Thursday, February 27, 2014

Maze Munching Mallard!

Wednesday - seems like an awfully long time ago. Buzz and I checked out the gan. We both loved it! Looking forward to a great year next year! It was Phil's first day of her new job. I figured out what to put into my mishlochei manot - since Purim is coming up. I made some awesome pesto salmon and crash baked potatoes for dinner.
On Thursday morning we went to shufersol. Back at home I baked a double batch of ff chocolate chip cookies. I also reorganized both freezers and did some laundry. We took Buzz out to the park at the top of the hill but after about 5 minutes he tried to take off towards The FamBily House. We made our way down there just in time for the freezer delivery man to arrive a new beautiful shiny freezer.
Friday morning went super-productively even though it was a miserable wedding anniversary. I opted to make Yemenite soup (yay freezer stash - also it came out deliciously!) the chicken had marinated overnight in the leftover pesto from Wednesday night - I baked it with some white wine and cherry tomatoes - it turned out amazing! The pastel turned out incredibly too! It was a great shabbos - as far as food went anyway.

I got flowers and ish-chocolate in honor of my anniversary. Maybe next year will be better. (Ha, pretty sure after 6 miserable ones you should just give up hope. I really need to cancel all expectations.)
Today was fun. We had an early start after an amazing night (amazing because it was the first one in over 6 weeks that Buzz slept in his own bed all night!) We had an early lunch. Then we walked over towards The FamBily House. We bumped into The FamBily near their shul and ended up walking for another hour or so around the new park. The crazy big playground is going to be AMAZING once it's up and running! After our walk we relaxed and schmoozed about FamBily affairs, history, and relatives. We spent the rest of the day there, then made our way home.
Tomorrow The Crazy Lady and I will pick up some paper goods for the A&A's sheva brachot. Not sure what else is on the schedule - but I'm sure we'll find something fun to do.

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