Tuesday, February 25, 2014


On Sunday I felt quite under the weather. It was the last hurrah of whatever has been keeping me down for about a week now. As a result Phil and I cancelled our swimming plans. Phil did come over to hang out for a while. We worked on a resume for her and ended up with a cute little dual-language CV. I made a fancy dinner of Chicken and Vinegar - it came out really well. We also decided that Monday night's dinner should be homemade ff felafel. I put a kilo of chickpeas up to soak. I was productive on Sunday when I called up a local playgroup and started gathering information for next year. I'm hoping that if Buzz is in a program a few hours a day that I will have some more time to work, and he may even start speaking. Ok, it's a long shot but it's worth a try.

Monday was a long day. The morning dragged on for ages. I didn't do much of anything productive. Eventually I got off my lazy bottom and straightened up all of Buzz's mess. Then I swept the floor. I even swept the mirpeset. Eventually Phil arrived. Buzz was super happy to see her! We made felafel for dinner and although I couldn't taste much - for a few brief seconds here and there it was delicious. I finally got the consistency right! (Even though I had to use the food processor while Buzz slept, in the laundry room, with all of the doors and windows closed, in order to avoid waking Buzz from his nap.)

Today was intense. We started off with a HUGE OsherAd shopping spree. I decided on mishlochei-manot 'fillings' and we picked up basics that we were running out of - like olive oil and eggs.

Back at home I did two loads of laundry. Then I cleared both dish drying racks before washing all of the dairy and pareve dishes. I even made a real dinner - tomato pesto salmon with crash baked potatoes on the side.

Buzz was suuuuper excited when I took out the stick-blender. I quickly made my pesto then handed it over to him so that he could make - well, whatever he was making.

Tomorrow we check out the first gan. I wish I knew people who send thei kids there. I'll have to find out so that I can speak to them. I'm kind of stressed about the whole prospect.

In exciting news - we officially have all of the papers and signatures that we need in order to apply for our building permit! Hopefully next week we will FINALLY submit the paperwork! I am SO excited and antsy to get things moving!!!

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