop or the counters. We went out to the post office to pick up a package (which ended up being the 300 ball-pit balls that we'd ordered online for Buzz.) After a quick stop in the store to pick up barley flour, we decided to swing by a The FamBily House to pick up the stroller. That 'stop' turned into a VERY long outing. So long that the onion oil that I'd left on the stovetop on a low flame...well, it burnt.
Yo'Abba dropped me off at home after we delivered some paper goods to the shul in Sheinfeld where they were setting up Shabbos sheva-brachot for a neighbor. I proceeded to bake desserts, make a 'special order' broccoli quiche (1/4 broccoli stems for the top-shunned in the FamBily), and swept part of huge floor.
A couple of hours later the boys showed up. Yo'Abba came too - he had come to fix our troublesome kitchen cabinet. (The super wobbly one that's backing got molded through then fell out of the wall onto my head last week...) Anywho - now it is not going anywhere - until we move anyway. I restocked it with all of the groceries that had been crowding the guest-room bed for the last month. It looked oddly empty. I guess I haven't bought much because I couldn't remember what we actually had.

Last night was nice. Buzz fell asleep for a very late nap and ended up sleeping until we were just about ready to clear the table from dinner. Then he came stumbling out of his bedroom rubbing his eyes. We fed him some food. Then I conked out on the couch at around 8:30 and woke up to an eerily quiet apartment at 9:00. The boys had gone out to an oneg at the Rabbi's house. I crawled into bed and slept until 8:00 this morning. Man oh man was I tired.
After shul we walked across town to The FamBily House for some lunch. It was a delightful dairy spread. We feasted on the meal, then enjoyed an equally delicious dessert. After the meal we were all so full that we decided a walk was in order. We all strolled out to the rose garden - even Fuzz came with us. We walked all the way up to the park near the fire station. Buzz played for a bit then we made our way to the 'new' park on HaGefen. Eventually we decided that the time had come to head for home. It had been quite an outing.

Back at the house we schmoozed, snoozed, read, and noshed. Eventually shabbos ended.

Phil came home with us for an impromptu waxing session. Since I was doing her, I took care of myself too. All in preparation for a swimming session tomorrow. My reasoning 'swimming is fun'. Her reasoning 'they're shutting off the water on the street in the morning for a few hours. Go to the pool for a free hot shower'. She's devious, no?
I set up the guest room for Sarah Leah - who is supposed to be sleeping here tonight. She's crashing by us while she finds an apartment in Tel Aviv or that 'area'.

Buzz finally went to sleep at a little before 10:30 and now I'm absolutely wiped out. So much walking in the heat. Must sleep some...

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