Sunday, February 02, 2014

Manbo Om Noms

I don't remember Wednesday so well. I'm pretty sure we went to the park. We also went to the mall to try to pick up a new ink cartridge for the printer (a printer so old that stores here don't carry the cartridge anymore... Whoops?) I did finally get a new keyboard and mouse - so the desktop restoration is complete - besides for the whole lack of USB ports situation (since somehow or another in the two years that Z used the computer 3 out of 4 of the front ports broke).
On the way home from the mall we were super hungry with no concrete plans for dinner. So at the last minute we swung by Cafe Cafe and picked up a special birthday dinner for Z - which we took 'to go' - and stuffed down our throats on the couch at home with the kid screaming in the background. I was all like, 'happy almost birthday, isn't life awesome?!' in a super sarcastic way. At least the food was good.
Thursday was another waste of a day. I managed to catch up on laundry and finally reorganized my clothing closet. Now not only can I close my closet door but I can get into the little 'walk in cubicle' that it's in! I baked a batch of birthday muffins for the guys for breakfast.
After less than ten minutes at the park we went over to The FamBily house for dinner at kind of a planned last minute. Phil brought out her bubble gun to play with but Buzz was beyond terrified of it. We're still not sure whether it was because of the noises it made or the flashing lights - but he would SCREAM every time he heard/saw it and climb up the nearest person who wasn't holding the thing.
Phil had baked Z a birthday cookie and even wrote him a message in chocolate - which was super nice of her, in my opinion anyway. We left when Buzz got tired/antsy - which was late since he hasn't been actually going to sleep until 9:30/10pm.
On Friday morning we ran out like lunatics after deciding at the last minute to put together a plane-letter type thing for somebody. I'm glad we did it but felt a little insane when it was 1pm on Friday and all that was made for a Shabbos was challah rolls. Thankfully the chicken was all defrosted so I just seasoned it and made some rice. Insta-shabbos.
We enjoyed 'Yemenite'-style soup Friday night, then bbq wings, rice and green beans. Shabbos lunch was a simple affair of roasted-paprika chicken (which wasn't as great as I'd hoped) along with rice and rice kugel (the kids favorite side dishes - leaving out only the Oriental-style rice salad.)
We considered going to S&S's house for a visit since it's been a while since we last saw them but Buzz woke up with a cold - coughing, sneezing, and generally disgusting on Saturday morning so we opted out of that.

Phil came to visit at around 2pm. Buzz was napping and only woke up at a little after 3pm. Then he insisted on going out to the park. There was a lot of other kids at the park - most of them 'bigger' so he didn't really want to play for very long (especially after his ride down the big slide where he met with kids climbing up the slide as he was already 2/3rds of the way down it...) He took our hands and led us home.
We hung out until shabbos ended, then piled into the car and drove over to The FamBily house. After much debate picking a movie and a change in plans everyone was settled and waiting for food to heat. Just as Thor showed up the kid decided it was time to leave. I grabbed whatever food I could carry in my hands and we headed home. Definitely less exciting of an evening than I had hoped for since I ended up being climbed and slimed by Buzz (who just wanted to drink an entire bag of soup-crunchies) while trying to eat some soup out of a takeout container. Then the kid didn't even go to sleep until close to 10:30 at which point I had no energy to stay awake to watch Thor (which was all I'd wanted to do in the first place.) especially considering the fact that I KNEW the kid would be up by 7am.

I don't know what else is going on today but it looks nasty and windy outside so I think the park might be off the table. Hopefully the engineer finished the work she was meant to do so that Z can finish the work that he needs to do. Appointment at Haga is scheduled for tomorrow - Take2. Maybe this time we can get the stupid stamp of approval. The only thing more annoying that all of this paperwork is listening to the kid whine non-stop all day long for absolutely no reason.

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