Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Snot Shu, it's me

Folded three loads of laundry
Put away laundry
Collected and separated dirty laundry from around the house
Put in load of laundry
Collected garbage from kitchen into big garbage bag
Opened windows
Cleared out fridge
Cleared both drying racks and silverware trays
Organized paperwork
Look through a dozen boxes for important house-related document and still can't find it
Put laundry into dryer
Defrosted onion rolls for snacking to get them out of the freezer
Washed all of the pareve dishes
Washed all of the bottles and sippy cups
Washed all of the dairy dishes
Wiped down the countertop
Scrubbed the oven trays (not a great job but better than they were)
Made bbq chicken calzones for dinner
Sorted through sock drawers and threw away all socks with noticeable holes in them
'Babysat' Z (unsuccessfully trying to get his studio project worked on in any capacity...)
Wrote tentative menu for Sheva Brachot for A&A

I also entertained the kid during 90% of the waking hours today - while getting everything else done. Except the dishes - I did those while he napped and finished the last of them as he wandered out of his room.

I guess that's what happens when you make a conscious decision not to indulge in time-wasters. No book-reading distraction, minimal ipad/computer usage, no phone calls. Boring as heck but at least stuff gets organized.

Now I'm listening to Z try to convince Buzz to learn to use the toilet. I'm hearing a lot of 'potty' and am imagining lots of vigorous side-to-side head-shaking from the kid. Oh well, maybe next month.

Tomorrow I need to not nosh like I did today. My stomach feels like it's going to explode and I look about 7 months pregnant which is pretty pathetic since all I've got inside of me is waaaay too many potato chips and a heck of a lot of ice cream. Oh well - tomorrow is another day. Maybe I'll even work out. Who knows?

In the morning I hope to get the kitchen in order so that when the 'fix-it-guys' show up at noon (which is when they claim they'll be arriving) everything will be in order. I'm not sure what they plan to do tomorrow - I'm sure it involves making a horrible mess of everything in the apartment. (Seeing as they need to scrape off the whole layer of tiach (the finishing layer of plaster stuff on the walls) in order to remove the mold in three areas of the house.

On second thought I'll go do that now so that in the morning I can do whatever cooking needs to get done for shabbos. This is going to be interesting - I can tell...

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